One of the common problems faced by travelers is the difficulty in finding affordable luggage storage at multiple locations in the city. But there are many such services which take care of your baggage when you are busy holidaying, at the most reasonable prices. Luggage storage in Copenhagen with Luggagehero is among the best options available in the city. We have a large network of over 100 shops and the hotels which are located at convenient locations.

The first step is to visit the LuggageHero booking site which offers many ways to locate the shops at whatever spot nearest to you. The online map will give you the directions and find the drop off spots. So when the checkout times are early in the day and you wish to go sightseeing after dropping your luggage secure, it is possible with this service in Copenhagen. It is much better than availing the storage facilities at the train station.


The travelers can do booking using the online website, to make sure there is enough space left for when you arrive. It provides the traveler with a wide range of facilities and the hourly rental affordable with a maximum charge of $8 per day. Some of the facilities offered are weighing of luggage, boarding pass printing, Wifi access so that they enjoy a hassle-free experience.

The trained personnel know how to handle your luggage and take care of the belongings. They will affix a security seal to every luggage so that it is not tampered with by anyone and there are no charges for the security seal. LuggageHero has secured its storage points by insuring the luggage from theft, damage or loss. Travelers enjoy a stress-free experience, as they go around to explore the place.

There are several drops off spots which include Norreport Station, Nyhavn and Copenhagen Central Station. Even when you plan to visit Tivoli Gardens, National Museum of Denmark, Carlsberg Visitors and other shops in Frederiksberg. Several shops and establishments are having secure rooms and good storage facilities. But all the above spots it ensures that the users of service do receive the best of the services. You will find the staff to be extremely helpful, efficient and professional during drop off and pick up. The service was created keeping in mind the needs of the travelers and very easy to use.


Luggage can make or break a traveler, so it needs to be handled well. Flexible and affordable storage locations become the customer’s delight. Storage sites facilitate travelers both long and short term storage. You will have to pay for the luggage only when you check out of the space, it means you don’t pay if you don’t turn up. Those items which were not collected by customers for more than 30 days are then donated to charity unless the customer makes contact. There are a large number of baggage storage points in Copenhagen and nationwide. Usually, there is enough space for all the customers, but in any such unlikely event, we refer customers to the nearest available storage location. We encourage travelers to make the most of their time in the city.