Table could not be displayed. You decided that it is time to retire the underwhelming camera of your smartphone and that you will finally switch to a DSLR camera to make high-quality photography. However, this transition is not as easy when you live in India as you have to consider which one to buy from the hundreds of different options you have.

So, which DSLR camera is the best? Well, there simply isn’t just one best device, because it heavily depends on your needs, your taste and how much money you have in your wallet.

Every DSLR has its own pros and cons, so the whole process of buying the right one for you is analyzing which strengths of it will be a benefit to you and which compromise won’t affect you as much. If you have a budget of over $2000 that does not mean that you have to spend all of that money and buy the most expensive camera you see, especially if your photography is just a hobby.

To come to the conclusion what type of camera is the right one for you and which of them deserves to be listed as one of the best, we had to follow a couple of standards to make the right decisions.

Size of the Sensor

When your most important factors for your DSLR are the quality of the image and the levels of exposure then you will definitely have to consider the size of the sensor. The bigger the surface area of the sensor, the more light it will be able to capture which means you will have a lot more range when it comes to exposure of the photos.

The more light enters the sensor, the more information the camera will be able to process to produce a much higher quality of an image.

You can easily notice this difference when you are shooting in a bright environment such as outside while the sun is out or near very bright lights and in a dark environment too. For example, if you have a smaller sensor on your DSLR you will notice that the brightest parts of the images will always look blurred or bland while the darker areas will be completely black.

After you take such an image, there is no way to fix it through post-editing.


While it is not a very deciding factor when buying a camera, it is still worth mentioning to know the difference between the numbers of megapixels. The number of megapixels decides the size of the resolution you will get in your photos.

The more megapixels your DLSR has, the bigger the resolution. And the larger the resolution is, the photo can be printed at much bigger sizes while maintaining the same level of quality.

To put it simply, you cannot use a 6 megapixel DSLR to print posters for a billboard because the resolution will be too small, but if you do not plan that kind of use for your photos then you won’t have any trouble using a lower megapixel camera. The difference between 6 and 8 megapixels for a smaller print will be negligible.


We will keep it short on this one. We recommend that you avoid having any kind of brand-related bias because every single company has made both great, average and very bad DSLRs which means there is no perfect company that you need to be loyal too. Pick what’s best for you and don’t bother about the name that is imprinted on the device. You can check here for some of the cheapest one on the market.

Video recording capabilities

While every camera has been made to develop very high-quality photography, the same does not apply to their video recording capabilities. While your photos may be in 4k resolution, most devices we considered do not offer anything more than 720p recordings.

So, if you plan on regularly recording with your device make sure you get a camera that supports Full HD 1080p videos or maybe even higher resolutions.

Now that we have gone through one of the most important factors when deciding for a camera, or in our case, making a list of the best cameras, it is time to show you that list. If you want more in-depth reviews of the best DSLR cameras in India, check out

1. Nikon Z6


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We believe that this DSLR is the only one that deserves to be in this first place. It is a great all-rounder, simple to use and provides you with great handling. It will cost you somewhere around $1,500 which is quite affordable considering the number of features you get.

It is definitely one of the few that is both affordable and very versatile. Not only does it provide you with amazing photography you, but it also allows you to record 4K videos. Keep in mind, the 4K videos can only be recorded in 30FPS while 1080p videos can be recorded at 120FPS.

2. Sony A7 III


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A full-frame mirrorless camera that provides you with 4K video quality at 30FPS while combined with awesome photography. The 24MP sensor is more than enough to bring out the beauty of your photos and the stabilization is out of this world.

3. Olympus Tough TG-6


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We decided to put this Olympus so high on the list because of its waterproof features. If you are the adventurous type of person and if you have the need of capturing these moments in India, the TG-6 is definitely for you.

4. FujiFilm GFX100


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The GFX100 comes with a 100MP resolution which is absolutely crazy. That is 4 times the size of what the Nikon Z6 offers, but if you do not have a need for such a big resolution there is no need to get it. Keep in mind, the file size of your videos and your photos will be huge because of such a high resolution

5. Canon EOS Rebel T7i

source: Canon EOS Rebel T7i

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Great APS-C 24MP sensor with a great autofocus system, but it lacks in video recording capabilities. because of its limited 1080p resolution

6. Nikon D3500


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At only $400 this compact camera will provide you with great photos at 24MP resolution and is very simple for beginners.

7. Canon EOS 90D


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The 90D gets a low ranking on our list because of its hefty price of $1200 while offering only a few features. But it’s new image sensor is why it deserves to be on this list of the best cameras.