If you are in the search for the best Bluetooth speaker believe us it will not be easy because every company produces them but it has not got all good quality. If you want to find out more about the best portable Bluetooth speakers under 2000 Rupees just keep reading this article.

The list down below will help you to find the perfect wireless speaker for you, and your music cravings will be satisfied.

1. Sony SRS XB01

Sony SRS XB01

source: elekdirect.co.uk

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In the Indian subcontinent, Sony products are standard and they are very popular. The design of Sony SRS XB01 is very attractive and modern, comes with a polycarbonate shell with a rubber finish. You can choose from several color options with a metallic front frill look.

On the input ports, you have a flap covering which is very useful when it comes to water, and the control buttons are located at the top. For that price, this is the best buy for the Bluetooth speaker with a 37.5 mm neodymium speaker driver setup.

The sound is rich, clean, and crisp with Xtra Bass technology inside them. The battery is 800mAh Li-ion and can play music for six hours with a 65% volume level, and you will need two hours to charge from zero to 100%.

2. JBL Go 2

JBL Go 2

source: istore.com.ge

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If you are looking for a tiny and compact speaker that can fit in your hand this is the right choice for you. This is the strongest speaker among the little ones, it has a 3-watt driver and a 750mAh battery. That means you can listen to your favorite songs for 5 hours.

This speaker only weighs 132 grams, can you imagine that? The design is minimalistic with only 5 buttons on one side. Besides the buttons for Power, Bluetooth, Volume Up, Volume Down you have AUX cable port, micro USB port, and microphone on the speaker. The sound is excellent but it’s not for a big party.

3. Photron P10

Photron P10

source: youtube

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If you are looking for the expensive design and good sound under the Rs.1,000 this is the best buy. This device is made from high-quality plastic with metallic mesh over the top. The location of the buttons on this speaker is bottom which is sometimes unpractical, and you must move a speaker for an operation.

The price is under Rs.800 and inside the speaker is 40mm driver, and the bass is average. This model has a 3.5mm AUX port and SD card slot, and it is powered by a 400mAh Li-ion battery.

4. Logitech X50

Logitech X50

source: youtube

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This is a small size speaker that has a built-in lithium-ion battery, it looks like a circular tiffin box and it can fit in your hand. You can hang this model from your backpack because it has a little loop on the top. You can choose from 4 colors, Orange, Yellow, Gray, and Green.

The level of the sound is enough for a room or a small party, the bass is normal and vocals are clean. It has a 3.5 mm AUX cable and a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery which can work for 5 hours. The only flaw is that does not have a microphone for hands-free calls.

5. F&D W7

F&D W7

source: youtube

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This is the model of the renowned brand under Rs.2,000, and design reminds on a coffee cup. The buttons are located on the plastic bottom, and on the top, you will find a bass radiator. The speaker driver is 40mm, and it is very good when it comes to crisp vocals and clean highs.

This device also has an SD card slot and 3.5mm AUX port, and the battery will last for 6 hours of music at the average volume level.

6. Mi MDZ


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This is the best buy in this price range from Xiaomi, and cylindrical design is very beautiful and light. You can carry it in your pocket, and it is made from quality plastic, it is modern and attractive. It has a dual-color LED, and the power button is at the bottom, and you can have voice calls because this model has an inbuilt microphone.

This speaker has a single 40mm driver, and the vocals are loud and clear. Mi MDZ has a 480mAh Li-ion battery and can last for 6 hours.