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Q: What is the best portable piano with 88 keys?

A: Kawai ES8 – Kawai’s Most Advanced Portable Digital Piano Yamaha P-515 – The Flagship of the P-series with a Wooden Key Action Casio PX-560 – A Powerful Workhorse If You Need More Than Just a Piano Modern acoustic pianos have 88 keys.

Q: Are high-end portable digital pianos saturated?

A: The market of high-end portable digital pianos is not as saturated as the lower-end segment. In fact, it’s dominated by three companies that include Yamaha, Roland, and Kawai.

Q: How much does a Kawai piano cost?

A: When you look at the price range that this piano is in which is well under $20,000, it usually sits in the low teens depending on the market, the value of this is absolutely extraordinary, so I hope you have a chance to come into one of Merriam’s showrooms. Try the GL-10, it’s Kawai’s brand new update as we’ve said before.

Q: How much does a digital piano cost?

A: Note: This article includes only portable (slab) digital pianos. If you’re looking for a console (home) digital piano, follow these articles: Under $1,500 (Mid-range), Under 3,000 (High-end). If you are a beginner or intermediate player, you might also want to check out our Top List for Intermediate Players.