Windows project is a significant project and also expensive. So, it is advised to plan for the replacements well and have a budget to cater for the entire project. That is what makes a difference for many people. Most homeowners decide on replacing the windows out of necessity and not by choice. As such, when looking for replacement many homeowners want the cheapest option. However, what those homeowners should understand is that the most affordable options aren’t necessarily the best ones.

It is, therefore, essential, to know what you are getting by spending your money on specific windows.The fact is that by choosing a reputable windows and doors replacement company, you will be able to get better quality and energy-efficient windows. However, such ones come with high price tags. Remember that this project is not like rearranging the furniture in your home. It is an undertaking that you will not do now and redo it tomorrow. It is an undertaking you will do once in a while. So, the price of such ones is not something that should affect your decision when choosing windows. Get more details here.

1. You Want Quality Window Styles

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If you are considering the cost as the main factor when choosing your windows, know that you are definitely going to get low-priced ones. However, you should know that cheaper options will require regular replacements compared to mid-range and high-priced styles. In addition, mid and high-priced styles work better compared to low-priced ones. However, mid-priced may work as well as high-priced. The cost of replacing your windows will be determined by other factors such as the size, exterior and interior finishes, installation type, choice of glass and other factors. Just the way we have two types of windows and doors, there are also two main window styles. Let’s look at these styles and how they impact on a replacement project.

2. Crank Windows

This is the first style which include awning and casement styles. These styles are typically operated using a crank device and open horizontally from the vertical frame where it is attached using hinges. Modern crank windows come with compression seal for enhanced energy efficiency. When the window is shut, the compression seal makes them airtight and offers great energy efficiency to them.

3. Sliding Windows

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The second style is sliding windows. It comes in horizontal or hung sliders. They are operated by hand and open inside the frame. There are some differences between sliding and crank windows. Rather than being fitted with a compression seal, sliding windows come with weatherstripping. However, weatherstripping is not as effective as a compression seal when it comes to energy efficiency.

4. Differences between These Two Window Styles

Generally, crank windows are more secure and function better compared to hung and sliding ones. Crank windows employ the compression seal technology that perfectly seals the space between the frame and the band. On the other hand, sliding ones use weatherstripping to seal the gap. When we compare weatherstripping to compression seal, the latter is not as effective as the former. Because of this, crank ones are more energy-efficient compared to sliding windows. And since energy efficiency is one main aspect that homeowners look when choosing windows, crank ones are more expensive compared to sliding ones.

However, we don’t mean that sliders cannot offer excellent energy efficiency, but casement windows are some of the best performings and preferred styles in the market.  That is why if you want to buy crank ones, you will pay 15% more than what you will spend on sliding ones. The cost is not the only thing you should consider when buying windows and doors. There are many aspects to think about, which ultimately determines the value. However, you shouldn’t go for the styles that will leave in a worse financial state. Remember, there are other pressing things you need to do as well. It is, therefore, important to look at the other deciding factors before you make your final decision.