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Q: Who is the most famous rapper in India?

A: Mumbai based rapper Emiway streamed on Youtube and into audience’s hearts with his 2014 track Aur Bantai. Today, he is one of the most famous rappers, and recently, his ‘diss tracks’ (against rapper Raftaar), became a viral sensation. He currently has 2.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Listen to his work here .

Q: Who are the most famous Desi rappers?

A: Of these underground rappers, Divine and Naezy are perhaps the most famous and their work justifies every bit of the fame and love that they’ve earned. But here are other desi rappers who are ruling the genre, and producing thoughtful, catchy, and brilliant music that is bound to enrich your playlist: 1. Bilal Shaikh a.k.a Emiway Bantai

Q: Who is Rudrapratap Singh?

A: Bringing transformation in Haryanvi Rap Music, Rudrapratap Singh became a widely recognized name in the music industry. He is the latest sensational music artist who is soon going to raise the bar for other rappers in India with his multifaceted personality and inbuilt skills.

Q: Is Brotha Hood a desi rapper?

A: A Mumbai-based rapper, Brotha Hood released his debut album in 2016, and immediately became a hit. However, he was a part of the underground music scene since 2012 and has even engaged in a rap battle with fellow rapper The Quixotic. His music has a more mellow quality, that is not always associated with desi hip-hop.