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Q: What is the best Casio digital piano under $1000?

A: They are excellent instruments, and the PX-870 is the best Casio digital piano under $1000. Technically, there aren’t any significant flaws or complaints, it’s just about the cost. When it gets close to $1000, you have to decide if it offers more than all the others.

Q: Is the Casio px-s1100 a good piano?

A: The Casio PX-S1100, like all the other portable and furniture digital pianos under $2000 are more like upright acoustic pianos in that digital pianos in that price range do have shorter keys which is true of regular acoustic upright pianos.

Q: Is the Casio Privia a good piano?

A: The best home digital piano under $1000 Casio’s Privia range has stood the test of time, usually in direct competition with the Yamaha Arius series. The PX-870 is one of the best-selling Casio digital pianos. It has Casio’s premium Tri-sensor II hammer action keys, with a max polyphony of 256 notes.

Q: Is the Casio ap-700 a good digital piano?

A: The Casio AP-700 is a very realistic digital piano. The mechanical hammer action keys, combined with the ebony/ivory feel, is superb. In fact, you would struggle to find a digital piano that feels more realistic.