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Q: What is the best designer bag to buy under $1000?

A: Best Designer Bags under $1,000. 1 Saint Laurent Shopping Tote Bag. Minimal and understated, I talk about Saint Laurent’s Shopping Tote in my post on the Best Designer Work Bags to … 2 Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Small Camera Bag. 3 Strathberry East/West Bag. 4 Mulberry Small Darley Bag. 5 Chloé Mini Marcie Leather Bag. More items

Q: How much does a good designer handbag cost?

A: Designers are well aware of that, which is why even the fanciest brands often start their handbag lineups somewhere slightly south of $1,000.

Q: Are designer bags only for the very wealthy?

A: It may not be for the very wealthy, but that rare tier of shopper isn’t the one who buys the bulk of designer bags sold in the luxury market; instead, they’re mostly snapped up by shoppers like you and me, who live normal lives and have normal jobs and like to treat ourselves to something fantastic when possible.