The new VALORANT agent tier breakdown is available following the launch of Patch 7.0.

Despite Riot Games’ best efforts, it is difficult to achieve this goal with a pool of 22 agents along with 7 maps, every single one of which showcases its own special traits and talents. While some agents, like Jett, can function in almost all maps, Yoru finds it difficult to be useful and effective in almost any situation.


Each upgrade causes VALORANT to change. Undoubtedly, the recently released Patch 7.0, which involves the addition of a new agent, will end up resulting in a big change in the meta. In light of this, use this VALORANT agent tier track to help you choose the finest agents for Patch 7.0.

Patch 7.0’s VALORANT Agent Tier List:

Tier Agents
S Jett, Raze, Sova, and Killjoy
A Deadlock, Omen, Fade, Breach, and Skye
B Viper, Cypher, Astra, Harbor, and KAYO
C Brimstone, Sage, Gekko, and Neon
D Phoenix, Reyna, Chamber, and Yoru

S-Tire Agents



In every team competition across the history of VALORANT, Jett has remained essential—apart from the time when Chamber was completely damaged. The Korean duelist, who represents VALORANT, should be considered S-tier for a variety of reasons.

Jett can masterfully perform the kill and avoid strategy thanks to his dash. She is a nightmare adversary for dealing through most, if not all, maps since she is so difficult to trade.


On some maps, Raze is almost always the preferred option even when Jett is available. While she may not be able to leave right away following a kill as Jett, her dynamite utilities nonetheless make her a potent force on smaller maps.

Raze is primarily employed in Fracture, Split, Lotus, and Bind, as can be seen in professional plays. All of these levels give Raze gamers the perfect environment to maximize her abilities.


Sova, a Russian Agent, is the only originator in the present meta that merits a slot in the S-tier. Though the addition of Fade initially spurred discussions among the community about the most effective recon agent in VALORANT, it turns out that Sova is still the preferred initiator in VALORANT once the meta settled down.

Sova’s utils are still deadly in most maps if utilized properly despite severe nerfs.


When it comes to effectiveness, Killjoy dominates her fellow Sentinels. She is an easy choice for a Sentinel for your squad composition regardless of the map.

She is a very readily available agent that players may use with ease due to the simplicity and effectiveness of her toolbox. Killjoy is capable of stopping enemy raids on defense and keeping an eye on flanks on the offensive side.

A-Tier Agents



The most recent agent to join the ranking; Deadlock’s position on the tier list has yet to be established. One section of the VALORANT community views her as an A-tier agent, whereas everyone else wonders if she has anything unique to offer. She remains in the A-tier, nevertheless.

She has a good foundation of skills, as far as we can tell. The other abilities demonstrate flexible applications that may be utilized to both defend and attack maps, while the ultimate is practically a lock to win in 1v1s.


We do not have a Controller within the S-tier, however, if we did, Omen would unquestionably get that position. Choosing Omen is a good choice if you compete in eSports tournaments. If you are not competing in eSports, but you like to watch them live, did you know that you can bet on your favorite team? Some of the popular websites for betting you can find by the link. They even accept Tether and other cryptos for processing payments.

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His smokes are some of the easiest to one-way within the game, making them some of the best. Additionally, Omen’s Paranoia ability greatly facilitates map-taking and retaking, while his Teleport ability permits aggressive tactics.


Fade resembles Skye in several ways (more on Skye in a moment).

If you are managing a single-initiator team composition, she can be a suitable option. Although Sova is a superior option as a recon agent, Skye performs the role of a single initiator better. If the squad is going to have two initiators. However, the usefulness of Fade simple-to-use gear justifies the A-tier classification.


The time you spend on the server could become a painful struggle at the hands of a competent Breach. He specializes in preparing his team for flawlessly performed map takeovers as the ultimate support agent. The combo develops an edge to be dealt with when used with a Jett.

For a very long time, Breach has been mentioned in the meta. The Swede is a given even on the most recent map, Lotus.


Skye has been entering and exiting the meta for a while. However, it is safe to argue that she merits the S-tier position in light of the most recent patch.

The professionals support her choice, as seen by her pick score of 51% in the most recent Masters in Tokyo. Picking Skye is an absolute no-brainer if you want to dominate a single-initiator competition because of her special skills, which are versatile and serve several functions.

B-Tier Agents



Viper’s ascent to the top of the list of valiant agents has not been without an array of rough patches. She moved from the D-tier where she was first living to the S-tier after receiving a number of enhancements. However, Riot’s subsequent nerfs have put her back in lower ranks.

We think she is a B-tier agent after the previous nerf. Breeze and Icebox, two of her best maps, are currently not in the map pool. In light of the present condition of the game, it is difficult to defend placing her above the B-tier.


Yes, dealing with a nerdy Cypher may be quite frustrating. But is his threat to a well-organized team comparable to that of Killjoy? No, is the response.

The Moroccan spy is still handy in a number of maps, though. Because of the infinite range of his tripwires, he is without a doubt the finest agent to go undercover with during an attack. Additionally, you can stop any aggressive moves from the opposition by using his defensive sets.


Those days when Astra remained without a doubt the best choice for each map in VALORANT are long gone. The Ghanaian agent has transformed into a shell of the person she once was after being subjected to one of the toughest nerfs ever by Riot in patch 4.04.

On most maps, there are better options available, although it would be unjust to say that Astra is absolutely useless. She remains a good option if you are familiar with her utilities.


One could argue that Harbor is a B-tier agent, but we disagree.

His function resembles that of a secondary Controller, as was seen at the most recent Masters competition. The chief Controller of the squad has a great deal of freedom in both areas of defense and offense thanks to the Indian agent with a water motif.


It is challenging to rank KAYO in tier lists. You believe he merits an S-tier position after seeing him used to absolute perfection in professional games. On the other hand, watching KAYO players struggle in rated matches makes you desire to place him under Tier C.

Without question, he has the ability to become one of the top agents. As a result, we have him on Tier B.

C-Tier Agents



Brimstone has had the fewest alterations of all the agents in VALORANT, making it the most stable. He is only effective in Bind and Fracture, though, due to the limitations of his toolset, particularly the Sky smokes’ short range.

If you are strong on only two out of seven available maps, it is difficult to rank him above C-tier.


In maps apart from Split, the recognizable healing girl of VALORANT is hardly ever employed. Sage is still somewhat beneficial in rated games, though.

She performs filler labor for the team comp. Sage becomes a logical choice if your first-choice agent has already been taken by a teammate and the group needs a diverse support presence.


The second-to-last agent to join the VALORANT roster is Gekko. Due to his special skills, he quickly won the people over after this introduction.

A combination of mollies and the flash makes him able to set up his fellow players for the ideal map push. Additionally, having the wingman place or disarm the bomb in a crucial circumstance is a game-changer.


The only other agent with a passive ability, outside Jett, is the Filipino speedster. Neon is a competent duelist from start to finish, and in the right hands, she can be devastating.

She is the perfect agent for aggressive plays because of her Concussing and High Gear skill. Furthermore, the Ult is a powerful weapon that can turn the eco battles in your favor. Despite all of her strengths, she simply does not have the same overall impact as Jett and Raze, which is why she is ranked in the C-tier.

D-Tier Agents



Phoenix continues to be a D-tier agent even with the enhancement of his ultimate and flashes.

Since the VALORANT poster kid lost the favor of the neighborhood, a long time has passed. While he is independent in his own right, his overall benefit to the squad is less than that of other duelist candidates. One of the least frequently used characters across ranked and professional games is the British agent. Phoenix, with the possible exception of Pearl, is not an appealing selection in any maps in his current state.


We are aware of your views. “Reyna, who finished 30-8 in my rated game, just blew me off the server”, many players would presumably say. So, what is she doing in D-tier? Reyna has nothing left to give her team if her fragging powers are removed.

Go for Reyna if you are very confident in your abilities to out-frag opponents. Otherwise, do not even consider locking her because doing so would just make your team weaker.


For far too long, Chamber was perceived as a broken agent. You must concede that the nerf was merited assuming you were a one-trick Chamber. It is also true, though, that Riot Games felt no need to nerf him severely.

Chamber’s performance as a whole and influence continue to rank him within the D-tier in our estimation, despite the recent buffs.


Yoru may be entertaining to play with in ranked, but in professional matches, he is essentially useless. Yoru was not played at all during Tokyo Masters.

When Kyrylo “ANGE1” Karasov grabbed him on Bind in the EMEA League, it was the last occasion we saw him in a Tier-1 game. But he can outplay the opposition thanks to his tools. To do it in high-ranking lobbies, you must, however, properly master his use.