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Q: Which is the best fitness band under 3000 in India 2024?

A: Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 in India (2024) 1 1. Honor Band 5. Check Price on Amazon Features : 2 2. Mi Smart Band 5. 3 3. Mi Smart Band 4. 4 4. GOQii Vital 3.0 Activity Tracker. 5 5. Samsung Galaxy Fit E Fitness Band. More items

Q: What are the best fitness trackers under 3000?

A: The Mi band 4 was launched in India in the year 2019 and became one of the best fitness trackers under 3000 among health-conscious people. So we have selected this amazing gadget in our list of best fitness bands that worths every single penny.

Q: What is the screen size of the smart fitness band?

A: The smart fitness band has a multi-touch, 0.96 inches OLED screen. The display is large enough to read long messages, and you can operate it with two fingers as well. It lights up whenever it senses any kind of movement – such as if you pick it up, move your wrist, etc.

Q: Is 16MB of RAM enough for a fitness band?

A: This much RAM is way more than what most bands offer under 3000. It makes this band super fast, and it’s sure not to lag. With a 16MB ROM, it can save a lot of your health data – such as heart rate, steps, etc for over 2 weeks.