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Q: What is the best acoustic guitar for beginners?

A: For us, the overall best beginner acoustic guitar has to be the Fender CD-60S. This ace beginner acoustic delivers everything you could possibly need when starting out, and all at a delicious entry-level price. This guitar offers great sound, is easy to play and sports a rugged construction.

Q: What is the best acoustic guitar ever made?

A: The “Banner” Gibson guitar is considered one of the finest acoustic guitars ever made. Over 9,000 of these Banners were carefully built during World War II.

Q: What is the best brand of acoustic guitar?

A: Oscar Schmidt. Oscar Schmidt is a brand of Washburn Guitars . It has smooth fret end, precision low action and resonant sound quality. The best selling acoustic guitar of this brand are the OG2 and the OG3.

Q: What is a 000 guitar?

A: What does 000 mean in Martin guitars? 000 = Auditorium. The 14-fret version introduced 1934 (see below.) 0000 = Grand Auditorium aka size M. Introduced in 1977 as a flattop guitar that uses the body shape from Martin’s Size F archtop Jazz guitar from the 1930s.