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Q: Can I use induction cookware on a ceramic cooktop?

A: You cannot use ceramic cookware on an induction electric stove top. Induction stoves require cookware made of stainless steel or iron. Cookware made of ceramic, glass, solid aluminum or copper cannot conduct the heat generated by an induction burner throughout the pan.

Q: What is induction cooking top?

A: An induction cooktop, on the other hand, holds a series of burners called induction coils, which are based on magnetic principals. These coils generate magnetic fields that induct a warming reaction in steel-based pots or pans; it is the cooking vessels themselves that heat the food, not the stove elements.

Q: What is an induction oven?

A: This cooking method uses electric currents to heat cookware through magnetic induction. Whereas traditional ovens use thermal conduction (via a gas or electric element), induction heats the pots and pans themselves almost right away. Induction ovens offer many advantages over other types of ovens.