Are you a fitness freak? If yes, then you must aware about Fitness Band Importance in today era.

Most of the people are considered about their health in this modern age because it is not easy to keep yourself away from harmful diseases. The people who want to stay away from the diseases and illnesses need to find out something which can help them to keep a check on their health.

If you are able to monitor your heartbeat, sugar level, and lot more things, then you can achieve your fitness goals in an easier manner. It is really important that your consider buying the best quality of tracker band for your wrist.

How does Fitness Bands work?

When you will wrap the fitness tracker band around your wrist, you might not feel something unusual but you will definitely find something unique when you will know more about its technical things. The main work of the fitness bands is to track motion in almost every single direction. There is an altimeter which is used to take measurement of the altitude and is really handy for the people who work out regularly.

It’s not necessary that you go to the gym but it counts your altitude when you climb the stairs or mountain. This information is gathered by the sensors and then it is brought you in a readable form. If the fitness tracker band has more sensors, then it would carry accurate data.

There are GPS, Accelerometers, heart rate monitoring devices, thermometers, light sensors and lot more sensors in a small fitness tracker band. Here are the topmost fitness tracker bands which are selected by us:

Best Buy Fitness Bands Online In India

1. Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband (Black/Silver)

Fit bit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker

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This fitness tracker band by Fit bit provides automatic heart rate and pulse tracking along with measuring calorie burning in the whole day. One can easily enhance workouts by using the given heart rate zone options.

 It has got OLED display on which one can check texts, calls and notifications. It helps in tracking distance, steps, distance and floors climbed by the user. It is also connected to GPS and you can also use the vibrating alarm of it to wake up every morning on time.

Key Features:

  • The best features this wrist band is connected with Bluetooth
  • This band also guided breathing sessions along with long lasting battery backup
  • With this band you can see your phone calls, notifications, messages and many more

2. Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker, Regular (Black)

Garmin Vivo smart HR Activity Tracker

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If you are looking for a smart fitness band, then you can purchase the Garmin band which comes with amazing design and features.  It provides accurate heart rate and burnt calories count. It would let you know the energy you lose while climbing steps and floors.

It can be really easy to monitor the progress by using this fitness band because it allows one to do this effectively. It is perfect option if someone if looking for easy to use fitness band.

Key Features:

  • You can simply touch it and you can easily read any notification from your mobile
  • It also comes with and an amazingly intensity minutes which make your lifestyle properly
  • The sleek and beautiful designed band is comfortable to wear all day
  • The wrist based heart rate features provides burned calories information and it smart activity tracker

3. GOQii Fitness Tracker with Personal Coaching

GOQii Fitness Tracker

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This fitness track band is ruling the market with highest sales because it has got lot of features with affordable price. It comes with OLED display and one doesn’t need any separate charge to charge its battery which is the most amazing thing. It can be charged with any regular mobile charger.

The battery life of this band can last for seven days and it can be connected with iOS, android and Bluetooth easily. It can help in tracking burnt calories, sleeping patterns, heart rate and lot more things.

Key Features:

  • Does not required a separate charger you can power bank or any mobile charger use it charging
  • The best features is long life battery, you can up to 7 days use it from one time charge
  • This connect with Bluetooth and you easily see your mobile notifications and sms calls and emails in this large screen

4. Mi Band 3 (Black)

Mi Band 3

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Anyone who wants to get the basic fitness tracker band should go for the Mi Band 3 which comes with almost twenty days of battery life but if you would keep the automatic heart rate counting feature on, then it would last for seven to nine days only. 

The OLED touch screen and adjustable strap makes is a fantastic choice of youngsters. It can be used to read messages of the social media applications and you can also receive the call notifications.

 Other than this, it is water resistant and can analyze heart rating, sleep and steps of the human. If you are using it with android connection, then it can be used to unlock the phone.

Key Features:

  • You can also connect your mobile with this watch and view your all mobile activities by simply raised your hand
  • It also comes with find my phone features which help you if your phone misplaced
  • It has a long lasting battery life, this watch charge one time you can use it for 20 days

5. Honor Band 5 (Black)

Honor Band 4

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Who is looking for the colored screen fitness band? This band comes with the color screen and adjustable brightness options. It has got fantastic display for which it is known in the market. It can provide accurate measurement of the heart rate and one should definitely use it if he/she is looking for the collection of accurate data every day. It can be kept in water up to fifty meters only.

On standby mode, you can keep it for more than seventeen days which is quiet applaud able. Not only the regular fitness tracking band features but it also let you know about the swimming postures if you are wearing it while swimming.

Key Features:

  • It comes with 0.95 inch AMOLED touch large color screen which make it perfect & stylish
  • It has a smart assistant which helps you find your phone and alarm reminder, stopwatch & timer and many more
  • This band has a 50 meter water resistant so you don’t worried swimming or rain while wearing this watch
  • You can use it many types workout easily and this sleek and beautiful design makes it perfect

6. Mi Band – HRX Edition (Black)

Mi Band - HRX Edition

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This fitness band is another gem by MI brand which is very well-known for its fitness tracker bands. It comes with step tracking and sleep monitoring features and not only this but you can also count the calories burnt by you every day. It can make someone become stronger towards achieving daily fitness goals which is not easier with other fitness bands.

It is water resistant for only thirty minutes and that’s why one needs to take care of it while entering in water. It comes with OLED display and Bluetooth options while it can last for 23 days on standby mode.

Key Features:

  • It also comes with OLED display and a touch panel which provides you many useful data with one touch of a finger
  • It has a new pedometer algorithm for accurate data step by step properly
  • This IP67 waterproof level protection makes this fitness band waterproof and anti dust

7. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker – SWD90059PP05

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker

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Get the branded fitness track brand by Fastrack which comes with amazing design and black color. It is made with acrylic glass material and is totally compatible with all of the iOS and android phones.

It comes with touch screen option with which one can change and customize its option according to his/her own choice. It comes with one year of manufacturer warranty and what more can one need when it is of the famous fitness brand.

Key Features:

  • It has a find phone feature so you easily find your phone with simply one touch
  • One year manufacturing warranty for any technically issues along with long lasting battery life
  • Connect your phone this wrist band and you can also read all sms, any notifications call, even whatsapp massages of your phone
  • This helps you track your all activities during your all day and it gives you perfect healthier life style

8. Lenovo HW06 Smart Band 

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This fitness band comes with waterproof feature and has fantastic heart rate monitoring system. It also tracks the various activities and you can find out the number of calories burnt by you in a single day by using this fitness tracker band.

 It comes with OLED display, dust proof features, pedometer, sleep monitoring and Bluetooth features. One can easily find out whenever there is any incoming call on the smartphone if uses this fitness tracker band.

Key Features:

  • It has a dynamic heart rate monitor you can be set to an automatically check your heart rate
  • This band also come with activity tracker which track your workouts such as steps, distance and burned calories sleeps and many more
  • You can connect with this your phone then you can easily read all notifications, sms and call of your phone with just raised your hand
  • It has OLED display which makes it waterproof and anti dust band

9. Fit bit Versa Health and Fitness Smart watch, one size (Black) (Unisex)

Fit bit Versa Health and Fitness Smart watch

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Get the fantastic battery powered fitness tracking band with a special feature of playing songs. You can use the on screen coaching option given with this band. It can be used to calculate the heart rate of the human continuously.

It can allow you to check notifications and app information in real time. So, it can be a great deal   to purchase this fitness track band if someone is looking for an affordable and unique option.

Key Features:

  • You can choose 15+ exercise modes and it helps you an accurate all activates
  • It smartwatch that helps you to live your best and healthy life
  • This comes with 4+day battery life in one time charging
  • This smartwatch an amazingly role play in female health it also recodes your period symptoms and many more

10. Hawaii ERS-B19 Band 2 Classic Activity Tracker (Black)

Hawaii ERS-B19 Band 2 Classic Activity Tracker

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If you want to keep the full track on your regular activity, then you can definitely use this fitness band. It is perfect for the people who into swimming and sports activities. It can monitor the sleeping status and can also collect information from it.

It comes with alarm notifications which included SMS, calls, emails and other messages from social media applications. It is a great fitness band for the people who regularly do breathing exercises.

Key Features:

  • This band one of best coach for you and it takes hard work to be best
  • It also comes with GPS Unchained features which helps you when you go to travelling
  • This band connects your phone and supported for incoming calls, notifications, sms and whatsapp and many social media as well
  • It also support for running and swimming along with long life battery backup

How to choose A Right Fitness band for you?

When you know about a lot of fitness bands available in the market, it is really crucial that you decide to choose the perfect fitness band for yourself. Choosing a fitness band isn’t like buying a random band for your wrist because you need to invest a higher amount of money for a band and it should last for a longer time period.

There are a lot of things which one needs to consider before purchasing a fitness band and so do you. Here are some main things which you need to look before spending money on a fitness band:

1. Features of the fitness band

There are lots of features which are available in a fitness band and it is really important that you decide to check every single feature before purchasing the fitness band. It would be useless to purchase the fitness tracker band if you won’t check every single feature of it properly.  The main things which you need to remember are the sensors used in the fitness tracker band.

2. Quality of Fitness band

You need to check the design and the quality of the band properly before purchasing it. You can get it according to your own preferences and tastes but ensure that you get the nice quality of strap material with perfect weight. You need to focus on the software of the band at first but hardware is also important when you want to make it look nice on your wrist.

3. Easy to use

Always make sure that you get the fitness band which is easy to use. Although most of the bands are easy to use if you are purchasing it for your elder parents, then it will be really better if you try to check its features and way of using it.

4. Waterproof

Of Course! Fitness bands are made in such a manner that those can count every single step of yours. So, you can’t leave it in a drawer when you are going into a bathroom or for swimming. When you will get the waterproof band, then you can wear it all the time and you won’t have to worry about it getting wet ever.

5. Notifications

It is always nice to feature to consider when you are planning to get a fitness tracker band. If your fitness band can allow you to check notifications from time to time, then it can be really amazing. You can also restrict the notifications for some time if you want to take rest some day.

If you are a person who receives messages and emails all the time, then using the fitness tracker band can be a great option because it can let you know about all of the important messages.

6. Sensors

There are a number of fitness band options available in the market with the different sensor options and that’s why you need to get the one with the advanced sensors which can keep a count on your steps in an accurate manner. You should check the heart rate monitor, GPS, skin responding sensors, light sensors, thermometers, UV sensors and a lot more.

7. Battery life

You don’t want your fitness band to stop working all of a sudden when you are working out. It is really important that you check the battery life of the fitness band because the low powered battery won’t be much useful to you. It will never be cool to charge your fitness band every day.

8. Check reviews

It is really necessary that you check the reviews and comments of the customers who have bought the product earlier. The reviews can help you to know if you should buy a particular fitness band or not. If there would be negative reviews, there won’t be any use of purchasing that fitness band.

9. Brand of the fitness band

Not only should the reviews of the band matters but you also focus on the brand of it. You can’t purchase the band just by checking its features but you have to prefer the well-known brand in the market at the current time.

10. Price of the band

By checking the price of the product, you can find out if you can afford to purchase it. If you are buying an expensive product just to show other people, then you are doing wrong to yourself only. Always make sure that you get the best quality of fitness tracker band at reasonable prices.

So, these are some things which you need to remember before purchasing a fitness tracker band for yourself. When you will purchase the product after checking the above features, you will never regret spending money on it because it would be calculated.

How do you use fitness tracking brand in an effective manner?

If you have got a new fitness tracker band, then you should also know the best way to use it. There are lots of people who buy the fitness tracker band but aren’t able to use it properly. Using the fitness tracker band effectively can definitely help you to lead a healthier life ahead.

Here are some tips with which it would be really easy for you to use the fitness band in the most effective way:

  • Make goals – If you want to set a goal of covering six thousand steps in a day, then fitness band can help you do it but in most of the fitness tracker band, the default steps are set to the number ten thousand. You can change your goals with the help of which it will be easier for you to get the best services. You should only set the goals which can be achieved by you in a day.
  • Tracking activity – When every single step is counted, then your lost energy would be also counted. You can use the stopwatch of the applications to sync with this fitness tracker band in order to know about your daily activity.
  • Always keep it on the wrist- Although it is not necessary to say this you should always keep the track band on your wrist because it would count your every step. It will help you to be sure about the distance you have covered in a day. Most of the fitness bands are basically made to be worn all the time and that’s why you can wear it without worrying about anything.
  • Food intake by you- The people who are really interested in losing weight should definitely opt for using the fitness tracker band which will keep a track of everything which you eat. It would also let you know how much calories you would burn every day. You can use third-party applications to track the food and calorie count.

So, these are some easy ways with which you can use the fitness tracker band in the most effective manner and you will never use the fitness tracker band because it is really useful for everyone who wants to achieve a healthier life ahead.

Fitness Trackers do’s and Don’ts

After you have bought the fitness band, then you need to know certain dos and don’ts so that you don’t make the wrong use of the band unintentionally. Almost every product which you purchase has dos and don’ts associated with it.

Do’s While using the Fitness Tracker band

  • If you haven’t purchased your fitness tracker band, then you can decide to get it by doing proper research. Without making enough research, you shouldn’t buy the fitness tracker band. You need to check the GPS tracking, design and various other features of the track band. Make sure that you don’t skip any kind of instructions given with the fitness tracker band.
  • You should know about all the notifications of the tracker band you are going to purchase otherwise you will spend your money in the wrong place. If you need to get the band with waterproof feature, you should always get the one with this feature without neglecting it.
  • If you have spent money to purchase fitness tracker band, make sure that you wear it regularly otherwise it will be a total wastage of your money. You shouldn’t leave it in a drawer when you go for a bath. It will be really satisfying for you when you will see your regular activity in graphs every month.
  • After you start using the fitness tracker band, you should build healthier habits because that’s why you have got the fitness band for. It should be like your fitness coach who can make you remember about your health constantly.

Don’ts while using fitness tracker band

  • There are some people who just buy fitness bands by checking reviews only but that’s not the correct way to buy the perfect fitness band for you. It is really important that you get the fitness tracker band with the features which you really need. Never pay extra money for buying the fitness band with a lot more features which you don’t even need. If you aren’t interested in getting notifications, then it is better that you get the cheaper option.
  • If you think underestimating the design of the fitness tracker band would be beneficial for you, then you are totally wrong because of the weight, material, color, comfort, and design matters a lot when you want to buy the perfect fitness band for yourself.
  • If you have started using the fitness tracker band, make sure that it doesn’t make you get stressed and worried about your fitness. Always try to set attainable goals instead of choosing the default goals.
  • There are some people who forget to take a break while using the fitness tracker band but you should remember to do it. You can also ignore the data for one or two days if you want to get relaxed. It is really important that you stay stress-free always.


After knowing almost everything about the variety of fitness bands, you can take the right decision to purchase the right one for your wrist. Always remember to get the fitness band which matches your requirements so that you don’t have to spend excess amount of money to purchase it.

The fitness band can help you to keep yourself healthy and fit always as it keeps counting your burnt calories, steps and other body movements. You can easily purchase the fitness bands from trusted online platform in budget.