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Q: How much is 42 BELOW vodka in India?

A: Click for the best places to have vodka in your city & save with magicpin! 42 Below Vodka Price In India -₹ 2,550 for 750 ml. 42 Below Vodka Alcohol Content – 40% ABV

Q: What is the best budget vodka to buy?

A: The 15 Best Vodkas for Every Budget (2019) 1 Jean-Marc XO Vodka. From Cognac, France comes this spirit distilled no fewer than nine times in copper Alambic stills. Its light, floral nose is … 2 Barr Hill Vodka. 3 Crystal Head Vodka Aurora. 4 Woody Creek Reserve. 5 Carbonadi Vodka.

Q: How much is a 750ml vodka in India?

A: 2. What is the cheapest vodka in India? The cheapest vodka in India is While Mischief. It costs INR 453 for 750 ml. 3. What’s the smoothest vodka? The smoothest vodka is Ciroc. When life gives you lemons….just add Vodka!

Q: How much does SKYY vodka cost in India?

A: Skyy Vodka Price In India – ₹ 2,992 for 750 ml. Skyy Infusions Vodka Price In India – ₹ 3,596 for 750 ml. Skyy Vodka Alcohol Content – 40% ABV