Table could not be displayed. Earphones have always been one of the must-have accessories for your laptops and smartphones. They enable you to listen to the audio from your devices without stress and incomplete relief and peace.

There are numerous sellers of different brands of earphones in the market with nerdy technical description and design, about which most of us have little or no knowledge of. What we care about is how they provide excellent sound output and the comfort they provide, nothing else.

That is why we have gone through the stress for your sake to chew these tech specs and provide you with the essentials for you to understand the scene in just a few simple words. These are the best earphones under Rs.3, 000 in India that offers you exceptional service at an affordable price that is enough with the intro, let’s get to it.

1. Sennhseeir CX 300-II

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The Sennheiser CX 300-II is the upgraded and improved version of the original Sennheiser CX 300 with a better and more natural-sounding bass, whereas the aesthetics remain the same. This in-ear earphone provides an all-round smoother output with impeccable tonal balance, which makes it one of the best headsets in its price range.

This particular earphone has a traditional earphone design with a rounded driver case and a metal-clad insert over the same, basically for aesthetic purposes. The wires of this earphone are decently thick with sufficient length, but weirdly the length for each ear is different.

It is advisable to wear the longer ear cable around your neck so that it would fit you perfectly. The ear tips of this earphone are very comfortable to wear, and it is also moisture and sweat resistance, which would make it not to easily fall off once it becomes wet.

This gadget is mainly designed for listening to music and nothing else, and it does not come with a microphone or inline remote for media control and voice calls. It has an L-shaped headphone jack that is gold plated to ensure a minimal signal loss for better music output.

The dynamic 10mm neodymium driver inside of the Sennheiser CX 300-II is solely to give the owner a bass-driven stereo sound experience. The speaker driver comes with a high sensitivity of about 13 Db/Mw and a minimum impedance of 16 ohms, which allows it to be able to deliver high-quality sound output even on low-end budget smartphones.

This earphone is terrific for its price range as it can reproduce the slightest sound from an instrument in music because of its speaker driver that covers a frequency response range of 19Hz – 21,000Hz. Since it is an in-ear earphone, the speakers are resting inside the ear canal.

Passive noise cancellation is made possible because of the rounded design of the drive casing, and it prevents most of the background noises from getting in the ears. It gives an excellent music listening experience no matter where you are.

This earphone comes in different sizes of ear tips for the best fit in our ears and to provide comfort while in use. It also comes with a pouch that would allow you to carry your earphones with convenience inside your pockets or bags. Sennheiser offers a 2-year warranty for this earphone, and it is valid anywhere in India.

If you are looking for an earphone that would serve you the purpose of mainly listening to music with no-frills, then the Sennheiser CX 300-II is the right pick for you. Perfect noise cancellation and high-quality dynamic driver that gives an excellent sound output automatically qualify this earphone as one of the best earphones you can get under Rs.3, 000.


Frequency range: 19Hz-21000Hz

Tangle-free: No

Warranty: 2years

Microphone availability: No

Impedance: 16 Ohm

Driver diameter: 10mm

2. Sony MDR-XB510

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Sony MDR-XB510 has always been one of the fans most favorite audiophiles; it is convenient for users that are in search of affordable high-quality earphones for listening to trance music and EDM. The Sony MDR-XB510 is a complete package with an incline remote and microphone worth investing your money into.

This earphone is designed with high-quality materials, a mark of perfection in its construction. In terms of aesthetics, this earphone stands out from the rest because of its angled in-ear tube and metallic case.

Also, it has ear clips that help keep the earpieces intact even if you are engaging in workout sessions and active sport. It also has an IPX7 water resistance certificate, which makes it suitable for outdoor use without any damage. Its 1.2m cable makes it long enough to be put in your pant pocket with enough slack so you would not have to worry about the cable being stressed under pressure.

The cable is tangle-resistant and can resist minor abuses without damage. This budget earphone made available three pairs of ear tips that you can switch or replace to your ear size for your comfortable and tight fit.

The 12mm neodymium magnet driver in the earphone helps to deliver high-quality sound output across the spectrum. The driver has a sensitivity of 111Db/Mw, which is moderately high for a budget earphone.

Then again, higher sensitivity might prompt occasional sound distortion at very high volume levels. With a frequency response range of 4Hz-24, 000Hz, the driver inside this earphone provides an immersive music listening experience.

The design of the driver casing provides for a bass duct that makes the quality of the low pitch sound better and more efficient, making it very suitable for bass lovers. The inline remote on the earphone has a single button to play/pause music tracks and to accept/reject incoming calls.

The microphone under the remote does not pick up any background noise, and it offers excellent voice call quality while you are making calls.

If you listen to music that contains bass-rich tones and EDMs most of the time, then getting this earphone is the best option for you. The immersive bass reproduction with clear highs and clean mids makes this earphone the best all-round performing earphone in within the Rs.3, 000 price range.


  • High-quality microphone
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Pleasing aesthetic design


  • The slight distortion of sound at maximum volume


Frequency range: 4Hz-24000Hz

Tangle-free: Yes

Warranty: 1year

Microphone Availability: Yes

Impedance: 16Ohm

Driver diameter: 12mm

3. JBL Reflect Mini

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JBL Reflect Mini is one of the lightest in-ear style wired sports earphones by the company. It is tested to be a trusted companion in our lifestyle exercise because of its lightweight. When compared to other in-ear sports earphones in the market, the JBL Reflect mini has a smaller size footprint.

The earphone is made of small-sized earpieces made of high-quality plastic and polycarbonate material, which makes it durable and solid in-ear.

It has a cable that is long with decent thickness can handle minor abuses without causing much damage to the earphone. The wires are well coated with a light-reflecting paint that allows other people to easily locate you while you are on the road or jogging or even mountain trails jogging.

The slightly angled gold –plated headphone makes it easy and comfortable to put in your pocket. The jack stays in a position without loosening over movement, while at the same time it does not hinder your music listening lessons wherever you go. 

To preserve the lightweight factor, the earphone has a smaller driver of 5.8mm inside the earpiece. The quality of the sound output is, however not compromised because of the minor driver. The in-ear style sports earphone gives clean vocals and excellent bass.

The earphones are loud at 80 percent volume even if they are used with budget smartphones and there is no distortion in the quality of the sound when the volume is increased. The JBL Reflect Mini is the best in-ear style sports earphones that are under Rs.3, 000 in the Indian market now.

This earphone is the perfect companion during your workout session because of the lightweight design that provides for tight fit ear clips and gives excellent sound quality. The headset has a rectangular-shaped inline remote matching the color on the earpiece.

The inbuilt microphone helps in picking up the voice clearly, and the audio is excellent on the receivers’ end too. The incline remote has a single button that is used for accepting or rejecting phone calls and also for playing and pausing the media playback.


  • Good quality microphone
  • Ear clips with a tight fit
  • Stylish and elegant design


  • No tangle resistant cable


Frequency range: 20Hz-22000Hz

Tangle-free: No

Warranty: 1year

Microphone Availability: Yes

Impedance: 16 Ohm

Driver diameter: 5.8mm

Finally, we have come to the end of this article consisting of the list of earphones that can be gotten in India under Rs.3,000. We believe with this list you would be able to get a good earphone within this price range that would offer you good comfort and perform effectively.

No need to test out different earphones, get the one that would serve you your specific purpose using the list we compiled.