For almost a year and a half people are trying to deal with a pandemic. We are witnessing the horrible effects that the virus caused in our lives. Mankind has been brought to collapse, humans are afraid of losing their physical and mental health. They are afraid of losing their families, friends and losing their jobs which are crucial for their existence. The business world is facing huge losses, thanks to the pandemic of Covid 19. Due to the restrictions imposed by covid 19, many companies were forced to end their business. They could not find a way to continue working without endangering the health of their employees. However, many of them found a way to continue working – from home. Technology is advancing more and more every day. There are many applications and software that make our lives and work easier. Thanks to advanced technology many companies have decided to take a risk. They suggested to the employees to continue working from home, which means a safer working environment.

In the past companies tended to do business meetings with the physical presence of the employees. Due to the restrictions of the virus, keeping distance, and not being in a crowded room with too many people, the meetings were postponed. And now they have learned that there is an easier way to do the meetings – online. Also, clients were scared because of this, how the further cooperation will go. Customers were skeptical and reserved about the whole situation. They feared that the companies would not be able to meet their needs. It has been proven otherwise, that through online communication, goals can be achieved.


Employees did not know how to get access to their work computers from home. What kind of software will allow them to get access to the files from their desktop computer at work. By using a remote desktop now you can have access to everything you have on your work desktop computer. You are surely asking yourself what does remote desktop means?

It means you can connect and control a computer remotely via another computer at home. All you will need for this action is software and an internet connection. Now we are going to keep our focus more on the desktop remote protocol and give you some advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Desktop remote protocol or shorter RDP is a protocol released by Microsoft, it is a technical standard that allows you to use your computer remotely. It can be both used on a Windows operating system and on a Mac operating system computer. By using mouse movement and keyboard activity, data is transmitted back and forth from one computer to another.

Now let’s jump into the pros and cons of RDP


If you are wondering what are the benefits of RDP, we will mention and explain three of them for you. Ready to learn more? Here we go!

  1. You can work from your favorite part of your home or some other location – the first and the most valuable advantage is the fact that you will work from your own home. You can enjoy your working hours from your bed working in pajamas. This means that you can make a refreshing drink, coffee, juice, or even take a short break anytime you need. In the end, you don’t need to stay at home. You can also visit your favorite coffee shop, reading room, book store, or some other place. That is an opportunity to have a hot coffee, some silence, and to finish all your tasks out of the office. Sounds good right? Then suggest to your manager to give a try to this system and look at the offer on so you can get the offer that fits you the best. Just activate this option, have an internet connection, a well-working computer, and start with your work.
  2. Don’t worry, your documents and files are safe – if you are worried that you may lose your documentation that is necessary for the tasks you can relax. This technology allows you to have everything at one time and to have every single document on the server where everything is safe. No one can steal and delete any document because of the solution in the whole procedure. The VPS system offers you to make a backup so you can have anything you lose back. You don’t have to be afraid. Rdp gives you secured access to your files. The connection is perfectly encrypted so all your data is safe.
  3. This system doesn’t require a financial investment – Your company doesn’t need a lot of money to make a change such as this one. This is a low-cost method that doesn’t necessarily need investing in servers and people who will maintain the servers. That’s not that much expensive so your company can afford it for the working process.

Now let’s talk about the cons of the opportunity to do some remote work


  1. If you lose the internet connection you will be disabled to work – the first thing that is going to ruin the working process is the loss of the internet connection. It will ruin your work and will disable you from doing your planned tasks for the day. But there is still a solution that can save the day. That’s working offline. You can download your folders or required documents, work, and then bring them back on the server. Easy and simple.
  2. You can easily get lost in the texting communication with your coworkers – when everyone is working remotely then there must be some communication. Almost every company has a Slack, Viber, or What’s App group so they can manage and do all the tasks for the day. There can also be some misunderstandings and loss in the communication so it can complicate the whole working process a little.
  3. You can miss something in the procedure while working – without any monitoring on your work or any control you can miss some main parts in the working procedure. Even if this is possible you should take care of this, check everything twice because, in the end, you need to keep your eyes open so you can prevent any mistakes.

When you talk with your manager about reforms to implement in the working process, suggest this idea as a prior thing the company should implement so you and your colleagues can easily and safely do some remote work from home.