Sipping up protein shakes during a workout session can enhance the strength with the increase in endurance. Lots of people prefer taking protein shakers to the gym because these are convenient, reliable, made to mix protein powder easily and you can look way more professional than before. So, there are plenty of reasons to have a protein shaker.

The number of manufacturers is coming up with different quality, sizes and design factors to impress buyers and make them buy products. If you are hitting the gym every day and you face issues due to a protein shaker then you must buy a good one.

Purchasing the perfect product may seem confusing and hard at the beginning that’s why you can consider the top 10 protein shakers in India.

The Benefits of a Protein Shaker Bottle

A protein shaker provides plenty of advantages to a gym person. If you got the gym membership and if you have a protein shaker then the below-mentioned benefits will be on your side.


As all the protein shakers come with a blender, you can easily mix protein powder with the water by shaking it. The blender eases up the work otherwise the same thing can take lots of time and you may not get the perfect mix even in those situations.


Most of the gym has a glass to drink water but you can’t have the glass around that’s why a protein shaker bottle is required. It is portable, easy to use and helpful when you want to drink a few sips during the workout.

Leakproof Cover

Using a normal water bottle is a bad choice because they can leak inside the gym bag and ruin all the stuff. In such cases, you can rely on a protein shaker because it is leak-proof and you can trust the seal over it.


As you will be taking protein powder to the gym, you can’t pick up the heavy container that’s why you can add one or two scoops of protein in a dry bottle and then add water in the gym during the exercise.

Affordable pricing is an additional factor including the above-mentioned points. For a first-time buyer, it feels an exciting thing for the gym. If you don’t have any idea that what to consider during the purchase then you can look after the top 10 products and make an easier choice.

Best Buy Protein Shaker Bottles Online in India

This list is based on quality, design, variety and review factors. We are also considering the affordable budget so that you can expect the best quality with great durability. Let’s begin by considering the top products.

1. Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker

Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker

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Our top pick of this list is Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker which is popular for a variety of sizes, design and color factors. It is an easy to use shaker bottle with a simple opening mechanism as a bottle. There is a small air-tight flap/lid that requires a little pressure to open.

During the purchase, we focus on its capacity which is 700ml and it is genuine for sure. Fitkit brand is popular in India also that’s why it was an easy choice during the purchase that’s why you can also rely on this product with ease. The Pros and Cons are –


  • A variety of colors lets you find the perfect match.
  • Blender spring included helping to mix perfectly.
  • Airtight lid, open with bottom pressure with the thumb.
  • Come with different motivation thought on a different color.
  • 100% food-grade material is used in manufacturing.


  • Durable but not for a long time due to hard plastic.
  • It doesn’t feel premium in hand but it is perfect for the price.

Overall Though

From the design to quality perspective, everything is overwhelming except the plastic feel in hand. Even, it comes for a very cheaper price point.

2. MuscleBlaze Protein Shaker

MuscleBlaze Protein Shaker

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Our second choice of protein shaker is from the popular manufacturer MuscleBlaze. This one is similar to our top pick but the difference is with the variety. You can’t expect the same number of colors and it is not lower in capacity from the previous one that’s why it is not getting the first spot.

Design is the second factor where you can find a premium manufacturing, easy to hold grip and it is lightweight so you can hop it in the gym bag and take it empty there. The blender spring is not stable and it moves fast when you shake. This thing lets you get a fine blend in a couple of seconds.


  • Design-wise, it is premium, looks great and you can find a great color combo.
  • There are motivational quotes written in “English Font” but Hindi language.
  • The leakproof design allows you to take it anywhere and use it on the go.
  • It is versatile, blender saves time and you get the lump-free mixture out of it.


  • Shown color on the website doesn’t match the real product after delivery.

Overall Though

If you don’t have any issue with colors then this product directly fits in the mid-range segment to save you money and offer you a great quality.

3. Fitkit Premium Bottle Shaker

Fitkit Premium Bottle Shaker

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As you can find one more Fitkit product on this list, it is easy to ensure that how popular this brand is. The great design and built quality is the primary factor which makes this manufacturer better from others. Fitkit Premium Bottle Shaker comes with the 500ml capacity and a small container at the bottom.

You can have protein powder in that mini container so you don’t have to carry heavy weighted boxes of supplements. It is available in two different colors and both are offering a great combo like Black body with the blue cap. Another one is a green cap with the black body so both are great for color combos.


  • Having a premium color choice will help you find the perfect need.
  • A small blender spring is offered with the bottle to mix properly.
  • Manufactured with the use of food-grade plastic with a premium finish.
  • It comes with an air-tight leak-proof design to keep your bag away from spills.
  • Storage compartment for the supplement, pills and other protein powders.


  • The capacity of 500ml with a higher price doesn’t seem suitable to first-time buyers.

Overall Though

The price of this protein shaker may be high from the previous ones but it is highly reliable and better to choose as compared to them.

4. Asitis Nutrition AS-IT-is Shaker Bottle

Asitis Nutrition AS-IT-is Shaker Bottle

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If you are willing to buy a small design with highly portable functionality from a protein shaker bottle then you can’t be wrong with the Asitis Nutrition AS-IT-is Shaker Bottle. This one is available in two different sizes but we are talking about the 400 ml capacity because of its cheaper price.

Mixer ball can help you mix everything properly until you get the fine mixture from the same. It is necessary that you focus on other accessories like a scooping cup which lets you measure 30 ml of protein (may vary). The last thing is the air-tight lid doesn’t let water drop out of the container.


  • Design is great and the protein shaker looks highly comfortable to hold.
  • Small size with all the accessories makes it a perfect choice for newcomers.
  • Food grade plastic is used in manufacturing which is non-toxic and recyclable
  • Easy to carry loop on the lid help you tie it with the gym bag or you can hold it.


  • Capacity is the major factor that can set you trouble that’s why avoid it.

Overall Though

People who go to the gym for a short burst of time can find this protein shaker way more reliable than other products.

5. I shake Model 020 Shaker Bottle

I shake Model 020 Shaker Bottle

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Due to an intense number of positive reviews about the quality, design and portability of I shake Model is a great choice that you can rely on upon without a single issue. There are plenty of color combinations available in the market that you can check out and all of them are made up of premium quality material.

Food grade plastic is used in the manufacturing of the whole container and it is non-toxic, totally recyclable, eco-friendly and designed to last long. You can use this protein shaker roughly because it won’t break that easily.


  • Plenty of color combinations available to choose from.
  • The overall capacity of the protein shaker is 500 ml.
  • Unique motivation quote on different color combos.
  • The small compartment at the bottom to carry supplements.
  • Smart filter on the cap of this protein shaker for higher gratification.


  • It seems a bit expensive as compared to all other choices.
  • The smooth design feels hard to grip sometimes.

Overall Though

Design and quality make this product the best one. If you have no issue with price then this will be our recommendation for quality.

6. Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle

Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle

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As we keep the tight budget aside, we can think about quality, design and such other factors. Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle is not that different from the previously mentioned products, even it is a bit costly from our top pick with the same features but it is manufactured with a better quality of plastic.

Non-toxic premium quality plastic is used in manufacturing which provides you better feel in hand and you can expect extra gripping sense. Labeling helps you know how much content is inside and you can get three different colors in the same model, red, green and purple.


  • Manufactured with premium quality food-grade plastic.
  • The storage container, pill container is at the bottom part.
  • ergonomic flip cap with airtight fitting for leakproof properties.
  • Perfectly designed for protein shakes, smoothies, batter and more


  • Mixed reviews about the durability of this model.

Overall Though

Considering the images, it is sure that you can find it reliable but some people have an issue with durability.

7. New I shake Brawny Shaker Bottle

New I shake Brawny Shaker Bottle

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Are you willing to buy an extremely premium design with superb built quality then you can easily rely on New I shake Brawny Shaker Bottle? I shake huge popularity in this industry and you can find great built quality and plenty of other features with this protein shaker.

There are a scientifically designed strainer and a ball that will mix everything perfectly. One more perfect thing is its lump-free mixing even if you shake for a couple of seconds. The volume capacity of protein shaker in 700 ml and container at the bottom can hold 30ml of protein, or supplement.


  • Easy to carry with the use of loop on the top part.
  • Bottom container tights perfectly and doesn’t let anything get inside.
  • 100% leakage proof material with extremely durable quality.
  • It is a BPA free design so it is not harmful to the health of the user.


  • The most expensive choice so far but it worth your money.

Overall Though

After using this protein shaker, the satisfaction rate was high because there were no powder lumps and it is reliable in terms of quality.

8. MY SHAKE 16009 Protein Shaker Bottle

MY SHAKE 16009 Protein Shaker Bottle

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In terms of simplicity with great quality, MY SHAKE 16009 Protein Shaker Bottle won the heart of numerous buyers. It is mainly designed for people who want to grab a genuine protein shaker, no extra crazy color or something.

This one is available in black color and its two containers at the bottom to keep supplements. You can keep pre-workout and post-workout protein in those two different containers. If you consider the feel in hand then it is not that premium but worth the money that’s why you can find it helpful.


  • 450 ml capacity with additional containers to keep protein inside.
  • It is BPA free bottle with higher durability and easy to carry size.
  • It is perfectly designed for running, camping, jogging, yoga, gym and other sports.
  • It is safe freezer material so you can freeze it in the cooler.


  • Available in single color which is black.
  • Carrying two containers make it heavy

Overall Though

The major drawback we found is the container volume which is 450 ml otherwise we loved the design and usability of this protein shaker.

9. Jaypee Plus Plastic protein Shaker

Jaypee Plus Plastic protein Shaker

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To get something for half the price of our previous product, you can think about Jaypee Plus Plastic Shaker. It is made up of plastic and you can find a spring blender inside to mix everything perfectly. The usability enhances with the easy to carry grip on the side.

Plenty of color choices can easily make you opt for the perfect protein shaker for your needs. There is a total of six-color combinations available and you can choose the perfect as per your need. In addition to all the factors, you get a 100% leakproof design to bring it anywhere.


  • Simple in design and comes in six color combinations.
  • The unique wire blending spring lets you mix protein perfectly.
  • Ergonomic flip cap allows you to drink water instantly.
  • The capacity of this protein shaker is 700ml, better from others.


  • It seems cheaper in quality and you feel poor quality plastic feel.

Overall Though

The cheaper price, container size, blending ball and color choice make this product be the part of this list. In terms of quality, it is acceptable only, not that good to go for.

10. I Shake Roadies Protein Shaker Bottle

I Shake Roadies Protein Shaker Bottle

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So, I Shake is not going to leave this list of top protein shaker because it is the third product from the same manufacturer. The quality and brand credibility make this product better from the other ones available in the market.

There is a leak-proof design with 700ml of water capacity and you get a better grip while holding this protein shaker. It looks premium and there is a number of color choices available to help you find the perfect product for your specific need.


  • Comes in plenty of color combination for the best suit.
  • Made up of non-toxic, BPA free plastic for safer use.
  • The volume-wise capacity of the container is 700 ml.
  • Stable base and there is a blender ball to get the fine blend.
  • Easy to blend, easy to clean and easy to carry choice.


  • Bit expensive but doesn’t come with any supplement compartment.

Overall Though

This product has positive reviews about design, quality, premium feel and color choice but the price is a bit expensive that’s why it achieved the 10th spot on our list.

How To Choose The Perfect Protein Shaker Bottle?

Going to the gym and working hard can make you sweat. Keep on sweating and not drinking liquid can make you feel exhausted early and it can affect your progression. Due to this, using a protein shaker to have water or shake can help you feel energetic.

The only problem is, you can find plenty of protein shakers online/offline with positive reviews. Choosing the right one to become a daunting task that’s why we made a list of top factors which can help you find the right protein shaker. Even, our list is based on the same. Let’s have a look –

Eco-Friendly Material

The use of BPA free material in a protein shaker is necessary because they keep the container safe from bacteria and you can easily wash them. Such materials are non-toxic and they are highly recyclable that’s why you can prefer them over plastic products.


Protein shakers with the volume capacity of 500ml are normal and they are reliable without any issue. Choosing a protein shaker with lower volume will make you keep refilling the container after a little time and you can’t have more content in them.


Most of the protein shakers come with blenders and they can ease up the work. It can be a spring blender, a ball or any other system to let you blend with lower time shaking. A blending ball eradicates protein lumps and you get a fine smoothie out of the container.

Leakproof Design

Protein Shakers with the leak-proof design are reliable because you can keep them in beg and they have an airtight lid to avoid issues related to spilling. If you buy protein shaker which isn’t leak proof then you can’t expect a tight closing mechanism among them.

Extra Compartment

Needless to mention but almost everyone takes protein powder to the gym. If you have a protein shaker with an extra compartment then you can easily carry 30 gm of protein and it will help in various manners.

These are all the major factors that you should consider during the purchase to get a reliable protein shaker.

How to Use a Protein Shaker Bottle?

Using a protein shaker is very easy. By following the below-mentioned steps, you can learn the simple method –

  • We are talking about protein shaker with a supplement compartment. If you are going to the gym then have your pre-workout at home and add a post-workout supplement in the extra compartment.
  • When you want to drink some protein, add 450ml of water and add 30 to 40 ml of protein which is enough to fulfill the need. Make sure that you have the blender spring or ball at the bottom before anything else.
  • Now, close the lid tightly and you must shake it properly. Start shaking slowly and then keep doing for 2 minutes at the same speed. The perfect blend helps your body consume the protein easily.

After following these steps, you have a perfect protein blend. Now, open the ergonomic flip cap, and have some sips. Do not drink instantly, do it sip by sip.

Final Words

During the purchase of a protein shaker, you can check out our top 10 protein shaker bottles for the gym in India and have the right product with ease. Make sure that you avoid buying cheap quality plastic protein shakers because they are worst in terms of quality.

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