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Q: What is the best piano keyboard brand?

A: The best of the best, the ripest of the crop, the top piano brand name out there. The grand winner of this title is Steinway and Sons, a brand that since its founding in 1853 has received every prestigious piano award out there from New York, Paris and beyond.

Q: What is the best musical keyboard?

A: A piano has 88 keys, so a keyboard with 88 keys is ideal, but it can be unnecessarily cumbersome if you need to transport the instrument often. A keyboard with around 61 keys will be good for most music that your child plays.

Q: What is the best weighted keyboard?

A: Yamaha tends to dominate the market for 76 key weighted keyboards. While there are other touch-sensitive brands available (including the Casio WK-245), Yamaha has the best weighted keyboard in the 76-key keyboard category.

Q: What is a piano keyboard?

A: The keyboard on a piano is made up of 88 keys. However, other musical instruments such as the organ and synthesizer use shorter keyboards. Below is a diagram showing what the keyboard looks like. Each black and white key on the keyboard has a letter name.