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Q: What is the best piano keyboard under 2000 dollars?

A: Out of the five piano keyboards we have reviewed here, the Yamaha P125 comes out on top. It is the best piano keyboard under 2000 dollars that delivers on performance on value. You get all the features of the P-515 and YPG-535 in a sleek and simple chassis.

Q: Are 88-key piano keyboards still popular?

A: This piano keyboard is definitely not new in the market. However, during the time it was launched, it quickly became a people favorite. The same model still remains one of the most popular 88-key piano keyboards under the 2000 dollar range.

Q: How many keys does a piano have?

A: The dual-mode makes learning and teaching easy as you can add another person to the set. The 88 keys are more than enough for an intermediate to advanced-level learner. It’s a bit expensive as a beginner’s piano keyboard but for more advanced players, this piano comes with features that produce rich sounds.

Q: How many notes are in a keyboard with 88 keys?

A: It also features 88 touch-sensitive weighted keys that feel like the real thing, which is definitely a plus for professional players. The maximum polyphony is 128 notes with preset memory stored with over 1200 patches, 30 drum kits, 64 performances, and more.