Buying a used car is the most popular option these days since it is much cheaper. It is known that the value of the vehicle can drop over 50% after only one year. For example, the price of the new Suzuki Wagon R is around 500,000 rupees, depending on the equipment. On the other side, you can find a used model introduced a couple of years ago, and in excellent condition, for around 200,000 rupees.

However, finding a vehicle in a good condition can be tricky, especially because a lot of sellers might try to hide some deficiencies so they can sell it faster and for a bigger price. It is crucial to be patient when looking for a car. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when buying a used vehicle in India.

1. Not Checking the Record


Many people forget about this feature, even though it can save you from various problems. First of all, you can check if the vehicle is stolen. Also, that is a great way to see if the seller is honest. For example, if he claims that the car was driven only around the city and that there were no bigger technical issues.

That is the main reason to always use the Revs Check option, and find out more about the mileage, history of penalties, road accidents, repairs, and more. If you want to learn more about this possibility, check here.

2. Avoiding the Test Drive


We know how easily people can get lured into buying a car, especially if it seems like a great deal. The market for used cars is pretty big, but the fact is that cars in good condition often get sold in only a day or two. Therefore, skipping a model so you can check others available on the market brings the risk that another driver will get it.

Also, we have to mention the sales skills of owners, who might manage to lure people into buying the vehicle without any additional tests. There is no reason to rush with your decision. The first step when checking the car is to take it for a test drive. You will see if it is comfortable and are there any issues.

3. Not Asking an Expert for Assistance


In case that you are not familiar with the technical features of the car and are unable to inspect some key elements of the vehicle, such as power train, transmission, quality and condition of the shell, and more, the best solution is to bring a professional mechanic with you.

It may seem like an additional and unnecessary expense, but it could save you from getting a model that will later cause serious problems and end up as a waste of money. Besides the experts, you can ask some friends with more experience.

4. Shopping with a Tight Budget


When you are looking for a vehicle, it is crucial to determine the budget. Also, keep in mind that there will be additional expenses as well, such as registration, change of ownership, insurance, and more. Not to mention the potential hidden issues where you might need to spend more and fix them.

It can be frustrating if you saved 200,000 rupees for a car and spend the whole amount on a car that will require additional investments. Moreover, we have to add the bargaining culture. You should always try to cut the price a little. When you have the help of an expert, or you checked a record, use the details to try to get the car for a lower price. Even some visual details like scratches and dirt can be used for bargaining.

5. Rushing With the Decision


Patience is the key when you are buying a used car. Making some rush decisions will only increase the chance to face problems later. It is a much better option to miss a good deal than risk a bad one. As we already mentioned, the market for used cars is huge, especially in a highly populated country like India.

The reason to be more patient is even higher if you are interested in some of the most popular models in this country, like Hyundai Verna, i10, i20, Honda City, and more. Another advantage of buying a popular model is that it will be easier to find a good mechanic and spare parts.

6. Skipping the Security Check


Even though the best option is to buy a used car from a licensed dealer, there are many popular websites and other places where people can sell cars directly to each other. It is a fast and convenient method, but you must be aware of the risks.

The biggest problems are fake papers, masked condition of the vehicle, lower mileage, and more. You can solve many of these issues by requesting a Revs Check. On the other hand, a mechanic will help you inspect the condition.

The Bottom Line

The most popular method of looking for a used car today is by checking various websites where people can share ads of their vehicles. These sites are convenient and transparent since you can easily add filters, and check only specific models, production year, price range, type of fuel, and more. Finding a car with a surprisingly lower price than average might seem like a great option, but it is crucial to check more details about the potential technical and legal issues.

The key is to determine the type of vehicle, along with the condition, and whether you are interested in additional repairs. After you have a clear plan, you should be consistent and patient. Make a list of cars that you find interesting, and visit every seller. Take your time, go for a drive test, and don’t fall for the sales trickeries of people who might try to convince you that the car is in perfect condition before you even sit in front of the steering wheel. You might lose a lot of money if you don’t focus on these things.