Table could not be displayed. Headphones are very important for some people, but not everyone can pay a lot of money for good headphones. There are really some great ones out in the market, but they are really, really expensive. So if you are someone who wants to listen to music and you want a good quality sound, but you don’t want to hurt your budget that much, this is a list for you.

We made a list of the best headphones that are under 1000 rupees, and we tried to take everything into consideration. And with this list, we hope that we will make your life easier and that you will know what headphones you want to buy. Without hurting your budget of course.

So here is our list of the best headphones under 1000 rupees:

1. JBL T450BT

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JBL is a great company, and there isn’t a chance that you didn’t hear about them. This model from JBL is a budget model and you will love it. They are great considering the price, and the sound quality they have is very good. They are also great for using in very noisy environments.

The design is something that JBL can be proud of, but the build quality is also perfect. When you look at this model and when you use them they feel like a premium model, they don’t look like a budget one, which is great.

They have foam cushions and the headband is adjustable, so you can enjoy wearing them because they are very comfortable. The design also ensures that there will be no leakage of the sound and the bass is excellent.

The bass is excellent because of the 40mm driver unit. And the frequency response goes from 20 to 20,000 Hz. And the noise cancellation feature is also excellent. The only downside is that they don’t have an inline mic.

Customer Reports
Seema Gupta

I got this product at Rs.899 and I must say that it is the best in this price range. Even better than moto pulse 5. Best on-ear headphones in this range and the bass is awesome. It has a very comfortable cushioning and I liked it very much! Must go for it.

Rohan Lawrence D'Souza

An amazing over the ear headset. Makes movies and music come alive.

2. Sony MDR-310AP

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If you want to have headphones that will provide you with clean sound and very deep bass levels then this model is for you. Listening to music will feel like you are somewhere else, and you will definitely love these headphones.

And the best thing is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy them. They also look very pretty, the design is great, they look elegant, and you can choose from various colors. The ear cushions are comfortable enough, and you can wear them for a long period of time.

They have a 40mm neodymium driver which will give you clean and clear sound, but with great deep bass. The frequency response goes from 10 to 24,000 Hz. It has an inline mic so you can use them for your calls.

The mic is very good, and you will be satisfied with it. And with the remote that goes with it, you can answer your calls or change track when listening to music. The downside for some people can be the length of the cable, that is 1.2 meters.

Customer Reports
Anup Mahatekar

Value for the money. Battery life is very good. I didn’t use it for music but kept it connected to mobile for office hrs for calling. And the battery was fully charged at end of the day. Charging is also fast due to fast-charge compatibility. I am a Sony user so the sound quality is as per the expectations.

Naveen Kumar P

Really impressed with the product quality and the build is delicate. The sound quality is very good but can be improved. Overall it is a great product and of course excellent battery life

3. Motorola Pulse 3

Motorola Pulse 3

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The best feature of these headphones is that they are so lightweight that you will forget that you have them on your head. They also look so stylish and elegant. Like with any other headphones you can adjust the headband so it fits you perfectly.

Another great option is that the cable is tangle resistant, and we all know that untangling cables is something that makes a lot of people angry, but with this model, you won’t have to untangle your cable every time you want to use your headphones. There is also an inline mic that you can use for answering your calls.

But let’s talk about the sound quality. The frequency response goes from 18 to 23,000 Hz and it has a 36 mm driver.

The sound quality is good and it’s good even if your phone doesn’t have an audio amplifier. And when it comes to phones, these headphones work well with both Android phones and iOS devices. And that’s not all, you can use them also with your laptop or even TV.

The downside of these headphones is that they don’t have such a great noise cancellation feature.

Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

In this era of wireless headphones, I bought these wired headphones. Its sound quality is just awesome, the bass is slightly low but I don’t love bass music. Talking about its durability, it’s strong, just sometimes it needs adjustments of the AUX cable as it is detachable. Noise cancellation is satisfactory. Build quality is also good. I bought on Sept 18, I am still using it. Not even a single scratch on it. I am so happy with this, felt like posting a review.

Sudarshan Kumar

This product is just amazing. You cannot disagree that the sound quality is so good. You can even change the settings for this product to listen only to the sound of the music, not the lyrics. This feature is very interesting and useful. But the main problem with this product is that the noise cancellation is not that good, you can hear the most little sound outside. But this product is awesome.

4. Skullcandy Anti

Skullcandy Anti

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These headphones are very cool, they look good, the design is great, and they are very lightweight. They are more lightweight than the previous model, and that’s because they are made of plastic.

This is great because you will definitely not feel them on your head, you will feel just comfort. They are the most comfortable headphones on this list. But there is a downside for this, because if you want sturdy headphones, then it can be a problem because they can easily break because they are all plastic.

Another downside is that they don’t have an inline mic, so you won’t be able to use them for answering your calls. Now let’s talk about the sound quality. They have a standard 40 mm driver and the frequency response goes from 20 to 20,000 Hz.

The bass is good, the sound is great, and what’s most important the vocals are excellent. And they have a passive noise cancellation feature. Don’t be scared with what we said about the quality of the plastic, because you do get a two-year guarantee for these headphones, which is great.

Customer Reports
Mukunda G

One of my favorite headphones I got it with good packing and nice color..The sound quality is superb and the bass is also awesome.


Very very nice.. Very clear and cool sound. Very soft. Not think many and buy it.

5. Energy Sistem DJ2

Energy Sistem DJ2

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Maybe you haven’t heard before about this company, but it is a renowned Spanish company specialized in audio equipment and it’s very popular for its DJ monitoring headphones. And this model is very affordable for what you get.

The look of them is very minimal, but they still look very cool. They are built from very high-quality material and the cushions are very comfortable, and they offer a great feeling when you are wearing them.

They can be transported very easily and you can store them in your bag or backpack because they have a 180-degree swiveling design. And when it comes to sound quality they have a 40 mm driver that guarantees you high-quality sound, and the driver covers the entire frequency spectrum of the human ear. That is really impressive.

The vocals are clean and crisp, and the bass is deep and rich. It has an inline mic, so you can also use them for answering your calls. With the button, you can answer or reject the calls or switch from one track to another.

And one of the best details about these headphones is that the cable can be detached so you can use some other cable that you prefer. These headphones have some really good premium features, and they are still budget headphones.

Customer Reports
Bhanu Tyagi

Awesome Sound Quality. Excellent and Powerful Bass. Just go for it, you will love the music even more.


For the price, the looks and sound quality is very good. Yes, it does not go very loud, but if you like good clear sounds, then you’ll appreciate this product.


And this is the end of our list. We believe that we have chosen the best headphones out there that are suitable for everyone’s pocket. If you decide to buy any one of these headphones you will not be disappointed. You will get quality, but budget-friendly headphones.

Whether you want to use them for just listening to music, or for listening to music and answering your calls. Or if you are looking for both of those things plus a great and cool design, you will find that also on this list. We hope that we helped you and that you will be happy with your next purchase.

And that you will be even happier that you don’t have to spend a fortune on headphones. Now you just need to choose what suits you the best and enjoy your favorite tracks.

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