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Q: Is there a good acoustic guitar under $2000?

A: No matter what style of guitar you play, from rock and roll to classical flamenco, a $2000 budget means there’s a great guitar with your name on it. Here are our eight picks for the best acoustic guitar under $2000 this year. If $2000 is too rich for your blood, we’ve rounded up top-rated guitar modelsfor every budget.

Q: Can you afford a solid wood guitar on a $2000 budget?

A: A $2000 budget means you can afford an all-solid-wood guitarwith premium tonewoods, and this is excellent news. The stiffness, resonant properties, density, and ultimate strength are the four most important aspects of what defines a tonewood, and these are also the properties that change with age and thus affect tone and responsiveness of guitars.

Q: What are the best classical guitars for the money?

A: Click to Check Price Cordoba makes some of the best classical guitars, and with a budget of $2000, you can nab yourself a high-end handmade instrument. The C12 is a nylon string guitar whose sound is matched only by its beauty.

Q: How much does an acoustic guitar cost?

A: An acoustic guitar’s price tag will depend on its size, materials, and manufacturing. This leads to considerable variety, with guitars ranging from below $100 to over $5000. References Wise, B. (2018, March 31). Taylor Guitars Rolls the Dice—Again.