Believe it or not, it might be the best and the most crucial time of your womanhood but to become a mother soon is not so easy. With so many things changing each day within you, you might get paranoid. Right from the type of food you eat until the way you sleep everything will change.

That is why here are some of the crucial things that you need to know about the pregnancy pillow which could be uttermost support to you. Be it constant toilet trips or the leg cramps, pregnancy can give you a tough time.

You may get insomnia, overheating and many not things. But with a pregnancy or say maternity pillow, most of your problems would definitely come to an end.

It is a pregnancy pillow which offers the best support during your sleep just like another normal pillow. The only difference is the design which basically is made to target the other crucial parts which during pregnancy are often ignore and unnecessary pain starts occurring.

Talking of which legs, pregnancy bumps, backs are some of the areas where such pillow can do a miracle. Some are also designed in an adaptable way. There are multiple ways to use it during pregnancy and when your baby arrives, you can still use it in a form of breastfeeding pillow support too.

Such type of pillow encourages the women to lie on the preferred side and face fewer side effects.

There are so many different sizes of things you might have to shop so that you would get the sleep comfortable. But pregnancy pillow is the right suited for new moms or soon going to be mothers who want to have a super comfortable sleeping pattern.

A Beginner’s Guide to Pregnancy Pillow

For the first time users, it is most likely to get confused about which could be the right type of sleeping pillow that can be helpful. The fact is, such type of pillow is designed to offer better support that you may need on your growing body. It is more important in the crucial third trimester. Here are some of the basic buying guidelines that can be of great help to you.

A pregnancy pillow is available into different types such as body pillows, wedges, huge C or even the U-shaped varieties to name a new. The wedge is the most inexpensive one and small in shape too.

Body pillow is available in the mid-range option while the length of the body and the design of this support are meant to be matched more ideally for head, back and stomach. In case, you are still not comfortable then you can choose the C- or U-shaped pillow option.

Such type of pillow is designed to offer your body with the best support especially belly, knees and back. Of course, in such crucial time, you might want more support and not extra load. That is why, choose the pillow that has the better support providing solution at the same time has removable, washable cover as well.

Understand that there is a difference between normal pillow and the pregnancy pillow. A pregnancy pillow is basically made from different material specially the one to which women will not be allergic at all.

Such type of pillow is either available with a softer cushion or the firm one. It is always better to choose from one that will keep the shape intact for long at the same time you would get maximum support. A soft cushion may be comfortable but not as impactful as you will notice with the firm cushion.

Besides, the lasting durability of the firm cushion is moreover the soft one. You might not have thought about this point but this is true that you would have to buy the pillow as per your height too. If you are tall and planning to buy a full body pillow then see to it that you choose the pillow length that shall be quiet long and sturdy enough to support your entire body.

Best Maternity Pillows for Pregnancy in India

1. Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

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With quite a long experience, the company has managed to earn a good reputation in the market. Because of some of the best products which the company has launched so far, no doubt that relying on the pillows offered by this company is the best.

With more of an experience to process the fibres and make pillows, this is a known option that offers the support as the mother needs. With a wooed range of pregnancy pillows in the world with a different design, print and colour option there is no doubt that this C-shaped pillow is worth to try out to.

Key Features:

  • It is meant for those who prefer sleeping on one side
  • The top side of the pillow is put under the head for neck and shoulder support
  • It offers single side support to the body
  • It is neither fluffy nor bouncy
  • You can use this pillow as feeding pillow too
  • It comes with a zippered bag and zippered bag

2. MomToBe C Shape Maternity Pillow With 100% Cotton Cover And Zippered Cover – Blue

MomToBe C Shape Maternity Pillow

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This incredible pillow is certainly worth to try because of the best features which it offers. It can surely make your day of sleeping most relaxing one. It is a perfect blend of design and styling that you may not find in any other product. Ideally, it is designed to keep the modern mother needs in mind.

It is trendy, stylish and of all is designed to keep pregnant women more comfortable. This C shaped pillow comes with lot of comforts and is designed to heal down most of your pregnancy problems too. It offers the right required support while promoting the correct posture for the body.

Key Features:

  • It is best for who those chose to sleep with raise pillow
  • For the women who weigh between 48 Kg and 60Kg, this is the right pillow
  • It has 1.4 Kg Fiber Filling and Xl Has About 2.4 Kg Fiber
  • In night time also you can easily carry it around
  • It is designed in such a way that it gives you maximum comfort
  • This is one Conjugated Microfiber Pillow

3. COOZLY Body Contour U Shaped Cyan Basic Pregnancy Pillows with Cotton Zippered

COOZLY Body Contour U Shaped Cyan Basic Pregnancy Pillows

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This pillow is a special one designed for pregnant only. It helps in giving mother uttermost comfort which she needs during and after pregnancy. Thanks to years of experience in fibres processing, this type of pillow is the best one to choose.

It has gained popularity because of the gentle feel and great support that it offers. Known for the wide range of pregnancy products which this company offers, certainly, you get options in print, design and colour and give it more of a personalized touch.

Key Features:

  • You get 1 Pillow with a zippered cover for the same
  • It has the dimension with length from head 52 in/132 cm and width of 12 in/30 cm
  • You can see a Feline Shape made for this pillow to give the best possible support to the body.
  • It has a huge head at the beginning
  • It comes with TWIN side support

4. Momsyard Full Body C Shape Maternity/Pregnancy Pillow

Momsyard Full Body C Shape Maternity

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Using this pillow will only give uttermost relaxation and support. This C-shaped Pregnancy pillow is designed to follow the contour in a natural manner. Besides, the shape of your body till toe is well-taken care. This pillow has the removable yet washable cover and shape that let you attain the position and height which is suitable for you.

There is a long midsection with a good width for the back support and tummy support too. The curved end tucks well between the knees so that you can keep your body comfortably all night long.

Key Features:

  • It is best suited for women who entered in 3rdTrimester
  • It is designed to give you better sleep with no interruptions
  • You can rest well in this C-shaped pillow that would support your hip, back and neck as well
  • It replaces the multiple pillows usages
  • You can use it for feeding and nursing too.
  • It has adjustable Polyfill material that restricts tossing

5. Cloth Fusion Full Body Pregnancy Pillow-U Shaped Maternity Pillow

Cloth Fusion Full Body Pregnancy Pillow-U Shaped Maternity Pillow

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Women who find it difficult to sleep well at night at the time of pregnancy can find this pillow a lot more comforting. This pillow is the best answer for all your problems that generally happen during 3rd trimester the most.

Whether you want to sleep like a baby or on the front side, this pillow can help you good support and comfort the entire night. It can also help in reducing the leg cramps if there are any or even the back pain. It also allows you to stop making the pile of pillows as it in a single package offer great support.

Key Features:

  • This pillow offers the perfect balance between support and comfort
  • You can use this pillow to sit at the upside position while watching TV or even reading books too
  • It is ergonomically design
  • It is designed with dual stitching
  • It is made of superior quality
  • You can keep the pillow position in way of 5 other pillows for better support
  • You can use it for multiple purposes
  • It is made of  Hollow Fiber Polyester Filling

6. Angel Mommy Premium Pregnancy Pillow

Angel Mommy Premium Pregnancy Pillow

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For a mom to be happy it is not just food and medicines that she needs but also a proper sleep that plays an important role. There are so many things that you may get worried about when buying a pregnancy pillow for the first time.

But if you are thinking of going with Angel Mommy Premium Pregnancy Pillow then surely you will not repent on it. This U-shaped pillow is designed to offer mother with extra comfort and nurture her during the entire pregnancy time. Whether you are in the third trimester or the first one, you certainly will get the best relaxation that you need the entire time.

This pillow is designed to offer support to the entire body. It is neither hard nor soft which means, you will not complain about any discomfort. Moving further, it has a washable cover which means, you can certainly use it for long.

Key Features:

  • Be it sitting, sleeping or reading, this product is worth buying
  • You get 1 Pregnancy Pillow of Standard size of 30′ × 48′ Inch
  • This U-shaped pillow has 30′ × 48′ inch that is especially recommended by doctors
  • It is light in weight and fluffy too
  • It retains the shape soon after you use it
  • You can use it as a baby feeding pillow too

7. Linenovation U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Linenovation U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

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This body pillow also popular by name of lumbar pillow or pregnancy pillow is one of the best products you can come across. This is certainly the best investment that you will not repent at all. The pillow does its job of thousand pillows which means you don’t really have to make the pile of pillows to rest when you can certainly get the one that too at a reasonable price.

Once your baby gets delivered, you don’t have to worry about the pillow as you can again use it later. Basically it is designed to offer you a peaceful sleep which of course in the hustle and bustle of the city especially during the crucial time of pregnancy you need the most.

This pillow is easy to maintain and use so what else would you need when you can get your entire pregnancy relaxation needs to be fulfilled ay one place. However, see to it that you wash it on a regular basis so that dirt or dust does not get accumulated and you can have a sound sleep at night.

Key Features:

  • This U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow comes with Two Contoured ‘Legs’
  • It offers best possible support to your neck, head and shoulder while aligning the hips
  • The ideal purpose of this pillow is to let you lie on the left side without getting pressured on the tummy at all
  • You can use it for baby feeding
  • It also works as a sitting support pillow
  • It is not just meant for the pregnant lady but any member of the house can enjoy its comfort which is more like lounging or watching TV.

8. Snoozy Ultra Soft U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Snoozy Ultra Soft U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

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This is another incredible pillow that you can come across. Snoozy is one popular company which offers a wide range of maternity pillows that you may not find anywhere else. Such a pillow is designed with the top-notch quality that too at great pricing.

The pillow is meant to offer uttermost care, support and comfort that a pregnant lady generally required. Made from the blend of Super Soft Fabric and have the Pollyfill inside, there is no doubt that this is the best pillow that you can use. Whether it uses C-shape or even U- or I-shape, this type of pregnancy pillow can also be served as the feeding pillow.

Key Features:

  • This U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow has the dimension of 54 inches with Leg is up to 14 inches wide.
  • It is easy to clean and does not catch any kind of dirt and dust
  • The cushion is smooth and comfortable enough for lasting sleep
  • You can use this pillow for differed positions such as while watching TV, reading paper or even nursing too
  • The outer layer of the pillow is extremely soft and comfortable with zipper technology
  • It is known to offer 360° Total Body Support because of which there is no pain and you get a sound sleep too
  • It is wide enough for you to stretch well

9. Get It Double Wedge Pregnancy Pillow With Quilted Cover (Green)

Get It Double Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

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This is absolutely one great product that you can bring in to your house. If you are expecting and looking forward to getting the best possible relaxation all this month then probably, you need the right food and good sleep.

Talking about sound sleep, it is a pregnancy pillow which may work like magic for you. The double wedge pillow is one of the best options that you can think of. It comes with quilter covering that offers major support to your belly and back as well.

The pillow has a shape and is designed to take a position in different styling. You can also use it to expand the legs or even raise the head and torso. For spine support and uttermost relaxation too, this is the best product to choose.

Key Features:

  • This is one Double wedge shape pregnancy pillow
  • It is meant for the belly, back and heads support
  • It automatically restores to the original potion post you use it
  • It is durable and long-lasting too
  • This light in weight and highly portable product

Health Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows

1. You Get Maximum Support

You need to accept the fact that during pregnancy, the shape of your body would change every single day. Of course, you would need more support that would definitely protect you against any kind of ache or pain.

For the expectant mothers who suffer from neck and back problem, may find it supportive enough to lie down on the half-fatal position with the pillow that is J-shaped. This way, your pressure from the spine and back gets relived.

2. Improves blood circulation

Most of the doctors advise a pregnant woman to sleep on the left side as the baby is in the developing stage. It is said that it encourages the baby to get in the optimal position for birth. Of course, there are many other positive effects as well such as blood circulation stays intact and you right support and thus unnecessary pressure on the body gets relived down.

With the right pillow, it will mould around yourself and you will get support where your body would need the most.

3. Deal with Allergies

If you have some serious allergy from before only then somehow pillows can help you deal with it. Don’t be surprised because pillows usually work on hormones that somehow have a strong impact on the allergies.

Pregnancy hormones have some side effects. Usually, women are likely to develop allergies and skin issues but if you choose a hypoallergenic pregnancy then all sort of unpleasant reactions will be avoided and you would get maximum support.

4. Relieve you from heartburn

For your internal organs, to work fine as the baby grows, can be quite challenging. This certainly hampers your lungs and other crucial organs because of which risk of heartburn also increases. Generally, this could also be because as you settle down to sleep in the horizontal position.

However, the easiest way is to ease down the heartburn by using the V-Shaped Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Pillow. It is basically designed to elevate your upper body while you sleep.

Of all other things, it offers you better comfort that you generally need during your pregnancy. The good maternity pillow helps you relax and ensure that post-pregnancy also you can use it for nursing.


  • You don’t need another head pillow
  • There is maximum support on your body parts that you get
  • It also reduces the pain of the body and head
  • It offers baby a good support during feeding

Side Effects

  • There are some pillows which do make certain awkward noises as you move
  • It may take major room in the bed
  • There is no specific back sleeper
  • It sometimes only supports tiny body section

Bottom line

There are still many people who are into a debate where pregnancy pillow is a need or not. Basically to put an ordinary pillow between the legs or get the support to the bump when lying on one side might be enough but certainly not comfortable. As you progress in your pregnancy trimester, you will realize that your tummy will expand. It is surely a great investment for everyone who shares a bed.

If you are not able to sleep well at night then you may toss and turn but that definitely would keep your partner awake too. Get this pillow and sleep peacefully with your partner while enjoying the dream of your new baby arriving soon.