Muay Thai is the sport of kickboxing that is known as the art of eight limbs. It originated in the country of Thailand with many of its traditional and cultural practices maintained in modern-day training.

The contact sport has been synonymous with athletic performance and self-defense classes; however, it has recently been integrated as part of a fitness program for anyone interested in achieving their health goals faster than ever before.

Martial arts have gained traction over the last decade for its ability to help people of all ages achieve weight loss, strength and endurance. To improve fitness and health, international gym-goers are seeking activities that invigorate and challenge them both mentally and physically.

This has contributed to a shift away from conventional training with equipment at a gym and moved towards group-oriented activities. A combat sport in which the whole body is engaged in the fast-paced movement has risen in popularity and set to transform fitness as we know it.

A closer look at the benefits of combat sports including martial arts for health and performance goals can help you make an informed fitness decision.

To determine whether combat sports workouts are right for you, it is important to understand the multitude of benefits it provides. Contact sport is highly sought after because it allows you to improve your fitness while teaching you how to engage in self-defense strategies.


In Thailand, Muay Thai or Thai Boxing was taught to the local warriors years prior. The purpose was to develop strong bodies with exceptional endurance. The warriors would use their limbs and entire bodies to act as a physical weapon.

From delivering powerful punches and fast kicks to record-breaking movements, it is no wonder that more people have sought the unique sport as part of a fitness program. If you wish to achieve weight loss rapidly, then martial arts sport is the best exercise regime for your needs.

Burning calories at exceptional speeds, you can transform your body by performing only 60 minutes of combat sports at least 4 times a week. The more you practice; the more calories are burned which means weight loss is accelerated.

Muay Thai boxing is also a great weight loss approach that involves the performance of the different muscles, tissues, and mental focus. Many people are aware that martial arts and combat sport can burn calories and build muscle, but it is also an essential part of strengthening your mind.

Martial arts techniques tech people mixed martial arts. It requires high precision deliveries while proving immensely powerful both physically and mentally. Through careful focus, you are taught how to deliver movements correctly and without injury. The result includes an energized mind and the ability to perform incredible self-defense tactics.

Reasons to Choose the Sport of Muay Thai


Muay Thai from Suwit Muay Thai is a style of mixed martial arts and widely known as a combat sport. It is thrilling, challenging and intense while upholding many of its ancient traditional practices. Muay Thai was originally taught in self-defense classes.

All students were prepared to deliver powerful blows and kicks while blocking against a future attack. Originally created for the defense of the warrior, today Muay Thai can be performed on the beautiful island of Phuket Thailand. It has become part of a greater fitness venture among people from across the world and of all ages.

The fast-paced combat sport is performed in its entirety by athletes and professional UFC fighters. This is owed to the exceptional rate at which it develops your health and your fitness. As it is a high-intensity sport, it works out your whole body in a single session.

No need to perform multiple exercises to target your arms, your core or your legs. Muay Thai will ensure that all areas are engaged in its fast yet powerful performance. Many learn Muay Thai for the added advantage of self-defense.

As it was engaged by ancient Asian warriors hundreds of years ago, much of the strict movements and traditions have been maintained. You will learn how to use your arms, legs and your core to block and defend against the attacks of an opponent.

Muay Thai is a truly unique sport that is engaged at a popular Muay Thai training camp. The Muay Thai training camp in Thailand is established to make the practice of the contact sport more readily accessible for international travelers. Even experienced and highly professional athletes travel to Thailand to experience the physical and mental challenges at a Muay Thai gym.

All workouts start in the morning and under the guidance of a professional trainer. Many Muay Thai instructors have been training for years and are true masters at the skillful movements involved. From great technique to maintaining the best possible form, you will notice a change in your strength and your stance after only a few sessions.


Performing Muay Thai as a sport is also great for weight loss. When you dedicate 90 minutes of your time to a high-intensity workout, you can burn an incredible 700 to 1000 calories! That is more than can be attained with any other style of a gym workout in the same period.

More fitness enthusiasts travel to Thailand to perform Muay Thai because of the added advantage the beautiful country provides. Away from the stress and the pressures of regular city life.

Training camp members can participate in Muay Thai exercises without distractions. When you are not engaging in Muay Thai, you can enjoy the tranquility and the beautiful sights of the surrounding island life. It is a great way to alleviate chronic stress and the difficulties associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Whether your goal is to reach your ultimate fitness goals, train for a professional sports event or lose weight, then visiting a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand can help you achieve your goals. Providing the added advantage of self-defense along with improved health, you can transform your mind and your body when you seek the practices of Muay Thai.