Apple is one of the most popular brands in India. People in India love apple products not only because it’s one of the known brands in the world but because of it’s quality, design, and services.

Recently Apple launched its Apple Airppods pro in India with the starting price of Rs. 24,900 with many new features like force-touch controls, and a big new feature – active noise cancellation, etc. If you want to know more about Apple AirPods pro in India then please scroll down to read more.

Here we come up with all the details of the AirPods pro from scratch to provide you with and details about this device and what are the new features it has as compared to the regular air pods. These plugs have amazing unique features to make you fall for their qualities either it be noise cancellation mode or it may be a new control gesture scheme, but the water and sweat resistant feature attracts the most to many youngsters. The problem with most AirPods is that they do not support ‘hey Siri’ in them but it recovers that area too.

White “plugs” of the old version of AirPods have already become a kind of symbol worldwide: they are worn by almost everyone nowadays, including couriers and homeless people. Metro officials In India even complained that passengers constantly drop their wireless headphones on the tracks, causing train delays.

Not surprisingly, the novelty – AirPods Pro with noise-canceling effect and three earbuds for different sizes of ears – was disassembled in most stores almost immediately. With AirPods Pro, one can manage to walk around New York and return to Chicago. In this post, we are going to explain to you how they are good, how annoying, and whether they are worth their money.

Pros Of Having Apple AirPods Pro

1. Introverted mode


AirPods Pro operates in three modes: Normal, Transparent, and Active Noise Canceling. The latter is the most useful and necessary, especially if you work in an open space or use public transport. The sound of the new version is better than the previous one. If you were happy with the basic headphones that come with iPhones, or the old wireless AirPods, then the Pro will not disappoint. Headphones are good at blocking background noises like the hum of an airplane or subway, but the speech of people nearby will still be heard. When you turn off the music, it seems as if you are talking to colleagues, sitting in a barrel, or with a bucket on your head. But if you move away from the open space, the rumble of voices disappears.

It turns out that Apple has released a real gadget for the introvert. Now wear headphones and so give others a signal “I don’t want to communicate”, and the new AirPods Pro will help you fence off unwanted conversations.

2. Long run time


Apple promises that listening to music or podcasts in the new headphones can be up to 4.5 hours without additional recharging. In my case, they lasted four hours and 21 minutes, but literally, five minutes in the case were enough for the headphones to work for about 50 minutes more.

3. Functional design


The Pro version has a new design: the earphone itself has become larger, and the leg is shorter. The manufacturer claims that they can now be used for sports because they are protected from moisture and sweat. Although it seems that before the lack of official permission from Apple did not stop anyone: in any room, you can meet people with white plugs.

To many, the new case did not seem very convenient: it is slightly larger than the previous version, and the headphones need to be inserted and removed differently, slightly turning. But this is a matter of habit: on the third day, you stop confusing yourself with slots for the right and left earphones.

Cons Of Having Apple AirPods Pro

1. They fall out


I do not doubt that Apple measured millions of human ears to find the optimal earbud size that will fit most. For convenience, the kit even includes silicone ear pods – large, medium, and small. But people with non-standard ears will have a hard time. One of our colleague’s ears turned out to be exactly like this, and we feel the headphones with the smallest earbud, although, according to the manufacturer, it should not be so.

Due to the unsuitable size, AirPods Pro does not fit too tightly in your ears and occasionally falls out. If the headphones of the previous version never left me during the races along the night roads, sleeping on airplanes, or crushing on the new york metro, then the new AirPods Pro fell out a couple of times when I just walked around the apartment with them. By the way, the headphones themselves are made of very soft plastic, and a fall on the kitchen floor tiles left an ugly scar on one of them.

2. Useless modes and functions


The “transparent” mode of AirPods Pro seems pretty useless. It is stated that when you turn it on, the outside world will sound as natural as if you remove the headphones at all. Of course, a young man from the United States, who could not part with AirPods even during an official meeting at the White House, will like this feature, it will be easier for everyone else to take them off.

You can control the headphones by pressing your foot. It turns out that you need one short press to stop the music and two long ones to switch to permeable mode. Simply getting the AirPods out of your ears takes less time and effort.

3. Inconvenient change of earbuds


To change the earpads of the headphones, you need to pull very hard: at this moment it seems that the silicone will not withstand such pressure. Probably, someone who has just paid almost 21 thousand rubles for AirPods Pro will be psychologically uncomfortable to do this. But worry not: the earbuds are quite durable, and Apple already sells replacement kits for five dollars.


Airpods provide amazing sound quality and are so comfortable as they are extremely small, reliable & best suitable for Indian apple consumers. Some people in India thought that the new control scheme makes the experience more enjoyable as they find gesture control is an excellent feature and on the other side some people feel that AirPods pro makes them feel that it is digging in and itchy too.

So from this article, we hope you got everything you are looking for as it includes all the pros and cons of this device which will help you in deciding whether it matches your requirement or not.