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In the sedentary lifestyle that we are living up these days, workout might be impossible but changing routine and the food we eat is possible. If you have noticed whether it is too loose weight or to deal with any serious health issue, the very first thing your health care expert will tell you is to add dry fruits to your diet plan. Talking of which, today we will be learning more about the very favorite and popular dry fruit Almond.

This rich and crunchy tiny brown almond is not just a good source of vitamins but is also added in the food dishes to enhance the flavor of the recipe. Of course, there are ample health benefits that we will be learning. But before that, there are some crucial facts that you need to know.

Almond: A Right Choice

These small brown cased nuts are a good source of nutrients and vitamins and can add taste to your food as well. You can shred them on your creamy kheer or even make the use of toast. You can also grind them to make the luscious recipe or try it in many other ways.

Almond is one of the versatile dry fruit which has so much evidence associated that certainly proves that it is one healthy appetite management option that you must eat on a regular basis. There are potential health benefits associated with it.

These tiny brown chase nuts are grown on the pale-green trees in the perforated shell. When the almond is attached to a tree it is called a drupe. It is believed that Almonds have been in existence for more than 190000 years and were previously cultivated in areas like Turkey and Iran.

Almond is a good source of nutrients such as dietary fibers, vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins to name a few. Such type of option is high in protein and is also rich in manganese too.

This tree nut thrives in warm and dry weather, this nut has 164 Calories, 14g Fat, 3g carbs, .5g Fiber, and 6g Protein. This clearly states it is a good source of healthy fiber and carbs. Other than this, the micronutrients present in it are also the major reason that proves why you must have these tiny nuts.

If you are wondering whether to go for raw almonds or soaked almonds, then first you need to understand that raw almonds come in varieties and are classified as per the shape and size too. It is a rich source of protein and actually is nothing but the seed of the tree. Soaked almond has tannin which inhibits nutrient absorption.

Both are the best options but soaked almond is preferred as it also works as an antioxidant and helps in the overall digestion process.

Almond Types and Varieties

types of almonds

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There are ample areas where this crunchy tiny nut grows.

  • Talking of which Nonpareil is the popular and the most common type of almond which basically is used in its raw form only. There are ample of uses of Nonpareil. It is one of the first varieties which is generally harvested.
  • Carmel is another popular type other than Nonpareil. It is basically created for the process reasons such as to be baking ingredients. It comes with a soft shell and is narrower in shape as compared to Nonpareil besides, it has a wrinkly cover. It is harvested soon after the Nonpareil harvest is done.
  • Monterey is another pollinator of Nonpareil. It is quite large in shape compared to the other two types. With a smooth surface, this crunchy nut is harvested after Carmel.
  • Another soft shell growing nut is Sanora. This nut is popular because of its narrow yet long shape. It has a tight skin and is said to be a quite large almond option over anything else.
  • With hardshell varieties, Butte and Padre are some of the popular almonds in town too. It is ideally used for manufacturing purposes. They are small in shape and mostly you will find them in a nutty chocolate bar.

There are some almonds classifications which are done as per the shell hardness also such as

  • In Spain, the almonds with soft shells are called Mollar de Tarragona while the one in Ibiza is known by name of Fitas. Macron, Rumbeta, Planeta, and Desmayo are some of the important hard shells.
  • In France, almonds with soft shell are popular by the name of Fine while other verities are Ferragnès and Aurons
  • Almonds are cultivated in Portugal areas as well. However, more commonly the hard shell-based almonds are cultivated. The varieties are Casa Nova, Boa Casta, Verdal, and Gama to name a few.
  • In Italy, you will find another common variety which basically is classified as per the origin of its growing areas. Thus basically is from Puglia and Sicily. In Puglia, the Tuono and Genco are popular while Sicilian varieties are Avola Pizzuta, Cavaliera, and Romana to name a few.

Best Buy Almonds Available Online In India

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Premium Almonds, 500g

Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Almonds

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Now you can enjoy the rich taste of Almonds while nourishing your body with Solimo’s wildest collection. Solimo gets you the premium quality of dry fruits and nuts.

The almonds of Solimo are well packed to maintain its freshness and ensure that the texture and taste of the same are well maintained. The nuts and dry fruits of Solimo are well packed in the facility meeting to meet the standards of the food.

With thoughtful improvement, quality is the best thing that you can enjoy in Solimo almonds and nuts.


  • These are the Premium quality Almonds
  • It is Vacuum Packed to maintain the freshness
  • It is Hygienically packed to meet food safety standards
  • It is solely packed in the nuts and dry fruits separate unit
Customer Reports
Sachin Arora

– Delivery: On time as always
– Packaging: Very good packaging, Seal was intact. No leakage found in vacuum packaging.
– Product: Good quality Almonds. It comes in a vacuum-sealed pack to keep fresh & crunchy. All the almonds are intact, fresh, crunchy and are of decent size. Tastes good.
– Price: Reasonable for the quality product.

My recommendation is to go for it without giving a thought. I am sure you won’t regret buying them.


Vacuum packed, with enough time before expiry–7 months to expiry. A mix of medium and small sizes almonds–more of medium-sized ones. Fresh in taste.

2. Tulsi California Almonds Premium

Tulsi California Almonds Premium

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This is one of the must-have Almonds that you shall taste for sure. Filled with the nourishment of all nuts, thus a delicious yet crispy section of almond is the best snack to have in your breakfast time.

Almond is a rich source of Vitamin E, copper and even high quality of protein which is why it is advised to pregnant ladies and growing kids. Besides, it is naturally free from gluten and is one versatile solution that is nutrient-rich. This premium range of nuts gets you the most delicious collection of healthy options that you will not regret to have.


  • It is the top-notch quality product from Tulsi Brand
  • It is 100% natural & best in quality.
  • It is in delicious crispy form
  • It is a good source of energy, copper, and even manganese
  • This versatile option of nuts is gluten-free
Customer Reports
Dipankar Dey

The product is fantastic, nothing wrong with it. No foul smell, not like over-dry or anything. Nothing wrong. Sizes are a mix but correct as per the price (Rs 498/-). If you are convinced with the price tag, then I can say that I am highly satisfied with the quality of the product.

Shrish Mammattva Bajpai

I bought this pack for INR 470 and the following are my observations after eating 5-10 almonds.

1. It is dried & tasty.
2. Packaging quality is good but not airtight.
3. Nuts are normal size, not king size.

3. Happilo 100% Natural Premium Californian Almonds, 200g

Happilo 100% Natural Premium Californian Almonds

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This brand has earned its name and reputation for the best quality of nuts that it has been providing. It brings you a wide range of dry fruits, healthy seeds, dried fruits, festive gift hampers and trail mixes as well.

But they must try a product of this brand is of course almond. It definitely has met the international standard and is said to offer many health advantages. It is known to be a great source of fiber and proteins besides people who have diabetes or cardio risk must consume it on a routine basis for health effects.


  • It is high in protein and fiber
  • There is no presence of gluten
  • This is one 100% real nuts meal
  • It has zero cholesterol and no presence of trans fat
  • It contains less glycaemic Index
  • It maintains smooth and healthy skin while working on the memory
Customer Reports
Pritam Singha

There are many Almond products sold in Amazon and in the open market. Most of them are costly. Some are cheap, but their quality and taste isn’t standard. This brand is by far the best you can get, when. It comes to the price and deliciousness of Almonds. California Almonds, great taste and price. Ohhh wait! The packet has a detachable zip. No need to store in any container.

Hari Kiran

I’m eating almonds daily for 6 months this time I tried these almonds taste feel so fresh best almonds I have ever tasted. I tried reliance on fresh almonds and big Bazar almonds but Happilo almonds are feeling so fresh. FYI I kept them in water overnight.

4. Amazon Brand – Vedaka Popular Whole Almonds, 500g

Amazon Brand - Vedaka Popular Whole Almonds

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With some of the fresh yet delicious range of crispy almonds, Vedika surely has a lot to offer you. The brand comes with some delicious nutty flavor to enjoy. Besides, the company understands the value of efficient customer service and that is why you get the integrated nuts and dried fruits collection which is well pickled.

Once you open it, to maintain its freshness you need to seal it on the airtight container.


  • Almonds from Vedika Brand are crispy and Crunchy
  • They are packed in safe material
  • Quality assurance promotes the best standards
  • Almonds are hygienically packed in to meet FSSAI food safety standards
Customer Reports

This is my second time buying this product. The taste, quality, packing, delivery was without any complaints! I usually buy my almonds at a local supermarket that sells almonds for a slightly less price. But during Diwali, they raised the price and I found these at a lower cost on Amazon. We consume lots of almonds so I always look for good deals. The only difference I noticed is the size, these are slightly larger than the supermarket almonds.
I am happy with the purchase.


Quality as I expected. At a lowered price of 549₹. Like It.

5. Nutraj California Almonds, 500g

Nutraj California Almonds

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This is an umbrella brand of the company which signifies the commitment and quality solution. You can explore a wide range of dried fruits and nuts besides it is of course filled with natural goodness that you may not find elsewhere.

The ack of almond is well handled with care by the experts in the secured airtight package. It is of course one healthy heart snack with a huge amount of nutrients loaded in it. Besides this is one great source of Vitamin E and anti-oxidants that certainly nourishes the skin. Meant to be a great weight loss solution, Almonds from Nutraj is a must-try.


  • Best to be used for creating desserts or pudding
  • It is rich in nutrients more specifically magnesium
  • You get a sophisticated pack for extra freshness
  • Good to be used for roasting purpose
Customer Reports
Tanveer Alam

Very good almonds but the price is a little bit costly for 500 gms others it’s very great and timely delivery.


I regularly buy almonds online and the main problem is of inconsistent quality. This time, I have received good quality almonds. I will continue to order from here, but if in the future, quality decreases, I will change my review.

6. Miltop California Almonds

Miltop California Almonds

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This is another top-notch quality nutrient that you can surely find. This company has managed to offer some of the best collection of dry fruits which of course, you may not find anywhere else.

Known for the nourishment and vitamins presence, this is definitely the must-have option that you can find. It helps in developing brain cells. Besides, it improves the intellectual level and is said to be the most important food item that is advised for the growing kids.


  • You get 1kg Net Qty of California Almonds
  • It is well packed at ISO 22000 facility
  • It is completely safe and hygienic
  • It has transparent covering to support WYSIWYG
  • Uniform almond sizes
Customer Reports
Ragini Pandya

Top grade quality, and crunchy, fresh. Must be my 6th time purchase. And I give my kids and my family every single day. The quality is very good to give my kids.


Full almonds, not broken. Very fresh, taste great. Will get cheaper when you buy locally of course. But I don’t mind the price I paid (955 for 1kg). Will likely buy again if the price remains below 1k.

7. WONDERLAND FOODS (DEVICE) California Raw Almonds


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It is one of the healthy yet the most versatile option which is known for many nutritional advantages and culinary uses. This tiny nut is loaded with protein, fiber, vitamin E and even anti-oxidants.

All you need to do is soak and roast them or add it in your cereals or salads to enjoy the delicious menu in your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Simply eating raw is also a healthy and delicious way to enjoy getting nourished from Almond. It, of course, is well packed and you shall definitely have no problem in keeping it outside or in the fridge.


    • It helps to maintain the health of brain cells
    • Rich in Fiber
    • Alternative for unnecessary hunger
    • Less in carbs and rich with proteins
  • Great for flawless looking skin
Customer Reports
Mukesh Gupta

Loved the quality.


Meets the expectation. Really better in size and quality. Unaware whether it is organic or otherwise. I have subscribed to this item every month. The parcel received during Aug 2024 contained substandard quality items. I had no complaints about earlier deliveries and this substandard item received for the first time from this company. Kindly ensure proper quality for future deliveries.

8. Big Nuts California Almonds

Big Nuts California Almonds

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The brand has earned the name because of the quality fresh nuts which it has been providing across the glove. The company believes in the motto ‘Belief in goodness’ and ideally, it offers the same. Every customer is treated special and when you order their nuts you will realize the reason.

It offers you the farm-fresh nuts on your down. Of course within just a few clicks away, this section of nuts is all-natural raw and is meant for all health and happiness that you and your family deserve.


  • Almonds are rich in nutrients
  • It is of the Best quality
  • It is an FSSAI verified product
  • Source to maintain good heart health
Customer Reports
Help Ever, Hurt Never

Was quite surprised with the plumpiness of the nuts themselves. They’re quite big and soft. The shells are easily removable with the cute heart-shaped metal nut opener, Does the job well enough.

S Soundararajan

Good product so far, the cracker is handy and easy to use. The kernels are fresh and with good flavour. Nothing to complain in that purchase

9. Sattva Life Tulsi California Almonds Premium

Sattva Life Tulsi California Almonds Premium

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Link: This premium collection of almonds is worth trying for many reasons. Talking of the first one, it is a delicious nut that is crispy in taste. It also works as the best buddy in the morning or been in any snack time.

The almond is a great source of copper, vitamin E, high-quality proteins, magnesium and even fiber which your body requires on a routine basis. It is naturally gluten-free and offers nutrients that you may not get in other nutrients.

Besides, the company believes in serving only the best products to the customers without compromising with the quality. This is the main reason why you will find only the finest section of nuts and dry fruits that are certified from the food administration department too.


  • Best in quality Almonds
  • The most popular nuts from the USA.
  • Almonds are rich in fiber, vitamin E, and calcium
  • They are naturally gluten-free.
  • It is an FSSAI verified product
Customer Reports

Absolutely great. Just purchase no questions asked. Comes in a good pack and almonds are fresh and tasty.

Kamini Mago

This pack of almonds has mixed size big n small almonds. Okay stuff.

10. Carnival Almonds

Carnival Almonds

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If you wish to have a rich source of fiber, carbs and even proteins with other nutrients then, of course, you should choose Carnival Almonds. This is one efficient product that is all loaded with some of the best health benefits that are important to be achieved in a sedentary lifestyle.

This product is well packed and is meant for people of all ages. Quality is something that will of course not get compromised at all.


  • You get one sophisticated Paper Pack solution
  • It has vacuum packaging to maintain freshness
  • There is a premium hand-selected quality
  • It is extremely important for routine healthy living
Customer Reports
Pj Dhaliwal

I’m a daily consumer of almonds. I soak them, peel them, and then blend them. I have bought these Carnival Almonds for the first time. They are very nicely vacuum packed. It’s worth mention here that loose almonds, which we buy from stores, do not have aroma and freshness as compared to vacuumed ones because of exposure to air and light. Delivery is lightning quick and the price is reasonable. I would definitely recommend this.


Good quality and tastes fresh due to vacuum packing. I paid Rs.274 for 250 grams and that means, 1 kilo of these almonds cost about Rs.1000. This is cheaper than Indian almonds. Do remember that these are not salted.

Health benefits of Almonds

1. Lessen Down Inflammation Level

Almond is rich with healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. It helps in dealing with the inflammation level of the body. There could be any reason for chronic inflammation taking place.

This usually happens when the body starts considering that it is in a constant attack of some virus or bacteria. This can lead to many health issues and the main reason for the same is the poor diet. If there is a high inflammation then it means, you would be risking your life especially for cardiovascular diseases, high BP and even arthritis problems.

Eating almond can lessen down the oxidative stress present in the body and thus, it protects from any further damage taking place.

2. Good Source of Vitamin E

One of the powerful antioxidants and fat-soluble Vitamin, Vitamin E is quite important for the body as it protects the cells from any kind of free radical damage. If there is any kind of damage taking place by things such as smoking, environmental pollutants and even poor diet then it is Vitamin E.

Almond is the rich source in the same and that is the main reason it protects any kind of oxidative damage that may occur to your cell and thus [protects you from cancer or any kind of chronic diseases.

3. Protects against Cognitive Decline and Neurological Disorders

As per the studies, supplements with Vitamin E can protect the cognitive decline or even lessen down if required. As per the experts, Almonds serves nearly 17% of the regular riboflavin that promotes the neuroprotective advantages for the body and this way, it protects you from neurological disorders like Parkinson’s

4. Lessen down the Risk of Cancer

As per the research made, it has been stated that people who have been eating a high quantity of almond have less risk of breast cancer as compared to those who survive of some random snacks. It also reduces the stress of prostate cancer and oxidative stress

5. Better Cholesterol Levels

In today’s lifestyle, there is no doubt the level of cholesterol amongst the age group 30-50 is quite at high risk. You might be avoiding food with high content fat such as almond but the research shows that almond is an extremely effective source to not skip.

If you eat almond on a regular basis, it increases the high-density lipoproteins and ensures that low-density lipoproteins are lessening down. Ideally, it is low-density lipoproteins that put you at a greater risk for heart issues.

6. Lessen Blood Pressure

One of the main reasons for heart attacks and stroke is high blood pressure. Almonds can be a lifesaving solution as people between the age of 20 and 70 were not able to improve the flow of the blood in arteries and thus less down the systolic blood pressure. For effective results, it is believed that eating 50g almonds per day can be extremely helpful.

What is the best way to eat almonds?

Now that you are well aware of the different advantages of almond, you might want to know whether eating peeled almond is better to eat it with the peel. Generally, people eat peeled almonds after soaking them either in milk or water.

The fact is eating almonds with their skin is advised because it promoted more health benefits. The almonds peel comes with polyphenols that come with fiber in a great amount. If you eat this crunchy nut in roasted format, it would increase the nutritional value while if you wait for it in the soaking water then also it is absolutely fine.

Ideally, you can eat almonds in whichever way you like. Basically, it is anyhow rich with nutrients. Only with more or fewer nutrients will go in your body as you decide whether to peel it off or not. However, the most important thing before deciding the way is to be sure about the duality of almonds that you are eating. Only a handful of almonds should be consumed on a regular basis to see its effective result.

Almond Side effects to be Consider

There is no doubt that Almond is a good source of nutrients that many people usually consume as a healthy source too. It is rich with protein, dietary fibers and vitamin E too. But you need to understand that anything that you eat in the range is healthy otherwise if overeating of anything will always cause a problem.

To deal with the harmful impact of almonds is not stressful but it is well said that precaution is always better than cure. Listed are some of the risk factors that you need to know.

  • Digestion Issues
  • Vitamin E overdose
  • ​Weight gain
  • Anxiety
  • Body Toxicity

Final Words

Almond not just is neat to keep your heart healthy but it has many other advantages such as keeps your body weight under control, it thickens down the density of your hair, and makes sure your skin glows all the time.

Of course from the above-mentioned top-notch quality of almonds, make sure you compare and then decide which one to choose. Otherwise, speaking with those customers or family members and friends who have been consuming almonds can be of great help to make the decision.

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