As the temperature rises and summer comes, the heat somewhat becomes unbearable. Many people actually stop exercising during summer, simply because they cannot withstand the heat and sweating. However, there are the ones who are persistent, but they should be careful because high temperature can cause some serious trouble or a heat stroke. So, in order to have a safe exercise during the summer hot weather, you should know about some myths and why they are indeed just myths.

Exercising in Hot Temperatures is a Disadvantage


It is not exactly fun to work out while the thermometer is creeping over 100 degrees, but the heat can actually boost your performance. Many people think that exercising during summer gives us only disadvantages but studies have shown opposite results. People who work out at hotter temperatures can actually teach their bodies to acclimatize to higher temperatures better. What is more, they can also function better in lower temperatures. However, keep in mind that such studies are often conducted with elite athletes, so before trying to conquer the heat on your own, make sure to consult with your physician and take it slowly. 

You Should Eat More during Summer Heat after Exercising

Since the heat is making you sweat even more when you’re exercising, you might feel like you can gouge on a whole pizza after your training. And yes, even though you’re probably burning a bit more calories during the summer hot weather, and your appetite can improve, that doesn’t mean you should break out of your healthy diet routine. To make things a bit easier for you to follow, you can look for calorie trackers to help you calculate how many have you burnt and how many have eaten. You can click here to find out more about the best calorie trackers since Garage Gym Builder has excellent reviews. With such a handy device, you will always keep track of your calorie intake and see for yourself if you should eat more during summer heat after your workouts. 

Humidity Doesn’t Impact Your Workouts


You may think that no matter the weather you will be able to easily do your workouts. However, you may have noticed a few times during the summer that you are having difficulties with performing even the easiest exercises. This is because our bodies cannot cool themselves in humid weather since the air is filled with moisture. That is why even the easiest workouts sometimes feel like a death march. You should track humidity and adjust pacing requirements for workouts or simply take it a bit slower when the weather is humid. So, it is safe to say that humidity can impact both your body and your performance while working out, so be careful. 

Recovery is not Important During Summer Heat

During this period, even the simplest things like sleeping become a struggle. When you pair poor or lack of sleep and fatigue with working out, there is not enough time for your body to recover. Recovery is still important during the summer, so you should make sure to master the recovery routine during the summer hot weather. Do more proper stretching, take more frequent naps, and treat your body well, because it’s during the heat that it needs it the most. 

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Any Drink Will Rehydrate  You After Working Out


Your body is going to need more liquids and hydration after working out in the heat, but not every drink will suffice. You might feel like a cold beer or soda will hydrate you after the workout, but not all liquids are equal. The best means for quenching your thirst post-workout is simply water, and if the workouts are a bit more frequent, longer and intense, you should drink some electrolyte drinks in order to recover faster.

Our bodies are affected by the weather and it is no wonder that the summer heat will affect your body and workout routine. The best advice is to take it easy, stay hydrated and recover, so make sure to follow those and your summer workouts will be successful.