Any house interior designer worth his salt will tell you interior designing is a lot more than bringing in some furniture with a matching rug and a floor lamp in one corner. Expert designers at BlueMasons House Interior believe that no matter how good your furniture or rug is, without dressing up your walls your room is going to look mundane. Sure, you can put up a random picture or two, but are they going to make the mark? Well, not really.

To make a statement, you must think out of the box and come up with ways in which you can showcase your taste aesthetically, giving your room that extra oomph factor. If you want something different, then you need to think differently. Let’s look at the tips and tricks professional house interior designers use to spruce up the walls.

Larger than life artwork


A huge canvas can dominate your wall space, giving your room a new look. Vibrant abstracts work well, as do tastefully framed abstract art prints. This artwork can even be used as the basic colour palette to refurbish your home with new cushions and durries.

A picture gallery

Do you like being surrounded by memories, reliving them every now and then? If yes, then consider keeping aside a wall in your home for memories and moments that make you smile. You can dedicate a wall to family photos—coloured or black and white depending on your home colour scheme. Or, save up some space for personal artwork—your mom’s hand-embroidered artwork or your son’s representation of family in crayon colours. A display of personal photos and artwork is sure to add character to your room, taking personalisation to the next level. For the perfect gallery, select frames that are cohesive. You can also go all the way up to the ceiling, giving an impression of a large wall.

Decorating the wall itself


While hanging stuff on the walls is a path well-trodden, you can try painting patterns on your accent wall using bold and bright colours. Hand-painted designs and patterns on walls are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reflect your style and personality. While wall colour combinations and textures are easy to find and choose from, owning up a wall at your home to make a statement will be unique to you. Tropical leaves, abstract painting, traditional artwork, mandalas—there is so much you can experiment with. Masking tape will help you keep the paint within the borders. You can use acrylic paint as it dries faster. While stencil work on your walls is a subtle way to enhance the décor, wallpaper with bold prints is another way to go. However, constrain is needed as too much print can get overwhelming.

Do it with tapestry or fabric

For that elegant off-the-beaten-path look, a tapestry is ideal. If you can get your hands on a suitable piece, you can even go for macramé hangings.

Brocade pieces cut from saris make interesting wall décor items when stretched on a frame. The best part? You get to keep the sari, thereby keeping memories alive. This idea works just as well with printed or geometric fabric pieces or scarves.

Say it with mirrors


Mirrors are a favourite tool used by house interior designers to spruce up space. You can use small elegant mirrors with eclectic frames as a set, or go for a single piece that has the pizzazz to stand alone. The advantage is the reflections from the mirror will add another dimension to your space. You may also choose from traditional wooden frames to contemporary mirror ideas to blend well with your home décor scheme.

Shelving units

Walls clad in shelving units that tower to the ceiling smarten up a dull room. You can showcase your favourite books and keep knick-knacks such as pottery, candle stands or shells on the shelves. Plants too can add charm to this wonderful unit. Shelving units allow you space to display your collection of décor items without actually cluttering your space.

The old-world charm of plates


You are sure to have a collection of plates that you have purchased on your travels. These make the perfect dressing for a dull wall. If you don’t have any exotic plates in your collection, your fine china plates can work too. Make sure to use sturdy wire plate hangers to keep the display firmly fixed to the wall.

A twist in the tale! Fancy wooden chopping boards, and breadboards, can make an interesting collection for your wall. Make sure you have a good variety to go with. A single chopping board is not going to do the trick.

Go green

Sure, you have a few plants in the corner and a few hanging baskets at your window. But plants can make excellent wall art, too. You can hook aesthetically appealing arrangements to the wall for a green look. And, if the idea of bringing down your plants for watering isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can go for faux plants. They look so natural; no one will know the difference.

Bead art


Bead wall hangings can give a unique character to your room. You can get them when you plan your next trip abroad, or you can have them custom-made to suit your style. With the variety of beads available, you will have no problem making one.

Basket art

Wickerwork baskets are to die for. And what better place to display them, than on your walls? Placement is critical, so plan out where you are going to put each piece from your collection before you go crazy with the hammer.

Rugs make great wall art


A good rug will make an excellent wall hanging. You can use colours that complement your upholstery to add intrigue to your room. You can opt for block coloured rugs or something with a pattern, depending on the décor of your room. A combination of different rugs will make for an interesting look.

The possibilities are endless, and once the ideas start taking root, you will surprise yourself. Get cracking, and get those creative juices flowing. Should you be looking for a reliable interior design, check out Swiss Interior. With over hundreds of completed home interior design portfolio and dozens of experienced designer, you can build your dream home easily with the team.