The World of Warcraft Classic was released on August 27th, 2019 and with the release, players had the chance to remember how difficult it was to level up in the WoW Classic.

For an average gamer, the leveling of their character took more than a month – and by today’s standards of leveling, it might feel like an eternity.

However, now, you can take advantage of online boosting services that will do the leveling for you. In this article, you will be able to learn what these boosting services are, as well as what you can get from them. Let’s take a look:

What are Game-Boosting Services?


Basically, a game boosting service means that you will be hiring a professional gamer who will level up your character.

In order to get these services, you will need to first, create an account. Once your account is created, you will need some time to choose the boost that you want, then process the payment to the boosting provider, and from there you will get your own “booster” – which is a professional gamer.

According to the website, the booster will get access to your account, but you will still be able to see what they are doing, talk to them via Skype, messages, or live chat. From there, the gamer will start leveling up your character. Also, the professional gamer that was assigned to you might also share some advice, tips, and strategies, hence, you will also be able to improve your gaming skills.

What Will a WoW Classic Leveling Boost Get You?

If you opt for a boosting service, you will get a level character to the level that you requested or chose. You will also get equipment (such as armor and weapons), gold, and other items that dropped during the leveling process. When you order an additional option of 60% or 100% Mount, the professional gamers will learn the chosen level of Riding skill in order to use the mount.

Also, when ordering one of the additional mount options, the booster will also level Skinning for your character. You will also gain unlocked flight points, depending on the level of boosting you selected.

What are the Features when Ordering a Leveling Boost?


Almost all boosting providers will offer various features, however, most of them provide you with:

1. A Wide Range of Service – most providers will try to cover each part of the WoW gameplay and the areas where you need help. If you have any questions about boosting, you can always ask the provider’s crew and you will certainly get a useful and quick response.

2. Talented and Dedicated Boosters – the booster these companies choose are carefully chosen among thousands of people. They are all real players with plenty of experience and they have repeatedly proved themselves. On a boosting website, you will be able to read their description and stats.

3. Direct and Easy Booster (Client Communication) – as soon as you purchase a boosting package, you will be connected to your assigned booster. Through the order page, you can chat and check on your order (if your booster is playing the game, how long will the booster be on a break, and you can also check if the leveling is completed).

4. A Safe and Quick Service – ordering boosting services has never been quicker and safer. All providers use the latest tech and a wide range of defense mechanisms against bots or hacks, as well as for data protection.

5. 24/7 Customer Support – almost all boosting providers will have a 24/7 customer support system. You will be able to ask questions and get a response almost immediately.


Now that you know what WoW boosting is, how it works, and its features, do not waste any more time and start searching for a boosting package that will fit your leveling requirements.