Gym gloves are one of the essential accessories that a fitness enthusiast must own it for safety. It doesn’t mean only the experienced enthusiasts should own this accessory, but even a beginner should have gym gloves.

Now, you may have a doubt why all fitness personalities have to use the gym gloves to be crucial? Yes, they need to protect you from injuries in your hands. Most people love to go to the gym and perform heavy workouts to reach their fitness goals.

Some of the people have weightlifting as their profession. It doesn’t matter what you are going to do in your gym; you need to wear gym gloves. For example, weight lifting heavy exercises can cause injuries to your hand or wrist; such a situation is handled through wearing the gym gloves. This is why it is essential for all fitness enthusiasts.

Now, the next thing is how to choose the right gym gloves for you. With so many brands and models of gym gloves available in the market, it is difficult to choose the right one. Also, every day new models of gym gloves are arriving in the market. So, you feel it hard to go with the new or existing brands of gym gloves. To avoid such a hassle, it will be easy to choose gym gloves based on their features.

One has to look at several features of gym gloves such as padding, grip, quality, fitting, comfort, and worth for money, etc. When you check all these features in your gym gloves, you will end up with few gloves having such good characteristics. These features help you to narrow down the bigger list into a few ones.

But the problem you face when analyzing different gym gloves is the cost. Many of the gym gloves available in the market are much costly but not meeting the quality. So, you need to ensure that the gym gloves you want to buy are meeting all your needs in terms of quality and budget.

Thus, gym gloves are a must for gym enthusiasts to reduce wrist injuries as well to get a good grip for weight lifting. To help the gym enthusiasts in the buying process of gym gloves, we have come up with the top 10 best gym gloves in India 2024 to help them choose the better product. Here is the top 10 list we hope that it will make your selection process easier.

Best Buy Gym Gloves Online In India

In this review list of the top 10 gym gloves, you will not only get crucial information about how to purchase the best gym gloves for weight lifting and exercise but also helps you to get the various brands of gym gloves available in the market. We hope this review guide will help you better in making the right choice.

1. XTRIM X Macho Men’s Leather Gym Workout Gloves

XTRIM X Macho Men

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If your workout program involves a lot of movements, especially your wrist, then you should go buy these Xtrim X Macho gym gloves. This is one of the best brands of gym gloves in the market, providing only top-quality gym gloves. Here the gym gloves use leather as a primary material that provides a great grip to the weight lifters and ensures that there is no chance of slipping off the weight from the lifter’s hands.

The gym gloves use the natural grain leather for enhancing the grip of the weightlifters. The gloves come with various features. The palm portion of the glove is reinforced with foam to provide optimum cushioning when you involve in an active workout or weightlifting session. The gloves provide the wrap-around protection to protect the thumb from injuries during active workouts.

Gloves have the half-finger length that helps to hold weights with a great grip. The wrist strap is 50 cm long that can be adjusted according to your needs and winds up to 2 rotations on your wrist. This strap is flexible, which gets automatically adjust while doing heavy workouts.

The gym gloves allow for the 4-way stretch ply span mesh along with the hand-washing option. You can wash it easily without having to worry about the material’s quality. To provide skin protection and hygiene, the gym gloves are designed using the antimicrobial mesh and lining. Another feature is the sweat absorption through the cool, dry mesh palm lining.

This type of gym gloves can be used by all fitness enthusiasts of different stages, such as beginners, professionals, and advanced enthusiasts. They are double-stitched and leather-made to provide great durability. It is ideal for various activities such as weight lifting, powerlifting, exercise and workout, bodybuilding, and cross-fit training.

2. Royal Waves Gym Gloves

Royal Waves Gym Gloves

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If you are not planning for a high budget to buy the gym gloves, then the Royal Waves Gym Gloves serve as the best option to buy the best gym gloves yet at a lower price. The material used for these pair of gloves is the leather, and they are stretchable too. Hence, you can move your hands according to your needs during workouts or heavy weight-lifting. They are light-weight and comfortable that will fit as the natural shape of your hands.

The wrist strap provides a greater grip while involving any kinds of sports activities and workouts. The flexible strap supports the wrist and increases the grip. Such strap allows decreases the pressure of your wrists during strenuous movements. The palm portion of the gloves is designed with foam inside, and it provides the well-cushioning effect. Such a cushioned palm structure prevents your hand from any kind of injury during intense training.

The gloves use the short finger design to provide a fine grip while holding the heavy exercise equipment. The strap design of the wrist is for decreasing the strain on the wrist area. They are easy to wash using your hand and can hang dry them.

As already said, the gym gloves are light-weight, and they are around 100 grams. Though they are specially designed for exercise and weight-lifting, they are also used for Cycling, Riding, and Football Goalkeeping, etc. In general, gym gloves are good for all sports activities.

3. Kobo Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support

Kobo Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support

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If you are looking for the gym gloves coming with the best wrist support, then the Kobo Lifting Gloves are the best option to go with. The gym gloves providing the best grip for all kinds of sports enthusiasts, but much more comfortable provided for the weight lifters.

When you consider the material, they are made of includes cotton, leather, and lycra. A Lycra is an elastic polyurethane fiber material used to provide a great design. The palm is padded at the front side to provide the cushioning effect, and they have half-finger length to ensure the good grip for your hands.

Here the additional feature is the Velcro closure coming with the finger areas. This provides the additional grip for the weight-lifters to lift much more heavyweights. As they use three materials, the quality is much better when compared to other products and can tolerate wears and washes. Such technology is used here to ensure more wear and easier usage. You don’t have to strain much for removing the gloves, as it involves a simple procedure with the material design.

 Coming to the wrist part, gloves use an adjustable wrist wrap that provides great stabilization to your wrist joints. You can go with the maximum extent of workouts or weight-lifting activities with the help of these gym gloves.

Though they look thick and made of three materials, they are light-weight, and weight is around 150 g. Cotton material helps for the best air circulation inside the gloves, thus don’t have to fear about any allergies of using them. With the gel pad on the palm area, the gym gloves serve as the best option for weight-lifting and other sports activities.

4. Nivia Python 885SB Sports Gloves

Nivia Python 885SB Sports Gloves

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If you want to reduce the strain on the wrist area when you are working out in the gym, then Nivia Python 885SB Sports Gloves would be the ideal choice for you to go with.  Here the gym gloves are coming with the ergonomic design of padding to offer the grip and reduce the strain on the pressure points of your palm.

Here also the gloves have the same design of half-finger length to provide the perfect grip and use the microfiber leather-like material. Coming to the palm portion of the gloves, they use the thick padding to reduce the pressure on your palm area. They use lycra material at the backside of the gloves, where they stick to the structure of the hands.

The gloves are built stretchable along with pullers for two fingers to provide easy removal. With the pullers, you can remove the gloves easily from your hand without any strain. There is no wrist strap, but still, the extra grip is provided at the wrist area.

With microfiber technology, the gloves are free from microbial infections. Microfiber cushioned palm area helps for better comfort and grip, and you don’t have to worry about any sweat infections. As sweat wipers at the thumb circulate the air, there is no sweat when you perform heavy workouts.

So, the gym gloves are odor-free. These gym gloves are best for hand-washing, and hence, you can wash them easily. Thus, the Nivia gym gloves serve as an excellent option for gym enthusiasts who workout regularly.

5. FASHNEX Gym Gloves

FASHNEX Gym Gloves

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The next product in our review list is the Fashnex Gym Gloves. These gloves are mainly designed to help the gym and other sports enthusiasts to work comfortably during their fitness sessions. As the gym gloves provide great comfort to them by reducing the risk of accidental injuries, gloves will help them to use the fitness sessions effectively without any issues.

Here the material used is the superior customized polyester material that gives you the three-dimensional sense. The back portion of the gloves uses the breathable material to provide the odor-free feature. It is resistant to sweat by evaporating them through the breathable material. The palm is designed with strong padding to protect your hand from injuries, calluses, and blisters.

The gloves have the built-in wrist wrap that is much more useful when weightlifting. One can lift the maximum weight without losing the grip, as the wrist wrap supports to the maximum. This is why they are considered to be the much-safer gloves.

The gloves not only provide safety but also look stylish in their design. There are two orange lines on the back of the gloves that make it look more appealing.

Apart from the above features, the Fashnex Gym Gloves stand out in the crowd with their high-quality stitching and durable design. To stay safe while doing workouts, go with these gym gloves brand.

6. Xtrim Unisex Macho Leather Gym Workout Wrist Wrap Gloves

Xtrim Unisex Macho Leather Gym Workout Wrist Wrap Gloves

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Again, we are going to review the one more product from the same brand Xtrim brand, which is Xtrim Unisex Macho Leather Gym Workout Wrist Wrap Gloves. As already said, it is one of the best brands in the market, providing various useful features to the users.

The gym gloves use the genuine leather material with thick padding on the palm surface to help weightlifters free from getting any accidental injuries. This leather material is well-known for its grip to fight against any slips while lifting heavyweights. Another feature is the wrap-around protection of the thumb that provides the special protection for your thumb from injuries.

The gym gloves also have the same half-finger length for sticking on to your hands properly for a great grip and provides comfort. Here the wrist strap is 45 cm long that provides great flexibility for wearing the gloves. When you work out to the maximum extent, such a wrist strap stretches to your hand movements.

Here also, the gym gloves come with the 4-way stretch ply span mesh design. The gym gloves ensure the great hygiene with an antimicrobial mesh and lining so; you don’t have to worry about getting any allergies.

With double stitching design, the gloves ensure great durability. Also, the gloves enable the odor-free feature due to their sweat evaporation. Gym gloves are best for their stretchable feature, so it is easy to wear and remove them.

It is easy to wash these gloves using hand with the natural grain leather design. They are light-weight, and the weight is around 165 grams. The gym gloves are best for various activities such as weight-lifting, weight-training, gym work out, bodybuilding, fitness training, rowing, exercise, and cycling, etc.

7. Sportneer Fitness Gym Gloves

Sportneer Fitness Gym Gloves

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If you are looking for the gym gloves that protect your entire hand, then Sportneer Fitness Gym Gloves would be a great choice for you to go with. One can feel the sore and roughness while training in the gym to achieve fitness goals. But with these gym gloves, you can prevent the sore and rough hands.

Gym gloves are best for High Rep Pull-Ups, Clean and Jerks, Snatches, and other hand taxing lifts. Some of the gym gloves that you buy will get tear and damaged after a few uses, but the Sportneer gym gloves provide the long-lasting life because gloves use the leather and silicone padding that provides long life and high grip. Thus, you can save your money by not buying countless pairs of gloves.

Then coming to their material quality, the gym gloves use high-quality breathable material that allows the air circulation. Hence, you will not get any sweaty hands and bad odors with the use of these gloves.  Also, the gloves come with an open hand and fingerless design that provides ventilation and comfort.

Built-in wrist wraps that extend up to 18 inches provide the wrist support, which is needed while doing heavy workouts. Thus, you can increase the reps, pull-ups, kettlebells swings, clean and jerks, and other heavy workouts by wearing these gloves.

8. Xfinity Fitness Men’s Gym Gloves

Xfinity Fitness Mens Gym Gloves

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Xfinity Fitness Men’s Gym Gloves is well-known for its microfiber material used to provide safety while doing fitness and sports activities. Ergonomically-designed gloves that are having the mesh structure on the top protect against painful blisters and injuries. Xfinity brand gloves are mainly designed for male fitness enthusiasts.

The gym gloves are perfect for weightlifting, cross-fit training, and other gym and sports activities. Most of the men prefer to go with these gym gloves. Here the material allows the sweat to evaporate, and thus, your hands stay dry even after working out heavily.

Here the special feature about the gym gloves is the design and style. They use an innovative curved finger design that allows for the proper fit of the gloves into your hand. Also, the gloves come in black and orange color combination that looks stylish. Here the wrist strap support is 12 inches long and, thus, provides the user to adjust according to his needs.

The mesh padding on the top provides the anti-slip grip for the user to carry the weights without slipping off from the hands.

9. ABX Fitness Gym Gloves

ABX Fitness Gym Gloves

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If you are looking for all-purpose gloves such as gym gloves, workout gloves, biking gloves, and other workout activities, you can go with these ABX Fitness Gym Gloves. ABX gym gloves provide great protection when you carry out any of these sports activities.

They are made using a breathable sweat-absorbent polyester fabric that provides the odor-free and flexible gloves when you work out much. At the back, there is a mesh design that evaporates the sweat completely.

The gym gloves offer great protection for your wrist and palm areas. Over the palm area, there is an anti-silica gel pad that gives you the cushion feel and avoids getting any injuries. Additionally, the cushion pad helps for non-slip of the weight equipment. The wrist area is protected using the wrist strap, which you can adjust for feeling comfort.

The brand offers three different sizes of gloves for both men and women. So, you can choose according to your size. As the gym gloves are made up of microfiber and abrasion-resistant materials, quality is beyond your expectations. Along with other features like anti-sweat, cushion palm, adjustable wrist strap, the price is also reasonable too. Thus you can save your money by going with this product.

10. Fitlethic Weightlifting Workout Gloves

Fitlethic Weightlifting Workout Gloves

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The last product in our review list is the Fitlethic Weightlifting Workout Gloves. Here the gym gloves offer the best palm protection with their silicon printed neoprene design. This palm design not only offers protection from injuries but also provides the best grip and support. The design of the gloves looks stunning and offers a good look with its black and red-colored combination.

The back of the gloves are made of light-weight microfiber material that provides great breathability. Thus, you can keep your hands dry and sweat-free while training heavy exercises.

The wrist strap offers the wrist support of superior quality and saves your hand from a sprain or other injuries. Both for men and women, the superior wrist support is offered by wrist wraps. Also, you can tighten or loosen the gloves using the loop fastener that offers you great comfort for making adjustments.

When talking about the ventilation feature, the mesh design offers breathability and comfort for gym trainers and other enthusiasts. Thus, the gloves are much suitable for carrying out any of the physical exercises, gym, and other sports activities.

How To Choose A Good Quality Gym Gloves?

Before going with the purchase of any brand gym gloves, one has to check the various factors of such gloves. Here we will discuss them briefly.

1. Padding

This is an important feature that you must consider in gym gloves. Padding is the thing that offers you great support while lifting heavy weights and protects your palm from any kind of injury. Most of the gloves come with the mesh and silicon padding, which you can go with.

2. Grip

The second most significant factor that one has to check in gym gloves is the grip it offers. You have a plan of buying gloves for wearing it during heavy workouts. In such a case, the grip is essential to avoid any accidental injuries.

When you lose the grip, there is no need to wear gym gloves. As the gym gloves are mainly required to get the grip while doing exercises. So, check whether you get the grip of the gloves or not before buying it.

3. Quality

This is too essential, as you can save your money if you buy good-quality gloves. As you are using the gym gloves for carrying out hard and heavy workouts, they should tolerate all such hard things and should last longer.

But when they result in wear and tear even after using them for fewer times, then there is no use of buying them. Thus, give top priority to the material and quality of the gloves and then go with them. When the quality is better, gym gloves last longer.

4. Wrist Comfort

Most of the gym gloves come with a wrist strap that provides you the wrist comfort. Check the length of the strap that can be adjusted according to your size of the wrist. This is essential to avoid getting injuries over the wrist area. Thus, check the wrist strap length and go with the gym gloves.

5. Fitting and Comfort

This means the overall fitting and comfort that you need while you workout. If you are not feeling the good fitting and comfort, then you will get distracted from your workout concentration. Thus, ensure that you are comfortable to wear particular gloves for lifting the weights.

6. Value for Money

This is another crucial factor that most people concentrate on. Never think that expensive gloves are good in quality and other features. But check the features and reviews of other customers to go with choosing the right product. Though you spend much, the gloves should have good quality and worth buying them.

These are the crucial factors that we consider in our reviews too and, thus, come up with the above ten good quality products.


Gym gloves are one such essential accessory for gym and sports enthusiasts. We have reviewed the products based on consumer reviews and also mentioned the crucial features of all such gym gloves. Our review list contains the top quality products and also popular among customers.

The most important thing that you should consider while buying the gym gloves is to make sure that the gloves will help you in achieving your fitness goals and also coming under your budget. Remember these two criteria and go with choosing the right product.

Also, understand different gloves serve different purposes. So, understand your need and for what activities you require the gym gloves and then purchase the right gym gloves for you.