Automation such as artificial intelligence and the internet is changing how things are run in various industries. It is also changing the lives of various practitioners such as lawyers, doctors and architects, allowing them to reach heights they didn’t know they would reach. Other than these practitioners, automation has also improved our lives by making it easier to communicate with our family and friends; it has assisted us with our health, filled our homes with various gadgets, enabled us to learn various techniques, find impressive careers and also it has allowed us to stream and listen to our favorite music using gadgets while at home.

As 2024 comes, automation will improve, and new things will be invented, such as;

1. Rise of domestic robots


Roberts are an invention that was started back then, and it keeps on growing as time goes by. One of the initial robots invented were robots to help around the house, such as robotic vacuum cleaners and other single-purpose appliances. Amazon wants to develop an AI home appliance, and other companies can use this technique to make their robots.

An example of this AI home robot is Astra, which can act as a home security appliance and detect an outsider, and there will be a new Alexa that will wheel and come to you the moment you have an alert or a call. The New Alexa will also have a human personality, and it can keep you company when you are bored while you are at home all alone. The other home appliance will assist you with cleaning and help you with your health issues, like, reminding you to take your medication, primarily for the elderly who have no one.

2. Brighter things

The initial gadgets that were developed and were bright were smartphones that allowed us to browse the internet, mostly Youtube and Netflix. Appliance understanding was following as it helped phones to have a longer battery life that has intelligent power management or that take amazing photos that have image-enhancing algorithms. There was the introduction of bright thermostats that were taught how to operate efficiently and appliances that could work automatically, such as self-driving vehicles.

Due to the presence of automation, you can go online and watch your favorite shows, and you can make your TV adapt to pictures and the environment around you. Inventors have made this device learn their owner’s language and use it.

3. VR/AR and the internet of Senses


Content providers need to look into gadgets that engage us through the five senses of touch, taste and smell so that they can create truly immersive client knowledge. Most of these things will come to pass in the Virtual reality environment where this new gadget will enable us to smell and feel experiences, making them feel natural and interactive.

An example of a game that uses virtual intelligence is the video game phasmophobia that involves the killing of ghosts where players can feel themselves being touched by or grabbed by the ghosts if they wear a hepatic suit. Companies such as Oculus said that they sold over two million Quest 2 headsets in 2024, and they believe they will sell more in 2024 due to the new things that they are incorporating into the devices.

Companies like movie, gaming and casino companies will also develop realistic audio experiences such as Nvidia, which is applying ray-tracing principles that will be used to create ultra-realistic computer images to sound creation. You can also learn more about online casino games and their automation through

4. Enter the Metaverse

A new matrix movie will drive clients’ interest in virtual worlds and other digital realities, and client automation will be there to give you this experience in 2024. Firms such as Facebook, Nvidia and Microsoft have let the world know about their interest in the metaverse, bringing about a new change in the gaming industry.

5. 5G and another ultrafast network


5G capabilities will become the new criterion for mobile phones and other appliances, rather than confined and flagship merchandise. When the introduction of 5G has been put into place, you will be watching prominent videos and movies, and you could do 8k streaming and cloud games and use VR. This will make devices tinier and portable.

6. Smart homes and the internet of stuff

In the new Century, there will be intelligent and capable communicating homes as 2024 comes to be. An example of a person who predicted smart homes was Gartner, who said there would be over 500 smart appliances by 2024. Thought this year they Matter will be launching its first smart home with companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon, which aims to create a typical operating environment for attached appliances at home.

7. NFT, blockchain and digital twin


We have placed this appliance together because their work correlates. To explain these terms, NFT is a famous token placed in blockchains, where blockchains are encrypted digital ledgers. Digital twins are digital models or replicas of the natural world merchandise and processes. The moment this technology has been advanced, it will change how we interact with people.

In 2024, they will begin to significantly impact buyer commodities in brands such as Sony, Asics and Coca-cola, who want to be part of NFT. There will also be digitized merchandise that will replace the everyday commodities we use. This is because brands will want to improve their commodities and to be unique from other brands and also for them to produce a lot of commodities that will not run out of stock and things that are long-lasting. An example of this technology is 3D printing, where it can assist various industries in printing out commodities that will save them on wastage and save on cost.


New technology will make life easy and enjoyable, and work will be done faster than now. People will also develop unique ideas that they could not implement before due to technology. Even though this is good news, technology might make people very lazy, primarily due to robots doing most work. An issue such as a malfunction with the robots can also happen, so firms should be ready to tackle such issues.