We all know that honey is considered to be one of the most versatile and important products that must be present in every home. Apart from increasing the taste of food honey has a number of other qualities that make it special in all aspects.

The more it will be used by the people the more they will understand the value or importance of the product. It is not a new product but its usages are common before the people for a long time. It has been preferred by people of all ages and groups.

Regarding its importance, it is said that honey is equally good for health. If anyone is suffering from cold and cough people prefer to give honey to that person as it is quite good at reducing cough to some extent. Even it is seen that the value or importance of old honey is much more than any other one.

There are many renowned companies that are engaged in manufacturing honey but it will be good if the same is purchased under a reputed brand. In such a case, the quality of the item will be much better and nice. This is for sure a pure honey will always taste sweet and smooth. It will also provide a warm feeling to the consumers. To make your work easy we have listed out the best selling honey brands online in India. Here you go.

Best Buy Honey Online In India

1. INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw Organic Honey


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It is considered to be one of the purest forms of honey that have an amazing taste. The whole product is actually a pure one in a true sense. The packaging of the product is made in such a way so that it is liked by the people. This honey is extracted in a raw form.

The taste of the honey is so sweet that it is preferred by a maximum number of people. This product can be used both internally and externally. It is said that this product is nice for improving the texture or quality of the skin. Rather it increases the softness of the skin to a great extent.

In fact, this honey is good to heal the sunburn part of the skin. It can remove the tanning of the skin and that too very rapidly. If you are having oily skin then this product can be mixed with the milk and applied on the skin. It will increase the freshness of the skin very quickly.  Even regular use of honey will also improve the quality of the voice of a person.

2. Apis Himalaya Honey

Apis Himalaya Honey

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It is seen that honey is equally good for the people who are very cautious about their weight. If it is consumed along with warm water on a regular basis people can maintain their weight up to an optimum level. In this case, this honey is the best one that comes along with some specific features.

It is a perfect product that can provide good energy to the body along with other good things. This product is equally responsible to maintain the metabolic functions of the body. This is a good quality of the product that requires special appreciation.

Extracted from natural sources this product is a great source of Vitamin A and other important minerals. It can be safely used by people. It maintains the blood sugar and insulin level of the body. This product is also important to treat the infections and bacteria of the body.

It can be easily consumed along with other foods to get the best result. This product contains the maximum nutritional level of the body. It is a very good thing. People can get one bottle of honey free with the purchase of one bottle.

3. Dabur Honey Squeezy

Dabur Honey

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If anyone wants to stay fit and healthy during their lifetime it is always prescribed to consume honey on a regular basis along with lukewarm water. In fact, good quality and branded honey can give the best results to the body.

During ancient times, it was seen that people extracted honey from the trees and now they are extracted and treated in a special way so that people can get the best results. All this has been possible due to the involvement of modern science and technology.

It is the best product that comes with perfect purity and amazing taste. It can be consumed in any way. People can consume it along with milk or tea. The whole thing depends upon the user and the taster. Apart from maintaining the weight honey is equally responsible for increasing the immunity power of the body.

It is also a perfect remedy for treating cough and cold. It can lower the rate of cough and cold to some extent. If you are feeling low for some days you should start to consume honey as it can boost the energy level of the body.

4. Farm Honey Raw Honey Unprocessed Honey

Farm Honey Raw Honey Unprocessed Honey

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If you are looking for natural honey it is the best choice that is available in the market. This product is freshly extracted and then treated in a special way. This product has a fine mixture of ginger and that increases the taste of the product largely.

It also increases the nutritional food value of the product. Hence the user will get a perfect combination of sweet and spice. To be very specific both the ginger and the honey contain several types of antioxidants and minerals that are quite essential for the body.

This product is far away from the touch of any types of chemicals and other types of pesticides. This is a great thing as the body can get some types of fresh things.

The most important thing about this product is that it can be used in various recipes or deserts very nicely. That will increase the taste of the food items. The whole product is available in an attractive glass container. This compels more and more people to buy the product and use it easily.

5. THE HONEY SHOP – Raw Forest Honey

THE HONEY SHOP - Raw Forest Honey

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It is an amazing product that is mainly manufactured by the local tribes of the area. Each and every ingredient that is used in this product is a natural one and it comes in a refreshing taste. The users will get the absolute taste of the natural ingredients that are included within the product.

This product is extracted from a deep forest where one will rarely find any type of human existence. It is mainly collected from wild bees. Thus the user can easily estimate the actual taste of the food.

The whole product gets a natural sweetness. It comes with amazing qualities like energy-boosting power, natural immunity level and other factors. This product is also a healthy substitute for sugar and can be easily added to any type of food item. This is a great quality of the product that requires special mention.

One can also add it to the yummy snacks that can turn the whole thing to be much healthier and better. In addition to this, the user will get a natural smell of the product.

6. Patanjali Honey

Patanjali Honey

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It is one of the best quality honey that is available at a very low price. Due to the low price of the product, the maximum number of people prefers to opt for it to a great extent.

Apart from all this, the product has some additional qualities that are quite hard to be described in simple words. This product is said to be a good blood purifier. It also helps in the restoration of damaged skins. There are many salons’ that have started using this honey in treating the skins of the people. On the other side, this honey is also rich in Fructose, minerals and vitamins.

5-10 grams of this honey is mixed along with the lukewarm water can bring the best results. It should be followed on a daily basis. This product is quite effective in reducing body weight and maintains a standard weight.

It might not look so attractive but the product comes with immense qualities and other factors. In recent times, the rate of purchasing the product has increased considerably. This is a great sign of success that has been achieved by the company.

7. Bharat Honey Agmark Grade ‘A’ Honey

Bharat Honey Agmark

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If you are dreaming to get the fresh extracts of honey it is always best to use this product. In fact, most of the consumers have claimed to get that taste. The taste is so amazing that one cannot forget it in their lifetime.

Even if you are maintaining a strict diet it will be the best option to try this product. Apart from tasting it, raw one can taste it along with other foods like milk, tea and other similar products. It can work like medicines. In short, the product has innumerable qualities that have been loved by the people.

There is no expiry date of the product because natural things have no expiry date if stored in a proper manner. However, it is always better to avoid storing it on the refrigerator.

It is a perfect vegetarian product that has gained a good reputation among the people. The price of the product is so nominal that is can be easily afforded by all sections of people. The product is available in various quantities and one can choose as per the requirement or demand.

8. MERLION NATURALS Multiflora Organic Raw Honey

MERLION NATURALS Multiflora Organic Raw Honey

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Honey is such an item that is required in every phase of life. To be very specific one requires honey during religious matters, preparing food and other things. It is one of the superior qualities of honey that is filtered in a special way so that it can run for a long time without any issues.

Even if this product is not filtered it can be easily used for various purposes. This product is a pre-biotic product and can be used to heal gut problems. There are many people who usually suffer from this problem, in such a situation it can be the best medicine.

This product is a great combination of vitamins and other minerals. It also helps to stabilize the blood pressure and blood sugar levels of the body. It is equally responsible to treat various types of skin problems. If anyone has some digestive issues this product can work effectively to solve the issue completely.

Apart from all this, this product also adds a natural sweetness to the food item. It is a great thing that needs to be mentioned specifically.

9. Farm Naturelle Pure Raw Natural Unheated Unprocessed Forest Honey

Farm Naturelle Pure Raw Honey

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It is superior quality honey that is freshly extracted from the foothills of Himalayas. The product comes with a wide number of features and qualities. Regular use of this product can help to increase the immunity power of the body. It can also help to manage the weight of the body by enhancing body metabolism largely.

At the same time, the product is equally good to treat joint pains, hip pains or various other pains. It can be also used at the time of clearing the stomach or curing severe cough and cold problems.

The appearance of the bottle is so beautiful that it easily draws the attention of the buyers and the users.  

As it is freshly extracted from the forest so the user will get a natural smell of the product that is just above all. There are ample natural vitamins and amino acids present within the product. It also comes with numerous other health benefits that are just great. The whole product is simply awesome. This product gets freeze easily during the winter months. This reflects its purity.



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The sweet and savory flavor of the product has increased its popularity among the people. This product is a natural one and can be easily used during any situation. This honey is collected from the Western Ghats at Dakshin Kannada Beekeepers. Thus the product that is extracted is a fresh one and it is a great thing. It is available in various quantities like 200gram or 500 grams. The user can choose it as per their wish.

Soon after the extraction process, the honey undergoes a filtration process that is very essential. It helps to eliminate all the unnecessary things that are present within the product.

It will be not wrong to say that this product is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and various types of other minerals. It also increases the immunity power of the body and boosts the energy level. This product is also beneficial to treat the cholesterol level of the body along with reducing triglyceride levels. In short, this product comes with ample qualities and features and most of them are just amazing. Due to this, it has gained good popularity among the people.

How to Choose the Best Honey for Yourself?

There are some tips that should be followed while choosing the best honey. There are many people who are not able to choose the true product and thereafter get cheated in the hands of the seller. It is hoped that with the help of this discussion one can easily get the best quality honey and that too at the best price.  It can be well said in this context that honey has some essential factors or characteristics.

  • => Honey has a sweet taste and this is due to the presence of fructose and glucose. But that does not mean the honey will have sugar contents in the product and it will appear in crystal form. If the user gets crystal-like elements it simply indicates that the product is not a natural one.
  • => High-quality honey will always contain pollens. It is the pollen that proves that whether the product is a pure one or not. Most of the time it is seen that the pollen is removed at the time of filtration. But the presence of pollen will prove its purity and genuineness. If the honey contains pollen the jar will appear turbid along with the particles of pollen.
  • => In fact, color is another important thing that needs to be mentioned in this case. The color of honey changes with the passage of time. Apparently, it may appear to be a dark one but in due course of time, the color will change and it may become lighter or faded.
  • => If it is possible the user can organize a spoon test whereby they can take a small amount of honey and drip it on a flat surface. If it dribbles down instead of running in one direction it shows that the water content is above 20% or it signifies that the product is an adulterated one. But after reaching the surface if it forms a blob and disappears then the same is a pure one. It can be probably the best one to test the purity of honey.
  • => It is seen that different categories of honey have different tastes. Thus, one should first know about the type of honey and then proceed to test its purity. However, it is best if anyone purchases honey from the local sellers or the honey extractors. That will be always genuine and a fresh one.
  • => Many times it is seen that soon after the extraction process some pesticides are added so that the honey remains fresh for a long time. Thus, it is better to make that thing clear and then try to buy it. If possible try to buy honey from those who go to the forest on a regular basis to extract the honey. In such a case, the taste will be better and nice.
  • => If it is found that sugary like a product is lying below the level of honey it simply indicates that there is a mixture of sugar or similar other products. That type of products should be avoided as much as possible. It can also bring a bad effect on the health of the user if used for a long time.
  • => Nowadays there are ample shops that sell organic honey. People can also opt for that because it can be far better than the other ones. In fact, regular use can bring good results to the body. Simply check the ingredients that are found on the labels of the bottle. It is also better to buy these types of products from branded companies. It will give good service and that too at a very reasonable price. Even if the cost appears to be a big issue one should purchase it to get a better result.

Bottom Line

Thus honey has its existence on this earth for a long time. Even the early kings and priests used honey for different purposes. They relied upon this product to heal different health issues. As times passed, people started treating this product in a different manner.

In the modern world, there are advanced machinery and devices that are used to treat the freshly extracted honey. It is also firmly believed that if the honey is a fresh one it will never have any expiry period.  As a result, honey is such a product that will never have any type of bad effect on health. It can be freely used both externally and internally.

In the modern world, there is a number of branded companies that are dedicatedly manufacturing good-quality honey and selling it to the people. However, one should go through the ingredients and the brand at the time of purchasing the honey.

It is hoped that with this piece of information one can easily choose the best honey for their diet. It can give them a healthy and refreshing life and that too for a long period. What are you thinking? Just buy good-quality honey and get good health within a short time.