Have you heard the phrase, “Practice makes a man perfect”? It means the more you practice, the more you will learn. In other words, you should practice a lot in order to improve. You might not achieve the perfection level, but at least you can be near perfect.

In case if you are a student and weak in writing essays, then you need to practice by doing many essays. You can get MyCustomEssay from different websites. The more you write, the more you will grow. Let’s talk about ten reasons why students need to practice this skill.

Writing Improves Communication Skills

Do you know writing is another method of communication? Through this, you can convey your message. Your age and grades don’t matter; as a matter of fact, your writing can define you. For example, you saw that in future your country would suffer water scarcity. You can write an essay which you can upload it online for people to read and take precautions.

Now you wrote a sample, but it might contain errors and many grammatical mistakes, and there is a high chance that you ignored the format. How can you get over it? By practising.

Writing Helps You To Learn From Their Mistakes

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We all make many mistakes in the start, and that is normal, but the key to success is working hard. When you write, for the first time, your assignment will have many errors. You not only need to rectify them but learn from your mistakes as well.

Check your mistakes and learn from them. Try not to repeat them while crafting a paper. Try making notes of your mistakes and review them before going to sleep. After you wake up in the morning, go through your notes again, this is a great way to keep all the important points in your head.

Writing Helps Educators Assess Student Learning

Let’s create a scenario, you are attending a science class, and in the end, your teacher gave you a surprise test. In other words, your teacher is conducting a quiz to check how much you learned from the lecture.

If you can’t write properly, then you won’t be able to answer properly although you might know all the answers. That is another reason that you should practice writing.

It Develops Creativity And Exploration

Daily writing can help you to enhance your imagination. In other words, your imagination will be vast, and you will be able to explore possibilities, write amazing stories, and solve problems. In the start, you might be needing help, but if you keep practicing then one day, you will ace it.

Furthermore, when it comes to assignments, students should be given a specific time in which they will use their imagination to be creative as well as they can look into thesaurus or explore vocabulary.

This is important because it will help them to think and come up with amazing creative writing. Moreover, they will have time to look up vocabulary, styles, as well as concepts.

It Is Essential For Self-Understanding

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When you try to search for anything on google, you will find many blogs and articles which contains highly rich content. In an exact way, writing can help students to understand as well as make sense of their content, experiences, or even discoveries relating to their feelings and thoughts.

It Helps You To Develop Your Analytical Skills

Yes, it is true that writing helps you to develop your analytical and rational skills. Working on a piece of paper to solve your problems helps you to think points or factors clearly in both sequential as well as creative ways. Ideally, the best solution is just a mix of creative and logical thinking.

Instead of reacting emotionally (which is common in people), you can solve it by a pen and paper. You can solve each part of the problem by fixing the processes of all parts.

Writing Helps You To Make Better Cover Letters

Don’t forget that you will be writing a cover letter for a job. Not just a cover letter but a resume also. To demonstrate your eagerness and seriousness, you should have impeccable English to write a wonderful cover letter.

To Express Yourself

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Let’s imagine that you have a job and now your boss emails you asking for opinions on a project. You might have a great idea, but you can’t express yourself in the email. You can’t always use writing sites, to avoid that you need to practice your English by writing as much as you can.

Spreading Influence

Just imagine that you are standing up in election for class monitor. You need to spread your influence so that people can vote for you. If you practice writing before then, you will not be having any issues in creating a wonderful speech to attract your audience.

It Helps You In Reading

Last but not least, writing can help you in reading as well. As a matter of fact, if you are good at it, then you will not have any issue in reading as well.


You can’t learn English unless you practice, and the best way to practice learning English is by writing as much as you can. You can get help from your instructor or friend, which is better than not doing it at all.
Remember, you should write at least a page every day. It won’t take more than 30 minutes, and if you know, that is better for you.