The process of designing your home, office or even your own room requires finding art pieces that will appeal to the rest of the interior. There is no point in buying a classical painting that’s full of vibrant colors and pair it with a modernistic predominantly white interior.

Truthfully speaking, anyone could paint something and call it art; it’s just the day and age that we’re living in. Only those with a fine eye for art can speak on the subject, and those are the people that can identify a good place to buy.

As everything seems to move towards the digital spectrum, what was once the process of buying paintings through examining the piece for detail, color, and various touches, has now moved to our screens.

Yet again we’re seeing a vital touch of reality substituted with examination through computers and smartphones.

But that’s not to say that digitalizing the art-buying process is necessarily a bad thing. Not only does this make the buying process a lot more convenient and easy, but the advancements in delivery services make it a possibility of it arriving safely and on time straight to your home.

With all that said, buying art online can be tricky due to the question of the legitimacy of certain vendors and sellers. So, to help bridge the safety gap, we’re here to tell you about the 5 best places where you can buy art online.

So, let’s start.

1. Jenn Singer Gallery

Galleries are the places where traditionally you would need to go and purchase a lovely painting for your home. Currently, and while galleries still exist, they are moved on the World Wide Web as literary every art gallery has its own domain and website.

One such is Jenn Singer Gallery, a predominantly woman-heavy online gallery that displays global pieces from a woman’s perspective.

The website, as you might imagine, is named after the owner, Jenn Singer, and it displays a huge selection of paintings, collages, and drawings.

There, you can browse through their magnificent collection of contemporary art pieces and 20th-century modern pieces, with some of the most popular artists including Kaylin Andres, Delphine Diallo, MOOSH, Michelle Roger, Emily Weiskopf and Timothy P. Willson from the former, and Fernand Leger, Frank Stella, and Franz Kline from the latter.

2. Uprise Art


If you’re interested in art suited more for the newer generations, than Uprise Art is definitely the website you should visit.

Uprise is a newer player in the game, but one that is not afraid to change things up. Namely, they favor more the online approach of buying art, which will essentially be the go-to method of buying in a matter of years.

Uprise Art is probably the best place to buy anything if you’re a first-time buyer. This is namely because it boasts pieces that are more towards modernistic designs, rather than traditional.

Since first-time buyers are usually younger people, you cannot miss if you choose to visit Uprise Art.

3. Exotic India

If foreign culture is your thing, then look no further than Exotic India and their wide selection of Indian pieces.

Not only does this website sell paintings, but they also sell sculptures, shawls, jewelry pieces, and many more accessories that you can decorate your home with.

Exotic India also boasts a daily blog that showcases the best Indian-related art pieces and accessories. Also, they boast paintings such as folk, thangka, tantra, Hindu, batik, Mughal, oil paintings, marble, Persian, South Indian, and Sikh.

If you’re truly one that appreciates foreign art from such a rich culture, then you can find the best offers for it here.

4. Twyla


Yet another online art gallery that has joined the ranks just very recently, Twyla is a platform that specializes in selling limited art pieces from famous artists.

Twyla is growing fast as one of the industry’s best platforms to market your art if you’re interested in getting it out there. Since they advertise both older and newer artists, they are seen as a place to browse everything.

Not only is their collection vast and expanding by the day, but they boast styles such as black & white, minimal, neon, abstract, figurative, pop, landscape, geometrics, surreal, expressionist, street, and photography pieces.

Also, Twyla is an online art gallery that is supported by many experts in knowing what is good when it comes to it. But do you want to know what the best thing about it is? Twyla employs artists to create paintings just for their website, meaning if you like something you can only get it there.

5. Tappan

If you’re into purchasing your wall decorations through the online world, then Tappan must be a site that rings a bell or two.

Tappan, one of the starters of the trend, is a massive platform full of hundreds of thousands of art pieces. Not only is their painting collection huge, but the store also includes sculptures, photographs, collages, and many more.

Their boast moods such as geometric, contemporary, black & white, minimalistic, urban, traditional, colorful, abstract, and landscape, with a huge selection of mediums and palettes.

Also, Tappan lets you, the customer, commission the artist when purchasing the piece in question.



For magnificent collections, beautiful paintings, and designer pieces, is a well-known and well-respected website that you should have on mind.

Regarded as one of the best places to go shopping for art, the online gallery boasts a wonderful collection of categories such as street, photography, pre-20th century, impressionist & modern, post-war, contemporary, minimalistic, and many more.

Artsy also has art from some of the biggest names in history such as Andy Warhol, Banksy, Damien Hirst, Francis Bacon, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and of course the one and only Pablo Picasso.

Artsy is by no means a cheap place to shop for paintings, but you can certainly find cheaper things. Although, if you’re someone with a passion for it then this is probably the website to visit, considering the wide range of options and popular artists.