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There are so many different types of essential oils that you may come across. They are traditional but are all loaded with the best ingredients that contribute to improving your overall body inside out.

Tree tea is one such essential oil that is quite popular in the market today because of the positive and quick effects which it has been providing to the users for a long time.

Also popular by the name of melaleuca oil, this essential oil is distilled from the leaves of the native plant originated from Australia called Melaleuca alternifolia. When you apply this oil to your skin, it can help you deal with acne, fungal infection, scabies, and even lice to name a few.

Those essential oils that are extracted from the plants to heal and medicinal use are quite high in demand. Talking of which, tea tree oil has also become the talk of the town. Just the way lavender and mint oil are trending these days, there is no doubt that even tea tree oil that is made from distilled leaves is worth to be used for. If you are planning to buy it for the first time and pretty not sure how to buy the right one then certainly this article can be helpful to you.

A Beginner’s Guide To Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the oldest and natural health saviors that is found in human history. It is believed that Aboriginal people from Australia previously used to make the extraction from the melaleuca tree for more than a thousand years. This tree is quite close to Australia which was also popular by the name of a paperbark tree.

Tea tree oil is available in the capsule which is also easy to consume. But if you want to get a more effective result for the overall body, then it is always better that you choose the tea tree oiling option as it helps in dealing with external and internal problems from the root. There are so many different brands creating Tea tree oil.

Certainly, this natural remedy holds valuable properties and can be a lifesaver many times. To deal with infections and skin conditions, this is the best option.

Although it can contribute to a healthy lifestyle it is always important that you choose the right type of brand that holds a good experience and is reputable enough to offer the best results.

Best Tea Tree Oils Buy Online In India

As said earlier, there are ample of advantages of buying tea tree oil. But since there are different brands that you may come across in the market, you are most likely to get confused. That is why make sure that you choose the best brand tea tree oil that is not only cost-friendly but can also offer you powerful results in less time and with no health side effects.

Whether it is the nail fungus you need to deal with or want to get a soft looking skin without any skin infection, tea tree oil will certainly take care of it all without any problem.

1. Soulflower Essential Oil Tea Tree Nett

Soulflower Essential Oil

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Soulflower tea tree oil is another essential oil that is known because of the incredible wellness and beauty solution which it offers. All you need to do is add some amount of the drop to enhance the skin beauty and get the dull-looking skin makeover within some time. You can apply it on the scalp area too.

It offers the best therapeutic and healing solution and is the undiluted highly concentrated option that doesn’t need to be used in bulk. The best part is you can use this oil as advised by the brand instructions to get the maximum effect.


  • You can use this tree most effective for maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • It is the best-known source to fight against fungal and bacterial issues
  • This essential oil also helps to unclog the hair at the same time deeply nourishes it from the root and thus gives it the finest finishing
  • It is a good option to control the acne problem
  • It is made of natural ingredients which is why it deals with all the harmful substances without any issue
Customer Reports
Mohit Singh

For hairs – Dandruff gone in 7 days used every night with coconut oil and massaged 15 minutes. New hairs started growing after one month and hairs were very thick. Use it only any part where you are feeling itching but diluted with some carrier oil Oil in India.


This is a magic product ! It kills my acne overnight however big it is ! Im in absolute love with this tea tree oil. This is my daily might routine oil, it repair my skin astonishingly well ! My face break out pretty bad and this oil is my savior every single time ! This even controls my PMS acne , must try for people suffering with pimple and boils in face and neck!

2. Rey Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil

Rey Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil

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This type of tea tree oil is quite trending in the market because of its positive effects. It is extracted from the tea plant leaves with the help of steam distillation method. This type of oil is offered by Rey Naturals which is one well-known company to offer the most effective solutions for skin and hair issues.

It has previously been also used to keep skin free from all types of infections. For those who are frustrated with the dandruff problem can also choose this option for the most effective oiling solution. You can also use this essential oil application in aromatherapy as it helps the skin to become healthy and glowing as earlier.


  • It is 100% natural tea tree oil
  • As compared to other option, this oil is superior to the organic and effective therapeutic solution
  • It is suitable for all types of skin and hair solution
  • It does not have any side effects rather; there is a smooth fragrance that you get with such oil.
Customer Reports
Er.Raj Jen

I have purchased this Tea Tree oil mainly for the treatment of Fungal Infections around inner thighs, Toenails and Acne/Pimple treatment.
Results and Observations after 1 month of regular usage:
✓ Inner Thighs fungal Infection reduced by almost 75%.
✓ Etching due to Fungal Infection almost eliminated, I can say that around 98%.
✓ There is no improvement in Toenails fungal Infection, because Toenails infections are more stubborn or have some kind of resistant against treatment and need long and regular treatment.
✓ Will continue to use Tea Tree Oil to eliminate my Toenails infections.
✓ For Acne/Pimples treatment I just mixed 5ml of Tea Tree Oil to my 150ml Facewash bottle.
✓ It’s really helped in reduction of Acne/pimples but not 100%.
✓ To suppress the new Acne breakout i just directly applied the Tea oil.


Recently bought this Tea tree oil by Reynaturals. This tea tree oil is highly effective , which is best for treating acne, blemishes and fungal infections on skin. This product has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Aroma Treasures Tea Tree Oil, 10ml

Aroma Treasures Tea Tree Oil

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For those who are looking for a cure option to all dandruff and acne problem can choose Tea Tree oil. This option is rich with cicatrisant property and is helpful to heal the wounds more effectively and quickly. It also helps to protect the skin from any kind of infection.

You can easily neutralize and diminish the scar marks without worrying about acne and eruptions issue at all. Tea tree oil property can be very helpful in many ways. You can simply add up the diluted amount of this essential oiling and massage the scalp very well.


  • This is one aromatic essential oil which comes with all-around remedy solution
  • This type of tea tree is known for potential benefits for various skin issues
  • It is extremely good in quality which is why it is worldwide acceptable
  • It is safe to be used for topical application
Customer Reports
Pinky Choudhary

Good product by aroma treasures. Pure tea tree oil. Very effective on pimples and acne when used with aloe vera gel. This is my third buy as earlier I had so many pimples, acne and acne-scars. And you won’t believe me if I show you my skin right now. Thanks to this products. Now, my skin is clear. Not crystal clear but definitely so much better than earlier.

Shweta S.

First ever used essential oil, but it completely dries Ur face n gives cooling sensation for good time duration n yes it’s effective on my pimples. I use 1 drop with aloe Vera gel n few drops of rose water with it as it’s said not to use it alone. It’s good, but beware dry skin users!

4. ROYAL NEEDS Tea tree essential oil

ROYAL NEEDS Tea tree essential oil

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This is another essential oiling that is used for dealing with many skin and hair problems. The extraction of the oil is done from the tea tree plant leaves called Melaleuca alternifolia which is located in Australia. It is an effective solution by which you can get dandruff free hair and deal with different types of infection.

You can also use it as hair oil for natural growth and get the thickest, shining and long hair without any problem. This type of solution is an ideal choice for those who love to have a spicy fragrance.


  • It is the best fragrance based skin and hair care solution
  • It is advised by many professional therapists for the skin’s topical application
  • It comes with a sweet fragrance
  • You can also use it as a diffuser
Customer Reports
Jasleen Kaur

I love tea tree oils so much all because of their versatility because I face acne issues and breakout issues due to hormonal imbalance and this is the only thing that helps with my acne and hairfall issues too. Also, if you smell it the fragrance is so strong and just so good. I usually use it as a diffuser too so that my complete room smells good. The box that it comes in, as in the packaging is really presentable. I like their presentation.

Bhagywati Devi

This is a great product. I love tea tree oils because I face acne and hair fall issues. It helps with my acen and hair loss issues. This oil really work. This is multi purpose product And can be used on hair and skin. The tea tree oil is very effective in fighting acne , removes dandruff and makes the hair healthy. It comes with a dropper so quite easy to use.the price is very reasonable and you can trust this brand with it’s oils. It’s packaging is also good.

5. Old Tree Tea Tree Oil

Old Tree Tea Tree Oil

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This is another popular essential oil that you can choose for a better effect on your body. If you have been pretty stressed out lately and looking for the right type of treatment by which you will get uttermost relaxation then certainly, this tea tree oil can be a life savior for you.

It helps to also work on reducing the problem of hair dandruff and ensure that any kind of infection that you get on a certain area is dealt with in a much positive manner. You can also use it as a bath soap or the diffuser.


  • This is an extremely sweet fragrance based diffuser to use
  • It is made for different types of skin
  • You can use this as a carrier oil with sesame and jojoba oil mix for sound sleep.
Customer Reports

Must have oil for all with acne prone and oily skin. Always dilute it with some base(rose water or water). Very strong. Better than any other brand of tea tree oil.


Works really well. Can be applied skin to skin direct, but keep in mind it can make skin dry really easily. But can help you out of pimples and any infections. Used it for 2 months and didn’t face any problems! Recommend for sure.

6. Aromatique Tea Tree Oil

Aromatique Tea Tree Oil

Buy From Amazon

If you are just annoyed with the skin acne problem and looking for something fruitful then it is important that you deal with the same with effective Aromatique Tea Tree Oil. This organic and natural pure option is best suited for your skin issues.

It is, of course, the most incredible solution that is all loaded with the best oiling that heals and soothes skin and hair effectively. You can use further use it for home and kitchen clearing purpose as it has the rich agents that help in killing the mold without any issue.


  • It works as the natural antiseptic to heal bruises and cuts
  • It is effective enough to relieve muscle aches and pains
  • This premium quality oil protect the natural properties while offering Therapeutic grade solution
  • It is known for the soothing, uplifting and revitalizing balance of the workplace or home
Customer Reports

I’ve been using this product since a few months now.
The first time I purchased it I was a little skeptical about it because of the price. But a few weeks of use, and it changed my opinion. It’s amazing. I’ve used it with hair masks, face masks, aloe vera gel, face washes and cleansers. It really does what it says. I don’t get any more pimples. And the scars have faded away too. I continue to use it because it makes my skin feel fresh and smooth.


Good quality. Liked it a lot. Have tried the product from The body shop and Fab India. This is better than them.

7. Khadi Natural Tea tree Pure Essential Oil

Khadi Natural Tea tree Pure Essential Oil

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This essential oil can work wonders because of the rich elements and properties that can offer you with some positive effects. It helps your skin to become healthy and glowing and of course, it is the most powerful agent that can keep your hair and overall personality strong.

It is one of that rare option, which also offers the best oral care solution which you may not easily find in any other essential oil.


  • This is a one-stop effective solution to keep your skin and hair clean and healthy
  • This tea tree oil can be used as a fragrance diffuser too
  • For better results on your hair, you can use it with regular hair oil
  • It has the best cleaning solution too
Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

Very good product, makes skin clear and fair also, but all tea tree oils make skin dry in regular use so dry skin people should use it in less amount or with a gap of 1 or 2 days. Best for oily skin people, but it can make oily skin dry, so take a gap if u use it daily.

Amazon Customer

Good n recommend product with good Assence of quality.

8. The Beauty Co. Tea Tree Oil for Acne and Blemish

The Beauty Co. Tea Tree Oil

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This is another popular essential tea extract that helps to deal with acne and other serious skin issues. It can work the best of you want to use it with jojoba oil and coconut oil. The extract which is present in the oil can help in preventing the skin from getting dark.

You can buy the tea tree oil and use its few drops for it to work on the skin. Besides, it works from the root to prevent sebum accumulation. If you have a dry skin problem then this oil can help in restoring the moisture as and when it clears the oily skin from the clogged area.


  • It can deal against the acne, dandruff and fungal issues
  • It is loaded with natural healing properties
  • blemishes and skin irritation reduces
  • You will get thick hair and glowing skin
Customer Reports
Forum Pathak

The Beauty Co. Tea Tree Oil leaves my skin and hair smooth and soft. My skin feels hydrated and glowy after applying it. I add 2 to 3 drops of this tea tree oil to the carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil and apply it on skin or scalp, leave it overnight for effective results. And the results are amazing!

Pradeep P

This teantree oil is for both face a oil. But it is very strong and concentrated. We need to dilute it with other oil. As the summer season is going I am diluting it with rose water . It makes it easy to spread on face. I have a number of skin problems. Giving a try on tea tree oil. I have heard and read a lot about it. I am looking forward for the results after a few weeks usage.

9. Anveya Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

Anveya Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

Buy From Amazon

This essential oil is 100% natural and pure which is extremely potent and concentrated too. This oiling is a well suitable carrier oil that the trusted sources have advised. To ensure that you save your eyes, it is advised to be not used in that region. Other than this, keeping it far from pets and children is also advised.


  • It works effectively on acne, scars, and pigmentation
  • It is also the best solution to eradicate the problem of toe, skin and nail infection
  • This is one healthy source to reduce the hair fall and dandruff problem
  • You can use it to clean your house and keep the fresh fragrance too
Customer Reports
Vishal Gupta

Amazing product please everyone should try it my face is covered of full of big pimples but first I use two time day and night and next day i am wakeup in the morning all pimples finished means soaked and spots also…i liked very much this product. I am going rating 5 on 5.


My skin is highly acne prone, a friend of mine suggested me to use Anveya Tea tree oil. I could notice the results within 1-2 days. I will highly recommend using this Essential Tea Tree Oil to reduce pimple, rashes, itching, and acne. It works like magic to soothe muscular pain.

10. Organix Mantra Tea Tree Essential Oil

Organix Mantra Tea Tree Essential Oil

Buy From Amazon

This is one of the popular oil which is also said to be a stress buster. If you dilute tea tree oil with tour massage oil and massage the body, you will realize that the body is well rejuvenated. It also has got some anti-fungal properties that help to fight against nail fungus and thus relaxes the soles.

The best part about such type of oil is it is completely pure and organic. It has not to be diluted or adulterated at all. Being tested and verified by GCMS this is the best option. The best part is Organix Mantra believes in providing the right source of the essential oil which is made around the globe.


  • It reduces problems such as inflammation and skin irritation
  • It offers good growth for hair
  • You can mix this oil with water to get good homemade mouthwash
  • It has anti-fungal properties that fight against fungus and aids
Customer Reports
Prathyusha Nidamanuru

I have been using it and I love this product. It gives me instant freshness in just 2 sprays, must buy product. Even I use it as a setting spray or just as a base before makeup. It has a very nice smell and it adds hydration to the skin. So over all very good product.

Amazon Customer

This is a lightweight astrigent. It’s a alcohol free product and feels so good on the skin.This product content vitamin C, vitamin E, witch Hazel, Aqua, Glycerin etc.It’s feel so refreshing.It have tea tree which help to cure acne, controls oil and treats blemishes.This astringent feels deep cleansing and super refreshing and is really awesome.

Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree is one essential oil that has been in use for more than 100 years in tropical areas. This tree is more commonly found in Australia and is said to hold ample health benefits such as antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

In today’s time, it is also used to deal with issues such as nail fungus, acne problems, insect bites and cuts. This term in dermatology is quite notable and is mostly found in skincare and soaps and shampoos.

It not just helps in providing antimicrobial activity but also ensures that unnecessary issues that are caused due to bacteria are also dealt with in a better way.

1. Antibacterial Agent

This oil is used in many countries especially in the origin of the oil (Australia) for more than 100 years. This oil is said to have used more than 100 years of healing treatment that focuses on dealing with skin issues. Of course, it is one of the well-known agents that offer the best antibacterial activity. Even the research shows that the broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity that is related to the oiling can kill those bacterial cell walls that may prove harmful.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Solution

This oil is also used in dealing with the inflammation problem. It is rich with terpinen-4-ol that is a good compound concentration that is blended well with some of the inflammatory properties. Even when there was animal testing done with the help of such oil, it has been found that there have been suppressing inflammatory activities that were done by this oiling.

3. Antifungal Remedy

This oil is one of the best solutions to help your skin get back to the healthy regeneration of cells and tissues. The oil highlights the ability to kill a wide range of fungi and yeasts. Major of the studies show that Candida albicans are one of the bacteria that usually affects genitals, skin, and throat to a great extent.

But the use of tea tree oil can help to improve the fluconazole activity which is a common antifungal drug that deals with the Candida albicans strains.

4. Other Issues

Whether it is to treat certain viruses issues or the acne problem, no matter how many kin complaints, you come up with, this type of solution can deal with different viruses at the same time can be useful in dealing with different skin complaints.

Other than this, there are many other possible positive effects too. However, it is always better that you speak with your doctor before you use it to be sure that you are not allergic to any of our properties at all.

Tea Tree Oil Uses

  • It works as a great wound dresses
  • You can use it as a homemade mouthwash too
  • It works as the natural dandruff remedy
  • It works as an acne treatment to apply with cotton on face
  • It is also one efficient Household -purpose antimicrobial cleaner

Tea Tree Oil Side effects

Generally, there are not any harmful effects. But if you are looking for the effective solution then

  • Severe Rashes
  • Stomach Ache
  • Blood Cell Abnormalities
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Coma
  • Vomiting
  • Hallucinations
  • Drowsiness

Bottom line

There is no doubt that tea tree is the safest and healthiest option one can choose to indulge in the outline plan. Whether you want to have a fragrance at your home or want to ease down with the best essential oiling properties, tea tree can do wonders for you.

However, if you are allergic to any kind of ingredients present in it, then make sure you speak with your doctor on the same and be sure that you are using the right product to avoid any kind of allergies. Tea tree is the best source to nourish your internal and external body areas and give lasting results.

From the above options, choose any and be rest assured to see the magical wonders it does to your body.

Right from natural glowing skin to grow hair, the difference will be noticeable to you. You can also speak with your family members and friends to know the experience of using tea tree oil.

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