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Q: Which perfume should you buy for your personal brand?

A: From classics such as Chanel to new fragrances by viral brands like Le Labo and Glossier, you’re bound to find something that fits your personal brand and personal budget. A time-honored classic, you need this perfume on your bedside dresser if you consider yourself a perfume lover.

Q: What is the best smelling perfume for women 2024?

A: Best perfumes for women 2024: 11 gorgeous-smelling scents. Chanel No. 5, $82 to $138. Sephora. Glossier You, $60. Le Labo Santal 33 Eau de Parfum, $83 to $280. BVLGARI Allegra Rock ‘N’ Rome, $230. Maison Margiela REPLICA Lazy Sunday Morning, $30 to $135.

Q: What perfume should you wear with YSL?

A: YSL are three letters a woman should never be without. Wear the designer brand wherever you go with a spritz of Libre, a classic scent from the classic fashion house. Easily accessible at Sephora, the perfume is sold in five different sizes. If you are new to the scent, try the mini travel spray.

Q: What are the best perfumes to wear in Paris?

A: Chloe is a light and floral scent that you can wear on the streets of Paris or on the sidewalks of New York, as no matter where you go this perfume is universally loved. Sold at Macy’s in three different sizes, the fragrance is fresh and romantic, mixing pink peony and lychee with lily of the valley, rose, amber and honey.