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Q: Who is the youngest actress in the world?

A: Kristen Stewart is well known to the public because of her role in the movie Twilight Saga as Bella Swan. She was named one of the most youngest Hollywood actresses in the world who has talents and the talents that are different from other actresses. She was born in 1990.

Q: Who are some young women actresses?

A: Eva Green. Megan Fox. Alexandra Daddario. Ana de Armas. Amber Heard. Marion Cotillard. Natalie Portman. Mila Kunis. Margot Robbie. Scarlett Johansson.

Q: How old is Loretta Young?

A: Loretta Young (born Gretchen Young; January 6, 1913 – August 12, 2000) was an American actress. Starting as a child actress, she had a long and varied career in film from 1917 to 1953.

Q: What is a female actor called?

A: The word actor refers to a person who acts regardless of gender, while actress refers specifically to a female person who acts; therefore a female can be referred to by either term. The Oxford English Dictionary states that originally “actor” was used for both sexes.