The price of repainting your vehicle in India will rely on a wide range of things. Of course, you could opt for doing it by yourself, however, keep in mind that it might not last as long as it would with a professional job. Then there are the mid- and high-end options as well, and although they might be a bit expensive, it will last longer.

Before you continue reading this article, you should know that you must consider the weather in your area. Sand, salt, as well as warmth, can lower the time that the finish will last on the exterior of your vehicle, which is one of the reasons why you might want to opt for a professional service.

When you combine all of the things that the workers will need to do to properly paint your vehicle, you can expect to pay anywhere from 30.000 Rupee to 65.000 Rupee. This is, of course, the price of a high-end shop. On the other hand, if you go to an average shop, you can expect to pay from 20.000 to 30.000 Rupee, but, you might not want to get your hopes up that it’ll be perfect.

If you’re thinking about repainting your wheels while you’re in India, there are a few things that will impact the overall value. And, in order to help you determine whether or not you can currently afford it, this article will help you learn the factors that influence the price since you could then take care of it before going to the shop, hence, lowering your expenses. Let’s take a closer look:

Things That Influence The Repainting Cost

  1. The Longer it is in The Shop, The More Costly it Will Be


Of course, some stores claim that they can finish your car in 3 days and sometimes less, but, generally speaking, you should know that it will be in the shop for a minimum of 7 days. Now, you might be wondering – why does it take so long? Well, you cannot simply apply new paint to the old one.

All of the fading, damaged surfaces, oxidation on your car, means that the workers cannot smoothly apply a new layer of color. This often means that they need to remove the old coat, prepare the entire car, and then apply the new layer of pain. Keep in mind – if your car needs a lot of prepping, it will increase the overall cost.

  1. The New Layer Cannot Fix Every Problem


According to the specialists from that specialize in car detailing and painting, new paint sometimes has a negative effect. What does this mean? Well, it means that you should have sensible expectations when opting for such services. Of course, you could choose to paint over the damages, but, it won’t actually hide the issues, it’ll only emphasize them.

If you want the most favorable outcome, the auto body store needs to take off the old layer, repair any issues and damages that they can find including any nicks, gouges, cuts, cavities, corrosion areas, and holes. If they take care of these things, it will definitely increase the overall price, hence, you might want to fix these things first and then take it to a shop.

  1. The Interior Components Need to Be Removed


A lot of people do not realize that the interior needs to be completely removed before the painting process begins. This could include the console, dash, and most commonly the seats. Why? Well, some of the items might hinder the entire process, and in order to ensure that it is done right, the parts need to be removed.

Now, like all the other additional services on this list, it will also increase the price. This is why you might want to choose to take some parts by yourself since it can easily lower the cost of the services. Additionally, do not forget to remove every personal belonging in the vehicle since you do not want them to get lost or damaged.

Things to Consider When Searching For an Auto Body Shop


Before we conclude this article, there are a few things that you should know about choosing an auto body shop, more importantly, what you need to consider and do in order to choose the best ones for your needs. The things you’ll want to consider before opting for the first one that comes in your search results include:

  1. The Experience – you do not want to hire someone to paint your vehicle if they have absolutely no idea what they are doing. This can lead to further damages, which means that you’ll need to pay even more money. This is why you’ll need to read some online reviews, which leads us to our next point…
  2. The Reviews – naturally, the very first place you’ll look at is the official website, but keep in mind that it is also wise to check independent ones as well. If you notice that a particular shop has more negative than positive reviews, it might be best if you move on to the next company.
  3. The Services – not all shops offer the same services, hence, ensure that the potential shops offer the services you need. For instance, some of them might not repair the damages on your vehicle before painting, which as stated before, can be a serious problem.
  4. The Price – last on the list, but not less important is the price. A good indication that something is wrong is when the price is either too high or too low. This means that you should look for something that costs from 20.000 to 65.000 Rupees.


As you can see, there is actually a wide range of things that can influence the price of repainting your vehicle. However, by doing some of the things mentioned in the article above by yourself, you might be able to slightly decrease the overall expenses, thus, you’ll end up paying less.

So, now that you are aware of what you should do, you might not want to lose any more time. Instead, you should go online and start browsing the Internet in order to find an auto body shop that offers services that will fit your requirements, needs, and more importantly, your budget.