Motorsport is one of the most popular sports around the globe, as speed, competitive drivers, and the unique design of these vehicles are really something we all want from a sporting event. It is a type of sport that really has everything for everyone. If you like off-road races, Rally is the one for you. If someone prefers “simple” circle racing, then you can’t find better entertainment than NASCAR. Of course, bike lovers are also highly represented, as Moto Grand Prix is one of the most visited and widely broadcasted sporting events in the world. Now, among all these car racing sports, one stands out as not only the most popular, but the most viewed as well, and the sport in which much more money circles around, and yeah, we are talking about F1.

Why is F1 so popular?


To provide a simple answer to why there is so much hype over F1 is not easy because it is much more than just plain cars, or in this case, bolides, racing. Take a look at the team names, and you will see that global giants and world-famous brands are involved, and that, along with controversy, position battles, and off-track disputes, is something that only enhances the overall experience for everyone who passionately follows this sport. That is why we all have our personal reasons why we cannot wait even for an F1 race practice to start, not even to mention the race itself.

Another fact that we cannot ignore is how competitive is the “fight” to be a hoast of an F1 event, as it is an industry with vast profits, which is why so much money circles around this sport and why F1 drivers are one of the highest-earning athletes in the world. Like in any other segment or sport type, every continent and even every country have their favorite sport. In the USA, the word football doesn’t even represent the sport the rest of the world knows by that name, and in the UK, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, rugby is a thing of a culture, even though football, or let’s say soccer, has its roots in England. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that the hype over F1 is at its peak in India.

Indian Grand Prix


For those who are not familiar with F1 races, it can be a big surprise that India actually hosted them in the period 2011-2013. These events were way popular, and more than 100,000 people came to cheer for their favorites, which really is a huge number of F1 fans at the race itself. The event was well-accepted, and fans were happy because of the opportunity to watch their favorite drivers live, but unfortunately, it didn’t last long enough. After only three years, the Indian GP was over, and people across India needed to find alternative ways to attend F1 races.

Why it got canceled?


There are many reasons and speculations about canceling this important tournament, and in the end, no one knows for sure what is the real truth. Many people think the main reason for canceling Indian GP is custom policies in this country that participants didn’t accept well, and until today no one confirmed it. Besides many F1 enthusiasts, India has two drivers in the first season, which helped a lot to the popularization of this sport in the whole country. The Indian F1 team named Force India was based in the United Kingdom, but its owner was an Indian billionaire who invested a lot in this sport and its popularity.

It is possible that Formula One will get back into this prosperous country, but the main problem is that organizers need to pay all costs of the organization, together with high taxes, which is not something that will happen soon. Because of that, India is at a loss, since big events like this one are a great opportunity for promotion, not only cars and products but also the whole beautiful country which can attract many tourists.

Betting opportunities


Since India has a huge F1 fan base, that means that many of them will like to try their luck and bet on their favorite drivers. It is not possible to watch these races live and support favorites, but people in this country have the opportunity to watch them on TV or online. The feeling is not the same, but these fans are still loyal, and they are finding a way to be a part of this amazing world. Of course, besides watching every race you can, another great way is to bet and try to win some money. There are many possibilities for betting, and you can choose to bet on the fastest racer, best lap time, racers who will end on a podium, and much more.

Besides that, you can even bet if some racer will leave the team, become a world champion, or end their career. The options for betting are numerous, and there is something for every person, but first of all, it is necessary to find a reliable website to bet. There are plenty of them online, and finding the most trustworthy one can be challenging, so if you are not sure where to start, check Mighty Tips, choose one from their list, and you will not be disappointed.

The bottom line

As you can see, the F1 race is a global event, and it’s a time when no matter the time zones, we simply cannot miss it. Don’t believe us? Remember when Rubens Barrichello was ordered to let his teammate Michael Schumacher pass him, even though he was in front position almost the entire race? Or, let’s go even further in the past and mention the time when Mika Hakkinen ran out of fuel just before the finish line? These are just some examples of how F1 racing is unpredictable, as even the underdogs have a fighting chance, no matter that some teams have better bolides and drivers, as many unexpected things can happen during the race. When everyone, no matter the odds, always has a chance to win, how not participate in the second-best way to such an event?