Who doesn’t need more cash right and who wouldn’t love the chance to make it online, right? As an Indian girl or even women, it’s possible to make money online for sure, even easy money.

You see, if the goal is to get cash as soon as possible using the internet, then you have to focus on legit means of making money.

Making money in India legitimately is the right way to go, not just for peace of mind but just for good “karma”. What’s the point of making money illegitimately when you end up destroying other peoples’ lives in the process.

Please don’t do it, especially as there are really good and even easy ways of making money online, whether as an Indian girl or woman.

While you can make money selling things like pictures of your feet or other weird ways, there are even easier ways that work.

source: vietnamtravel.in

If you are interested in selling your feet pics though, check out this SellFeetPictures.com website. They seem to have a lot of information on how it works and it’s all free.

We won’t waste your time with surveys, most of the time these are offered only designed to make money for the people promoting them.

Instead, what we will do is give you some very easy and legit yet effective ways we feel you can use the internet to make money quickly and fairly safely.

In some cases, the internet is being used more as a medium to set something up and you’ll actually have to do some work offline.

Don’t let this bother you, if you focus solely on work you have to do online then you’ll find either a lot of competition or very low paid work.

Be versatile, which is what we’ve put together this list in order for you to be. Take a good look at some of the options mentioned here and get ready to get to work.

Although these method work, they won’t work for the person who isn’t willing to work them.

1. Get Paid In India When You Search On the web

source: ueni.com

How does the idea of getting paid to do something you already do sound to you?

We’re talking about searching on the internet using services that pay you to search such as Inboxdollars, Bing and even Qmee. We believe this is one of the simplest ways to earn cash on the web.

You get cash rewards when you use them to carry out searches on major search engines. All you need to do is install an easy to use add-on for your browser.

When you carry out searches you’ll get sponsored results mixed in with your usual searches.

There doesn’t seem to be a minimum amount you have to pay in order to use this method. Plus, you can cash out via PayPal so it’s very convenient.

2. Get Paid In India To Watch Videos

source: videezy.com

This is a really easy way of earning money online. There are companies that pay people to watch videos and leave their opinions on what they watch.

Some even pay just for you to watch some of the ads on the videos.

You can even get paid in local currency even when you earn in US dollars from some of the companies.