Pregnancy is the most challenging part of life for any woman in India. Things are changing dramatically and quickly. You won’t be able to continue with the same style of life. These changes are maybe tough, but having a child is the most beautiful thing in life. Because of that, there is no reason to be afraid of anything. We send this message especially to women that are pregnant for the first time.

Anyway, different lifestyle also requires different rights and “rules”. Fortunately, the government of India has brought a set of laws that makes the lives of a pregnant woman easier.

Yet, we have noticed that many of them are not even aware of the rights that they have. It is important to know which rights you have and use them in the right way. Because of that, there are a couple of them that we would want to highlight.

Free Check-Ups


Do we even need to say how important it is to actively do check-ups during pregnancy? Your health and the health of your child have to be your main priority. This is important for several different reasons. Many pregnant women worry too much. However, they would rather choose to stay and home and think about that than going to a hospital.

Well, there is no reason for the delay because every kind of medical pregnancy service is completely free. This doesn’t only include regular check-ups. You have the right on free blood transfusion and even cesarean section delivery.

Finally, there is one thing that might be helpful for all pregnant women in India. If you do not have time to go to a hospital for some reason, then you can inform yourself from the comfort of your room. You can find online doctors that will give you answers to the various questions. For instance, labor is one of the subjects that most of the women are interested in. Because of that, we suggest you visit Yourdoctors.Online and educate yourself more about subjects associated with pregnancy.

Free Transport

India is a huge country and people that do not live here can’t even imagine the crowd on the streets. This especially counts if you live in some of the bigger cities of the country. Imagine that a pregnant woman grabs a taxi to go to a hospital. Traveling to and from the doctor would cost her a fortune.

Luckily, the government understands this sort of difficulty as well. Because of that, drop and pick service from and to the hospital is completely free for pregnant women. Yet, that won’t reduce the time that you need to spend to arrive at the hospital and do the check-ups. That’s why every pregnant woman has the right on free meals at the hospital.

Paid Maternity


One of the things that you need to have during pregnancy is a good rest. However, if you work hard every day for at least 8 hours, is something like that truly possible?

Well, the mothers do not have to worry about this. It doesn’t matter if you work in the private or government sector. In both cases, you get maternity benefits. For instance, you will get a fully paid 12-week parental leave in the private sector. In some cases, the paid parental leave during pregnancy can be expended to 26 weeks. Things are a bit different in the government sector. A pregnant woman has the right on paid maternity for 6 months.

This is an important thing especially for women that work in the private sector. Some entrepreneurs might want to trick you in some way and convince you that you do not have the right to paid maternity. Do not even listen to the things they have to say. The laws that we mentioned are for every woman that is a citizen of India. Use that right!

Benefits until Your Child Turns 1 Year

Every mom will tell you that the concerns are at the highest level until your child turns 1 year. First of all, in this period you are adapting to the new type of responsibilities. Yet, the child’s organism and immunity system are still weak in that period.

Fortunately, this is the right you will be happiest to hear. Sick children have the right to get free treatments. This includes a couple of medical services such as medical diagnostics, medicines, and transport services as well.

Cash Payment


It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. Having a child is a wish of every woman. That’s why you can find many mothers that are below the poverty line. Well, taking care of a child under these conditions is tough. However, the government gives you the solutions here as well. Each woman that is below the poverty line or belongs to SC/ST class has the right to require cash payments from the government. The government wants to help with costs associated with the nourishment of the baby.

You Can’t Lose a Job Because of the Pregnancy

This is a very important thing that every pregnant woman needs to know! Indeed, you won’t be present at work during your pregnancy. As we said, the law completely allows you something like that. However, that doesn’t mean that your employer can fire you because of that. He only has the right to find you another employee that will replace you until you get back to work.

And, what if he does that anyway?


Well, Maternity Benefits Act protects you! He can face a jail term because of this move. If he is not an owner of the factory where you work, then he automatically loses his job as well. Even if the business owner does not want to fire him, the law will do that instead of him.

Despite that, there is one more benefit that the Maternity Benefits Act brings to pregnant women. A pregnant woman mustn’t be employed in any work of an arduous nature. Additionally, this also

includes jobs where that requires a long period of standing. Use the rights that you have and do not allow that anyone to tricks you!