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Q: Which is the best single speed bike under 5000?

A: 8 Best Cycles Under 5000. 1 1. Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Kids’ Bike. Check Price On Amazon. 2 2. Hero Sprint Fazer 24T 18 Speed Cycle. 3 3. Hero Ranger DTB Steel Single Speed Mountain Bike. 4 4. Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle. 5 5. Hero Fashion 26T Single Speed Cycle. More items

Q: Which is the best cycle under 5000 for kids?

A: The Hero Blast 20T is a gearless and a best cycle under 5000. The cycle is ideal for 7 to 9 years old boys. The cycle is the best fit for your child between the height of 3ft 10 inches to 4ft 6 inches. The frame of this cycle is made of steel for durability and the suspension ensures a smooth riding experience.

Q: What are the advantages of the 18-speed cycle?

A: The 18-speed mode ultimately enhances the sporty performance and increases the riding speed with unbelievingly less effort. The cycle is ideal for 9 to 10 years boys of minimum 4 ft 2 inches to maximum 4 ft 9 inches of height range. The frame of the bicycle is made of high-quality 18-inch steel ensuring long and smooth riding.

Q: What is the best bike for a 15 year old male?

A: The Hero Skyper 26T bicycle is ideal for men with a minimum of 15 years of age group. The cycle comes with a triangular steel frame that ultimately ensures the durability and gives a sporty look. The unique feature of this cycle is the Turbo Drive Technology that helps rider with a smooth and effortless riding.