Winter is already here, which means that we are slowly returning home to warm up and spend our free time with our loved ones. In addition, it means that the focus of our free time should be using it from home. What does that mean? This means that we should focus on choosing ways to fill our free time at home with interesting activities that can be done at home. Take for example the people in India who during the winter are more focused on being at home and doing something fun, and as something that is the most fun and popular for them we would single out casino games.

Yes, in India most people spend their free time at home, but they also spend most of their free time playing casino games. They do not gather in groups to physically play poker or any other game in the home of a fan, but they simply create their own profiles on sites like Tivit which in addition to offering gambling also offer bitcoin gambling and there together with their acquaintances who are also fans of casino games have fun and try to have fun time, but also try to spend their free time playing casino games and trying to earn extra income.

Casino games have always been a challenge for each of us and one of us has always thought of spending our time in a fun way playing some of the games like poker, blackjack, roulette or any other game, but Indians are the ones who are always determined and decide to spend their time this way using the opportunity to earn and have fun.

This is a strange phenomenon that is interesting to develop. Given how much casino games have been talked about and mentioned in India lately, but also how much they are practiced by players in general, this topic is worth analyzing. So let’s see how popular casino gambling is in India and why it is so popular, what are the reasons why people are increasingly opting for gambling in this country. Let’s get started!

Is gambling so popular in India and why?


Given the large number of gambling sites that have opened recently and how many of them come from India, we can assume that the casino is a very popular topic, but also a popular choice in this country.

This proves that popularity is indeed at a high level, but why is that? This is because people need fun in their spare time during the winter, but also because of the global pandemic most people are at home, so they are looking for ways to fill their free time.

Which age groups are most likely to gamble in India?

If an analysis were made, it would be seen that there is no rule as to which age groups are most common in the casino games offered in this country online. But if we look at the data in a little more detail, we would see that these are mostly young people aged 20 to 35, but also people over 35 who simply have a love for this activity and it is something interesting for them. The bottom line is that most young people are the ones who want to play casino games in this country.

Does the pandemic play a role?


The world has been plagued by a pandemic of the Covid-19 virus for almost two years, which is constantly evolving and new strains are emerging. Science is working to neutralize the risks of this pandemic, and people often sit in their homes to protect themselves and not contribute to the spread of the virus. So it is in India, where at one point there were large numbers of infected people. That’s why many people are at home looking for fun ways to spend their free time, and one of the ways to have fun are these games that help them at the same time to earn and have fun.

Cryptocurrencies and gambling go hand in hand in this country

In addition to the popularity of gambling, India is also known for the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Many people here have already invested in Bitcoin or some of the digital currencies offered as an option in the world of cryptocurrencies.

In addition to trading with these pairings, they also use them as a means of gambling and playing casino games. So we can conclude that in this country these two seemingly different categories go together and it goes perfectly synchronized with one goal – to get extra earnings.

According to them, fun and earnings can always go together!


Given that the popularity of gambling is great in this country and given the fact that many of them do it for fun, we can conclude that primarily Indians are very brave people who want to invest, but also to get.

Apart from the fact that they want to win and they want to have fun because through the casino games they fill their free time together with the friends with whom they are simultaneously included on their profiles on one of the platforms and play poker, blackjack, roulette or some other interesting game. This lets us know that they do not separate entertainment from earnings. They look to bring them together and enjoy both at the same time no matter what.

The popularity of gambling is expected to continue in the future

Many experts have predictions for gambling in the world, and especially for India as a large market with a large population. As it is a large market with a large number of users of casino services, experts predict that the popularity of these games will grow more than the level it is now because in the coming months also a large number of fans of such content will be home, and an influx of a large number of new players is predicted which will further increase the popularity.

From all this information we can conclude only one thing, and that is that India is a large market with great potential in which there are a large number of fans of casinos and games of this nature who primarily love entertainment of this type, but also want and earn. It’s worth your while to get involved, so think hard and make your decision.