Believe it or not, on the list of the most valuable crops, bananas are placed at number four. They are cultivated in 107 counties and they have become popular as food and ingredient all around the globe. The reason for this is the fact that they are a very popular and healthy snack. On the other hand, what would two bananas a day do to you? Let’s find out.

Nutrition Facts

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As far as vitamins are concerned, bananas have: 2% Vitamin A, 34% Vitamin C, 2% Iron, 40% Vitamin B6 and 16% Magnesium. Bananas also have 210 Calories, 900 mg Potassium (24% RDA), 54 g Carbohydrates (18% RDA), 2 g Dietary fiber (24% RDA) 28 g Sugar and 6 g Protein (4% RDA).


The vast majority has not ever heard of potassium and how significant it is for our body and health. It is a substance found in each and every cell and is responsible for electrical charging. Hear rate is kept at the steady pace by it. A health individual should have between 3500 and 4700mp of potassium, but, if you eat two bananas per day, you would have 900mg of potassium more. By taking the right amount of potassium, you decrease the risk of having a heart attack and disease by 49%.

Blood Pressure & Cancer

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If we have a good balance between sodium and potassium, our blood pressure would be good. So, by eating bananas, you would have a good potassium intake and you would thus have a good blood pressure. Furthermore, eating all fresh fruit, especially bananas, is a great way to prevent the occurrence of cancer since it is rich with vitamin C. Bananas fibers are great for digestion.


It is highly recommended to have a BRAT diet, especially if you have an upset stomach. One of the main ingredients here are bananas since the electrolyte balance is kept by the right amount of potassium that is taken from bananas.


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By eating bananas, you enter 30g of sugar into your body. Since this is a natural sugar, it is actually wanted and it is good for one’s health.


The deficiency of potassium is over-present within many people in the USA. Bananas and diet related to them can help overcome this and thus make people healthier.  By eating bananas, people can avoid heart problems, digestive problems and even prevent some serious illnesses.