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Q: What are the best kitchenwares to give as a gift?

A: There’s no better time than the present to gift kitchenwares from Our Place. We’re sure the chef in your life has the popular pan so build out their collection with this pot! It’s available in seven beautiful hues to crisp, boil, braise, steam, strain, and more. This high speed toaster is simply the best.

Q: What’s a good gift for someone who doesn’t like gadgets?

A: If they’re not a fan of gadgets and gizmos (or don’t have any cabinet space to spare), go with another clever cooking gift that will amp up their kitchen creations (think: a charcuterie board or a set of authentically sourced spices and hot sauces).

Q: How do you update a small kitchen on a budget?

A: With quick updates (including paint, new cabinet hardware, and a few decorative elements) the kitchen was brought up-to-speed on a budget. New clear glass panels and a fresh coat of paint on the upper cabinets refreshed the room’s style at minimal cost.

Q: What’s new in a kitchen remodel?

A: New 12×12-inch granite tiles bring a stylish look to the countertops (at a fraction of the price of granite slabs) and a new Roman shade created with fun, colorful fabric brings a dash of drama to the neutral color scheme. Kitchen appliances stayed in their original locations, greatly reducing the cost of the kitchen remodel.