When it comes to following a strict diet and maintaining an attractive body, there aren’t many people who can do it as well as reality TV stars.

A huge number of people around the world follow some sort of diet regime, but not many have the resources to support their eating habits like celebrities. TV stars usually have their personal chefs, and their diets have been tailored for them by famous nutritionists. In addition to that, most of them have personal trainers who exercise with them. We are aware that most of you can’t afford all these luxuries, but you can find a diet plan and stick to it.

If you are curious about what kind of weight loss programs TV stars follow then check out our list of some of their most popular diet plans.

The Weight Watchers Diet

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The Weight Watchers Diet is one of the most popular weight loss programs currently. Millions of people follow it and aside from TV stars, this diet is also popular among professional athletes and movie stars. Oprah has also stated how this diet helped her eating habits tremendously.

The main point of Weight Watchers is lasting results. If you plan to follow the diet from time to time or expect to lose weight quickly then this regime isn’t for you. People that follow this diet have very positive experiences with it and can maintain their physique for a long time.

The main reason people fall in love with the Weight Watchers diet is that there isn’t a strict rule on what you should and shouldn’t eat. Anything goes as long you follow the “Points” system.

The “Points” system sets different point values to foods depending on their calories, fats, proteins and, sugar compounds.

People who are starting with the diet are given a number of daily points that they shouldn’t exceed. These points differ based on their height, age, gender, and weight-loss goals.

Teddi Mellencamp Diet

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You probably have heard about Teddi Mellencamp, the famous TV star and Instagram influencer. ALL IN by Teddi Mellencamp Diet is a weight-loss and coaching program that she created and it revolves around weight-loss and detoxification. According to medicalherald.com, it promotes rapid weight loss and a few critics suggested that it might even be harmful to lose that much weight in such a short period.

The TV star most known for the show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” started this weight-loss program after she struggled with weight problems herself.

The program is based on a one-on-one coaching system and its goal is to help you lose weight through 24/7 coaching and support. There are four different programs included; JUMPSTART PROGRAM, WEIGHT AND WORKOUT, MONTHLY PROGRAM, and MAINTENANCE PROGRAM.

The program makes a diet plan with a fewer than 800 calorie intake per day. Aside from the diet plan, there is also a list of recommended daily workouts. They guarantee that by combining these two you will be able to lose a large amount of fat in remarkable time.

The thing is, with a diet that includes less than 800 calories, it’s not surprising to lose so much weight, the problem is that it’s considered rather unhealthy. There is also a strong possibility of regaining that weight after some time has passed. When it comes to long-term results, sustainable weight loss is considered to be a much better and healthier option.

The Atkins Diet

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The loudest proponent of the Atkins diet is someone everyone knows even if they haven’t watched a reality TV show in their life, Kim Kardashian. We can all agree that Kim K has one of the most talked-about bodies in the modern world. However, attaining that unique physique certainly isn’t easy, and the Atkins diet is one of the things she claims helped her tremendously.

The Atkins diet is based on giving up carbohydrate intake completely. Instead of carbohydrates, you should consume larger portions of protein and healthy fats. There are a lot of similarities with the famous Dukan diet that Princess Kate Middleton follows.
However, after quitting carbs, Atkins welcomes them back into the diet over time through smaller portions, so there isn’t a risk of complete carb destitution.

There are four phases in the Atkins diet; induction, balancing, fine-tuning, and maintenance. Nevertheless, these phases aren’t crucial to the diet. Some people find them very complicating and choose to follow the diet without them. As long as you follow the recommended meal plan, and skip on high-carb foods you should be able to lose weight over time.

Low-carb diets such as this one have been thoroughly researched, and dietitians and nutritionists find them safe for people who want to lose weight.

Mediterranean Diet

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The Mediterranean diet has its roots in Italy and Greece, and it focuses on the traditional foods that people there used to eat. Compared to Americans, these people appeared to be much healthier and lived longer. Famous TV stars that recommend this diet include Brooke Burke, Rachel Ray, and many more famous celebrities.

Although there isn’t a particular definition of the Mediterranean diet, it revolves around high levels of vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, beans, nuts, and most importantly olive oil. Red wine and physical activity are also characteristic for this diet.

These plant-based foods that we have mentioned are the main focus of the diet. Dairy, chicken, and eggs should also be taken in moderation. Seafood can also be taken a few times a week. Red meat isn’t included in the Mediterranean diet, but it can be taken from time to time.


We are aware that eating healthy and exercising may be an expensive sport for a lot of people, and that not everyone can afford personal chefs and trainers. However, these few diets that we have mentioned could be followed by anyone who is willing to put in some work into helping their body. Famous reality TV stars all followed some of these diets very strictly and reached their weight goals over time. If you plan on trying out some of these weight-loss programs make sure to first consult your healthcare provider.