Have you been planning to start a small business but don’t know how to do successful marketing? If this is the case with you, then probably you have landed on the right platform. Interacting with the customers is essential for marketing, especially when you have opened a new venture. In this article, we will discuss one of the most effective strategies to engage the audience, i.e. conversational marketing.

If you are looking to boost up your sales, you should focus on this tool because it helps improve the experience of customers. To run a successful venture, real-time conversations with the clients become essential. Before we directly jump into how to go about this strategy, we will first understand it, like what it exactly means.


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Conversational marketing involves interaction between the companies and their consumers, mainly focused on feedback. It dramatically helps develop the consumer base and their loyalty towards the company and generates much more revenue. Taking feedback from the consumers is considered the backbone of this strategy because it helps determine the needs and demands of your potential consumers.

Some people think that this marketing tool is limited to live chats only, but this is not true. Customer support and emails are also part of this tool. The company’s primary focus should be on answering the consumers’ queries, listening to their feedback, and finding out the most suitable solution for their issues. If you want to know more about this tool, check out Botsurfer.com.


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Whether you are running a big or a small business, there comes the point where you have to use some tools and methods that can help to increase your revenue. You can take the example of some famous companies such as dominos and Sephora that use chatbots to communicate with the consumers until they are done with their buying process.

One of the most popular ways these days to interact with your customers is using chatbots. With the help of chatbots, a company can have a real-time dialogue with its consumers whenever they visit its website. It is one of the best methods because both the consumer and the company don’t have to wait to communicate.

Chatbots are used to deliver answers and help provide free content and recommendations to the visitors of your site. The best part of it is you can even schedule calls with the help of this tool for the clients to help them know more about your products. Once you opt for this marketing method, you will see dramatic changes in the profits generated by your company.

While constructing a bot for your website, imagine what type of communication you have with your potential consumers. By keeping this in mind, you will be able to design a set of questions and answers. You can even ask your employees to survey those questions.


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Now that you have a better understanding of what conversational marketing is and how it can benefit you. It’s time to look at the step-by-step guide, which can help you build this strategy.

1. Analyze where you stand:

Before implementing any strategy to improve your business, it is essential to know where you are currently standing. For doing this, you can take the help of any analytical tool that is available to you. This is a crucial step to perform because by knowing your company’s current situation, you will be able to see the results with much more visibility after implementing the strategy.

2. Identify your potential customers:

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Once you have analyzed where your business stands, it’s time to identify your customers. An unfragmented group of consumers can create a problem. Therefore, you have to build a bot that can co-op with every audience segment in the same manner. Target your potential customers based on different criteria such as age, location, gender, lifestyle, occupation, etc.

3. Explain your features:

When you are confident enough, it is better to define extra features apart from the live chat or the chatbots. These additional features include email subscriptions and contact forms. However, make sure that you are not eliminating the function of customer support by adding these extra features for your customers.

If you feel that everything is running smoothly, you can give the option of live chat buttons on the entire screen to ensure that maximum interactions can occur at one time.

4. Focusing on the personality of the bots:

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Bots can be built in many ways or to show many personalities. It depends upon the concept of your brand on which type of personality to choose for the bots. For instance, if it has to deal with young people, you may consider creating a friendly bot by including gifs and emojis. Remember that bots can be both professional and playful. It all depends on your brand’s persona.

5. Hiring copywriters:

We know that bots will only speak the terms which are fed to them or in which they are trained well. Therefore, it becomes essential to hire copywriters who can help you with the writing part of the conversation that will be used to feed in the bots. As an owner of the company, it is your duty to dialogue with the writers and explain to them your targets. This will help the copywriters in understanding your brand well and create conversations based on your goals.

6. Measuring and optimizing:

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After you have successfully built and implemented your conversational marketing strategy, it is time for you to optimize the results and see where you have reached. Measuring the results is essential to know if the plans have worked for you or not.


If you are looking for a method that provides you with a one-on-one approach to bring feedback, conversational marketing is the best. It has been gaining popularity these days as many companies are seeing great results by implementing it.