Buying a used car, or well-known as buying a second-hand car, has become one of the easiest tasks today. Cars that have been used before and are now looking for a new owner are appearing on the vehicle market every day. It does not take much to get the car you want. It is enough to have the necessary funds and to know which brand of vehicle you want to buy. If you already have the money to buy a used car, and you have already chosen the model of your dreams, you only have two more things to focus on. And that is to check the history of the vehicle you want to buy and of course the final stage which consists of making a purchase agreement.

If you are buying a used car for the first time, you are probably wondering how to check the history of the car you want to buy. That is why today we are ready to give you the answer to this question and to help you easily, quickly, and safely get to the car of your dreams.

In the past, this activity may have taken a lot of time and nerves, going from one counter to another, from one institution to another to finally get a few sheets of paper that will help us find out some more information about the model we want to own. But today, unlike in the past, it is much easier to get the desired data that will show us the history of the vehicle. This action is due to the fact that today the data for each vehicle produced by the automotive industry has a digital trace, all data for each individual vehicle are digitized and are easily accessible to citizens. This car’s digital information system facilitates the process of purchasing a vehicle.

How to check vehicle history?


There are two simple ways you can do this check. And that is through the VIN of the vehicle or through the license plate. This is all you need to be able to check the background of the motor car. Even if you are not looking for a new vehicle, it is enough for the four-wheeled vehicle that you own to test this way of checking. You will see that all the data you know as your own will be transparent in front of you, information such as each service made, each registration, whether the vehicle is insured, whether it was part of a car accident, and much more.

Check through the VIN


This is the first is the simplest way you can do a history check. Each car has its vehicle identification number. This unique code consists of 17 characters, a mixture of numbers and letters that are assigned to the vehicle during its assembly in the factory. Each vehicle has its unique VIN that is used as a fingerprint, by searching this code you can find out the identity of the car. Most often this array of 17 characters can be found on the windshield in the lower-left corner in front of the driver. If you can not find it in this place, there is another location on the four-wheeled car. If you raise the hood of the car, you will notice the engine in front of you, this is the location of the vehicle identification number you are looking for. By typing these 17 characters on the website where the vehicle history checks are performed, the data you need will appear in front of you.

Check the license plate


For a vehicle to be put into service, it must pass a series of checks to determine if the car is in good condition. These checks take place once a year and this process is called registration. With the registration, the car gets a license plate consisting of some 7-9 characters that are a combination of letters and numbers. This plate is located on the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle. If you check the vehicle using these license plate characters, they will give you very important information about the condition of the car. Has it been serviced regularly, what changes have been made to the motor car and the like? This will further help you decide if the vehicle is worth the price the seller is asking for.

How long will it take you to make this background check?


Nowadays such checks are done fast, because all the data is stored in a system that if you have a string of vehicle characters, the system will allow you to see the entire history of the vehicle. There are two ways to check, through a website or via a mobile phone via SMS. However, we would recommend that you check through the website, and you can do so here. This type of service is really needed by the citizens, and they are quite satisfied with it because it offers a really fast and simple supply of information that is necessary when buying a used vehicle. This greatly facilitates the process of purchasing auto. The website is easy to use and is available to anyone in need. It contains both ways of checking the history of the car both through VIN and through the registration number. Insert the characters in the blank fields and press the get report button, in a very short time a window will open where you can see all the data about the model you were looking for.

I hope this mini-guide has helped you understand how these historical checks actually work and has helped you learn how you can easily and quickly make one yourself. If you are buying a car, do not just follow the pictures of the advertisement that you have seen, but search the history of the car online. At least today we have the privilege to be able to easily access this data that will help us choose the ideal vehicle for us.

So run to the link I left you above, and do this quick and easy check. You certainly do not want to buy a stolen vehicle from a suspicious person, and it is on this website that you can find this information, whether the vehicle has been reported as stolen. They say nicely, you better be safe than sorry, so do such checks and be careful from whom you buy a used car.