Female Urination Device (FUD) or pee funnel is a device for females to pee while standing. You can choose from different versions but they all work the same, i.e. to directly push the urine off the body. Some are very basic funnel devices while some are reusable.

Since the 1990s, the pee funnel has enjoyed great popularity and demand as it can come handy for women when it comes to urinate in places where there is no access to toilet or due to medical issues. A long with portable versions, a lot of manufacturers are offering permanent options for women. You can choose from different styles and you can choose the right product for unique needs.

In this guide, we have listed our top picks that are available on the market. We hope this list will help you make informed decision.

Best Female Urinating Devices In India

1. Peebuddy – Disposable Female Urination Device for Women – 10 Funnels

Peebuddy - Ladies Freedom

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Presenting you India’s first Disposable, Portable FUD by PeeBuddy. It is recommended by best doctors as common and public toilets are not that hygienic. Women can pee in all public toilets by standing upright at trains, highways, treks, road trips, and marathons. It is also recommended in case of spinal injuries, pregnancy, and joint pain. Now you can pee while standing and avoid all the infections, UTI and other diseases.

It is a revolutionary device for women who avoid dirty toilets for leisure/work and while traveling by trains, flights, highways etc. or those with medical conditions (pregnancy/joint pain etc.). With this device, you can avoid all infections, dirty experiences, and UTIs at dirty toilets.

It also comes with place, pee, throw instructions and it comes handy with no spills. You can avoid all the infections as you no longer need to wipe the seat and hold it in.

2. PeeBuddy Freedom to Stand and Pee Reusable Portable Female Urination Device for Women

PeeBuddy Freedom to Stand and Pee Reusable Portable Female Urination Device

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PeeBuddy Reusable Portable female urination device is best friend for women in unfriendly and untidy toilets. It is the best choice for women of all ages to stand and pee with its well designed funnel. It is a must-have device for women with medical needs, on the outdoor locations, highways, metro, trains, and public toilets.

It is supposed to be the first reusable, portable female urination device for women to stand and pee in all common and public toilets. It is a must-have essential for women with sports and travel. It is a go-to product for day-to-day life. No longer crouching over or covering up dirty public toilet. These funnels are easy to carry and can easily fit in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment.

3. Sanfe – Pack of 20 Disposable Portable Urination Funnel for Female

Sanfe - Pack of 20 Disposable Portable Urination

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Sanfe Disposable and Portable Urination Funnel is the best sanitation and personal hygiene device for girls and women. It is gentle on your skin, biodegradable, menstrual-friendly, water resistant and leak-proof. The package consists of 20 menstrual friendly funnels which are designed exclusively by IIT Delhi.

It is made especially for working women, pregnant women, women with joint issues, and college girls. No you no longer need to squat, hover over toilet seat, and stop your urge to answer nature’s call. You can easily use them in public toilets at colleges, schools, offices, airports, metro stations, restaurants and railways. Women can easily stand and pee thanks to this use & throw product.

4. LadyGo – Reusable Female Urinal Device(FUD) – Stand-up and pee

LadyGo - Reusable Female Urinal Device

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LadyGo is the first reusable pee funnel for women in India with which women can freely stand and pee without having to strip layers of clothes. It comes handy in dirty public toilets in railway/bus stands, trains, highways, etc. It is also the best choice for women during pregnancy to pass urine.

LadyGo is designed to prevent veneral diseases, urinary tract infection (UTI), and vaginal infections that are caused due to public toilets. Its patended design helps in proper flow of urine when standing up by placing it well. LadyGo is light, unbreakable, and easy to carry. It can easily last for decades and it comes with free replacement guarantee for 2 years on manufacturing defects.

5. Grasshopr – PEZ Retail Box Pack of Portable Travel Urinal Funnel Device For Women/Girls

Grasshopr - PEZ Retail Box Pack of Portable Travel Urinal Funnel Device

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Grasshopr Portable Travel Urinal Funnel Device for girls and women now comes in PEZ retail box. Now you no longer have to squat uncomfortably on unsanitary toilets. If you hate unhygienic public toilets or when there is no toilet, this portable travel urinal funnel is your best partner.

It is completely easy to use, hygienic and ideal for events. It is best for women of all ages to pee when sitting down, standing up, or just lying down without removing clothes. It is portable, discreet and reusable device. It really doesn’t flow back, spill or splash.

How To Choose The Right Pee Funnels?

In general, women’s choice for urinals is more hygienic, especially in public areas. They also take less space and save water. The convenience and ease of use are very vital for businesses which receive high traffic, such as stadium and dance club where women have to get in the restroom and out quickly.

Men have always used urinal in the washrooms for many reasons. But women still lacked this option until it became vital for faster and better washroom options. Pee Funnels have always been a handy option to make life of women easier. A lot of venues have installed female urinals. Some of these devices are standalone while others are used with portable design.

These urinals are used by women to urinate while standing over. This way, it speeds up the use of restrooms and also save space in small bathroom space. There are also some portable options to be sealed if you cannot dispose of contents.

Pee funnels are also used due to medical reasons. They can also help when you cannot access immediate disposal on small aircrafts. These days, women’s urinals have been very popular, especially where it is not easy to have enough facilities out there, for example outdoor events.

Here’s what to look for when choosing female urination devices (FUD)

1. Comfort

Pee funnels have been widely used by women due to their convenience and ease of use. Rather than removing layers of clothing or climbing gear, they can just stand around a tree with pee funnel and directly pee while standing upright. When climbing or hiking with men, it also adds some modesty.

2. Weigh

You can choose pee funnels in different sizes, shapes, and weights. Some can hold their shape and some are tough plastic so you can easily place them under clothing. They will also stick around without collapsing midstream, which hinders your odds of peeing on your own. However, they may take some space as they cannot be folded.

Some pee funnels are made of silicone to fold up easily in a small container. It is also easy to store but they can collapse and lose seal if they are squeezed too much. So, you need to do comparison shopping and choose the best model for backpacking.

3. Hygiene

Cleanliness is really a hurdle in back country but very vital. You have to keep your pee funnel and yourself dry and clean to avoid smelling like nasty urine or developing infection. A lot of pee funnels are made of flexible materials which can hide urine but you should still run water through the pipe to clean up any pee remaining.

Before putting it in your pack, be sure to dry or air-dry it by keeping it in breathable bag on the outside of backpack.

4. Disposable/Reusable

Disposable pee funnels are basically made of paper or cardboard and they are known to be ‘use and throw’. Once you use them, you can easily throw them away and they don’t pollute the environment.

Reusable FUDs are generally made of latex or silicone. You can use them again and again until they break. You can easily wash or clean them with soap and water or with sanitary wipe.

How to Use a Female Urinating Device (Pee Funnel) Properly?

When it comes to use FUD, just unzip your pants, pull it down from front after moving your underwear by the side. Place the pee funnel on the private part and seal it tight and make sure there won’t be any leakage.

Then you can start peeing and relax. Be careful to control the flow and make sure it won’t overflow the device’s funnel. Once done, rinse it well with some water and clean it. Shake it dry and keep it back to storage pouch and keep it in your pack where you can access it easily. Here are few of the tips to consider when it comes to use it –

  • Disposable FUD can be a good way to start.
  • If it is your first time, practice the same in shower first.
  • Keep your legs wide open when using it to keep rest of your feet dry.
  • Be sure to control the flow or it will overflow.
  • Don’t pee in the wing.
  • Learn to trust it.
  • Also learn to angle before using it outside.

Bottom Line

FUDs have been used for over a century. They are convenient and suitable for all situations, whether you are on flight or hiking adventure. You can choose from reusable or disposable ones as per your needs. They can also be made to be attached to your skin.

Some of the funnels also come with bags and some are closed well with lid for storage when you cannot dispose of the urine.

It is also used by bed-ridden or pregnant women. All in all, these portable devices are made to provide more convenient bathroom experience to women, no matter where they go.