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Q: What can you do with a Yamaha keyboard?

A: Yamaha keyboards are digital pianos. You don’t use them to control a digital synth or enter notes in a DAW (though you can). Rather, you use them to compose songs, create melodies, and play piano pieces. It’s hard to do all of that when you have, say, 25 keys to play with.

Q: How much does a Yamaha keyboard cost?

A: In general, a few trends hold common across the best Yamaha keyboards: Premium keyboards (over $1,000) tend to be close replicas of Yamaha’s top-end acoustic pianos. Many even come with consoles and benches.

Q: Is Yamaha a good brand for a piano?

A: Despite competition from old rivals such as Casio and new players such as Kurzweil, Yamaha remains at the top of the totem pole when it comes to digital pianos and keyboards. Their product range is unparalleled, offering everything from beginner-level keyboards to pianos you’d play at Carnegie Hall.

Q: Who are the competitors of Yamaha keyboard?

A: The only brands that can compete with its top of the line offerings are Roland and perhaps Korg. At the mid and lower end, Casio is a tough competitor, which is why we frequently rank Casio keyboards along side Yamaha in our best digital piano guides. Which is the best Yamaha keyboard for beginners?